5 Short Break Ideas for Singles

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5 Short Break Ideas for Singles

A holiday for singles is no longer a strange concept; what seemed to be a daunting experience for many is now looked upon as a soulful journey to satisfy personal passions, hobbies, and outdoor activities. Short break ideas for singles has really caught on and cater to those with similar interests such as hiking, love for various cuisines, wine tasting, and other activities that combine well with travel. There are hundreds of travel recommendations and exotic destinations across the globe for solo travellers, who also get the opportunity to meet and mingle with others while bonding over similar tastes and interests.

A short solo getaway whenever one fancies can be accomplished easily, as companies and tour operators are tapping into the potential of this growing market to offer lucrative packages. Solo travellers can browse online for short break holiday ideas on eBay as well. With hundreds of listings at exotic destinations offered at reasonable prices, website's holiday and travel section is an ideal place for singles to find their favourite short break holiday destinations.

Types of Short Break Tours Available for Singles

While people typically undertake tours with a companion, family, or friends, solo travellers may want a liberating experience, being free-spirited and unshackled by any bonds. Solo travellers have a wide choice of group tours to pick from, and being part of an organised group has its advantages. Besides security in places where English is not spoken or places where culture shock is a factor, solo travellers can find it easier if they are part of an organised tour group.

What is Single Supplement?

Solo travellers should keep track of single supplement, which is the additional surcharge levied by operators to compensate for losses because of single occupancy. Hotel rooms or ship cabins usually have prices based on double occupancy of the room or cabin. Single supplement pays towards utilities and cleaning and maintenance of the room, a charge that remains fixed, regardless of the number of occupants. While some tour operators cater exclusively to solo travellers without levying single supplement, others resolve the issue by pairing the client with another solo traveller to share the room.

Single travellers can choose any of the types of short breaks that families enjoy. The chart below lists the different types of vacations one can choose from.

Short Break Type



A short break at sea, exploring just a few destinations within a limited time span

Road Trips

Covering a couple of destinations in an automobile to explore cities and countrysides

Special Interest Tours

Like-minded people travelling together and bonding over common interests and hobbies

City Break

Getting away to another city to explore and experience the sights and smells of that city

Weekend Break

A short break by the lakeside , mountains, beaches, or just about anywhere, in luxury hotels, cottages, or log cabins .

Besides these common short break types, there are other short holidays available for singles. Examples include educational travels, adventure holidays, forest holidays, and health and fitness breaks, among others.

5 Short Break Destination Ideas for Singles

There are numerous vibrant and scintillating destinations where singles can enjoy a short break. The solo traveller in a group of like-minded people can bond over common likes and interests to make a short break holiday a memorable one.

1. United Kingdom

Short break holidays to the United Kingdom have plenty to offer from a wide choice of locales. Though the unpredictable British weather plays spoilsport ever so often, exciting adventure, varied cuisines and cultures more than compensate to provide a satisfying short break. London, a favourite short break destination, has many attractions. Examples include the world's highest observation wheel called the London Eye, offering views of London's 55 famous landmarks. Several museums, such as the Science museum, Victoria and Albert Museum, British Museum, Natural History Museum, and the Tate Modern on the banks of the Thames are popular tourist attractions.

Bristol, with its zoos, gardens, museums, aquaria, and the world-renowned Clifton Suspension bridge and Berkeley castle is another destination worth visiting. Other places of interest include LancashireCornwallSomerset, Kent, Derbyshire, and Devon, which are some other counties of England.

For solo travellers who love the countryside, nature trails, and wildlife parks, Wales is about two and half hours drive from most UK cities. Spectacular, diverse landscapes and locales, abundant wildlife, thrilling outdoor adventures, history dating back to prehistoric and medieval times, and heritage culture makes Lake District attractive for solo travellers who wish to pursue their hobbies and passions in a carefree manner.

2. Rome, Italy

A spectacular mix of the ancient and modern worlds, Rome has so much to offer tourists, that not everything can be seen in just one short break. Rome is just the place for singles to take short breaks though, to discover all the ancient attractions, historical sites, cafes, fabulous art, fountains, mind-blowing architecture, the colosseum, the pantheon, and so much more. Saint Peter's Basilica, Piazza Navona with its 16th century fountains, Vatican City, St. Peter's Square, and Baths of Diocletian built between 298 AD and 306 AD are just a few of the landmarks no tourist can afford to miss.

3. Istanbul, Turkey

A mesmerising blend of Eastern and Western cultures, Istanbul is Turkey's largest city, where its glorious past coexists with modernity with equal zest and vitality. Beautifully located and surrounded by the waters on the narrow strait of Bosphorus and the Marmara sea, Istanbul is at the confluence, separating Europe and Asia, having inherited the legacies and rich cultural heritages from both continents. Mosques and churches, sultan's palaces and castles, harems, tea gardens, taverns and inns are just some of the locations for the visitor to imbibe. The important landmarks in Istanbul include the Blue Mosque, Topkapi palace, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar, and the Church of St. Saviour at Chora. When a tourists has had his fill of the ancient structures, he can enjoy the nightlife at the numerous rooftop bars and restaurants in the area.

4. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

For solo travellers who are art lovers, Amsterdam is the city to be in, as it has over 50 museums. The Van Gogh Museum and Stedelijk Museum are just a couple of the main tourist attractions.The recently renovated Rijksmuseum opened after 10 years of renovation amidst great fanfare and celebration. One of the world's most beautiful, this historic museum spans 800 years of Dutch history through over 8,000 artefacts displayed in 80 rooms. It is a treasure trove of works by Rembrandt, Johannes Vermeer, and Frans Hals from the Golden Age during the 17th century when world trade was dominated by the Dutch. Concentric and bisecting canals are another highlight of this historic city.

As tourists navigate the city, they come across quaint old churches, the Royal Palace, Dam Square, and Begijnhof, which is a vaulted, narrow passage leading to a garden surrounded by houses. These were once the homes of celibate Beguine nuns and today houses single women.

5. Vienna, Austria

On the banks of the Danube lies Vienna, the Austrian capital nestled between the Carpathians and the foothills of the Alps.Vienna has great natural beauty, with expansive verdant meadows, vineyards, and forests, and the city is also rich in architectural and cultural ensembles. An ancient trading centre, Vienna attained fame as a centre for music, art, education, and architecture during the 18th and 19th centuries and remains an outstanding cultural centre to date. Of the several magnificent Baroque and Art Nouveau palaces, the Belvedere is a grand and plush one that tops the list of tourist attractions in Vienna. Inner Town at the heart of the city is its oldest section, enclosed by the horseshoe shaped boulevard called the Ringstrasse.

The Botanical Gardens of the University of Vienna, The Leopold museum, St. Stephen's Cathedral, Hofburg Imperial Palace, Vienna State Opera, MUMOK, or Museum Moderner Kunst, are other attractions that should not be missed. Vienna also has varied and pulsating nightlife with lots of clubs, pubs, bars and restaurants for singles to spice up their short break holiday.

Arranging Short Breaks for Singles through eBay

The website eBay offers short breaks with hundreds of listings under the 'Holiday & Travel' category and 'Short Breaks' subcategory. Single travellers can take their pick from the options offered. 'Weekend Breaks,' 'Holiday Cottages,' ' Caravan Holidays,' 'Hotel Breaks,' and 'Short Breaks UK' are a few of the numerous options offered by eBay on the listings page. The short break holidays are available for a couple of months, and the shopper may select the month to travel and buy the short break in advance.

Clicking on the selected short break option takes the shopper to the individual listing page that has all the relevant details and specifics about the trip. Those who intend to take short breaks have to coordinate with the seller regarding the amenities, local travel, arrival times, airport pickup and drop facilities, or any other queries they may have regarding their trips. Whatever your choice, be sure to take the time to research the eBay seller's reputation before entering into a transaction.


Singles going away on holidays on their own is gaining popularity, with more people opting for the freedom, privacy, and flexibility it offers. With a growing number of tour operators organising singles holidays, it is now easy for singles to take short breaks whenever they desire. Short breaks bring together like-minded individuals who socialise over common interests and hobbies. This is ideal for nature lovers, sports and adventure enthusiasts, art lovers, and other groups that come together to enjoy and fulfill their desires of vacationing at destinations of their choice.

Short breaks for singles does have one disadvantage, wherein the solo traveller may have to pay single supplement. However, tour organisers offer a solution to this by pairing up fellow travellers who can share a room and therefore avoid the single supplement. eBay, with its hundreds of listings and large seller network, is a good online resource to look for affordable and reliable short breaks for singles.

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