5 Short Break Ideas in Yorkshire

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5 Short Break Ideas in Yorkshire

Yorkshire may be world famous for the beauty of its countryside, but the county holds a wealth of other attractions that make it a great choice for a short break. The region is home to a handful of cities that are full of historical landmarks, and there are plenty of opportunities to learn about Yorkshire culture through cuisine and the arts.

Those who want to visit Yorkshire for a short break can structure their holidays around particular themes. Before choosing a short break theme though, visitors should be generally familiar with the Yorkshire region. Knowing which regions are within the county and what the main attractions in the area are helps visitors decide what to see and do on their short breaks. Potential visitors can also choose from five short break ideas if they need inspiration for their Yorkshire vacations. eBay is a good resource for making arrangements for a short break, and consumers can find good bargains on the website to enjoy their Yorkshire vacations without spending a fortune.

An Overview of Yorkshire

Yorkshire is more than just a county in the United Kingdom. It is a cultural region. Beautiful natural heritage and historic cities contribute to Yorkshire's cultural distinctiveness. Those looking to take a short break in Yorkshire should be familiar with the subregions and types of attractions found in the county.


Yorkshire is divided into three ridings, but residents of the county typically divide it into four regions: North, East, South, and West. The table below describes each of these regions.



North Yorkshire

Large region stretching from Yorkshire Dales in the West to coastal Scarborough in the East; dales, moors, and rugged coast characterise landscape; home to historic city of York

East Yorkshire

Southern coastal area of Yorkshire; striking ocean scenery; cultural city of Hull is de facto capital; sparsely populated outside of Hull; River Humber forms southern border

South Yorkshire

Small, landlocked region; home to Sheffield, an industrial city full of green parks and home to England's bigger theatre complex outside of London; contains much of the hilly Peak District National Park

West Yorkshire

Urban region of Yorkshire; home to cities of Leeds, Bradford, and Wakefield; contains part of the Peak District; good mix of city and countryside attractions

North Yorkshire is about the same geographical size than the other three regions combined, and perhaps even larger. Yorkshire county's large size makes choosing just one of these regions a wise choice for a short break.


Yorkshire has many attractions, making it easy to fill a short-break itinerary without wandering far from almost any base that a visitor chooses. There are three national parks, namely, Yorkshire Moors, Yorkshire Dales, and Peak District, each of which has enough to satisfy those looking for outdoor adventure. The scenery and cuisine makes the coast a great place to relax on a short holiday. Cities such as Leeds, Sheffield, Bradford, and Hull offer an engaging mix of cultural events and nightlife; they are also great places for lessons in architecture. Furthermore, the county is dotted with UNESCO World Heritage sites and ruined castles that speak to Yorkshire's importance in Britain's history.

Yorkshire Short Break Ideas

Its variety of attractions and easy access from other parts of the UK make Yorkshire a great choice for a short break. The county has vibrant cities, beautiful nature, distinct cuisine, a thriving arts and culture scene, and diversions for the family that visitors can structure short breaks around.

1. City Life

Yorkshire's cities are full of architectural gems, great restaurants, buzzing pubs and nightclubs, and absorbing museums. These attractions make York, Hull, Leeds, and Bradford great choices for a short break.


York lends its name to the county, and it sees more visitors than any other English city besides London and, in some years, Manchester. There are few better destinations in Britain for history lovers. York's ancient walls are evidence of the city's prominence in the Roman Empire, and towering, ornate cathedrals loom over visitors throughout town. Museums entertain as much as they inform, but there are also other diversions one can take advantage of, such as chocolate tours and a turf horse track.


One of the main attractions of Hull is its single-span suspension Humber Bridge, which is among the longer of this type of bridges in the world. Crossing the 2200-metre bridge into town is an impressive experience, but there are plenty of other attractions in Hull to entertain visitors, no matter how they reach the city. The Old Town has eye-catching architecture, and the energetic nightlife makes for a fun night out. Hull's position on the river Humber near the coast gives it a strong maritime heritage. Visitors can get a sense for Hull's relationship with the ocean in both the Hull Maritime Museum and it numerous seafood restaurants.


Historical and modern attractions can often be incongruous with one another in a city, but they harmonise beautifully in Leeds. One example of this is the Victoria Quarter, an ornate, Grade II-listed building that houses shops selling cutting-edge fashions. The Corn Exchange presents opportunities to sample both classic Yorkshire cuisine and modern fusion dishes. Victorian architecture, the Grand Theatre and Opera House, and the ruins of the Kirkstall Abbey can make visitors to Leeds forget they are in a modern metropolis, but there are plenty of stylish restaurants, bars, and nightclubs to remind them.


Bradford's three claims to fame are industry, film, and curry. These three elements have little relation to one another, but they can easily fill a short break itinerary in the city. Industry is often a visual blight on a city, but Bradford's Victorian-era mills gratify visitors who appreciate fine architecture. Movie buffs should be pleased to learn that Bradford is the world's first UNESCO City of Film. This designation is due to the city's popular choice as a filming location, its history as one of the first places outside of London to have a cinema, and the numerous annual film festivals that the city hosts. Eating at one of the curry houses that helped give Bradford the title of "England's Curry Capital" is a great way to wrap up a day of sightseeing.

2. Nature

One of the main attractions of visiting Yorkshire for a short break is the county's wealth of natural attractions.Yorkshire Dales,Yorkshire Moors, and Peak District national parks provide opportunities for hiking, trekking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. Outdoor enthusiasts can also surf along the Yorkshire coast, and natural areas such as the Howardian Hills, Nidderdale, and the Forest of Bowland make their own contributions to Yorkshire's attractive landscape.

3. Cuisine

Bradford's curry houses are just one of Yorkshire's numerous culinary attractions. The region is also famous for Yorkshire pudding, which visitors can sample as a savoury meal or a dessert. The days leading up to Guy Fawkes Night involve the baking of many ginger-flavoured Yorkshire Parkins around the region. Two of the UK's more popular ales, Tetley's and John Smith's, come from Yorkshire. Beer connoisseurs should be happy to learn that as they visit these producers' breweries in Leeds and Tadcaster respectively. These specialties help capture the essence of Yorkshire, making a culinary break a great way to get a feeling for the county's distinctiveness amongst the regions of Britain.

4. Art and Culture

Lovers of the arts may want to consider Yorkshire for a short break themed around art and culture. The county has a rich literary tradition, numerous art galleries and well-known artists, and plenty of venues for the performing arts.


The moors of Haworth inspired much of the Brontë sisters' writing, and fans can learn more about these authors at the Brontë Parsonage Museum in Haworth. Bradford features a statue of its favourite literary son, J.B. Priestley. A handful of literary trails show how Yorkshire's landscapes and architecture have also influenced the work of writers not from the region, such as Agatha Christie, Bram Stoker, and J.R.R Tolkien.

Art Galleries and Artists

Yorkshire's landscapes also feature in a few prominent artists' works. Ashley Jackson, one of Britain's more well-known landscape artists, hails from Barnsley, South Yorkshire, and owns a gallery in Holmfirth. The famous pop artist David Hockney was born in Bradford and works out of Bridlington, East Yorkshire. There are many small galleries throughout the county where visitors can shop for great pieces to take home.

Performing Arts

London may have the reputation of Britain's capital for the performing arts, but Yorkshire is not far behind in terms of the quality of productions its theatres present. Visitors can attend ballets, operas, plays, and dance performances in fine venues such as the Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House and the West Yorkshire Playhouse.

5. Family Fun

Yorkshire is not just a playground for adults, but it is also a place that their children can enjoy. The lions of the Yorkshire Wildlife Park in Doncaster captivate kids, and numerous farms around the county provide family-oriented tours that are fun and educational. Yorkshire also hosts various storytelling, drumming, dance, and art workshops for children throughout the summer, and these are great events to plan short breaks around.

How to Use eBay to Arrange a Short Break in Yorkshire

A variety of purveyors can help you arrange a short break in Yorkshire. Many visitors make their arrangements through travel agents, book directly with hotels, and sign up for tours. You can also use eBay to arrange a short break in Yorkshire. It is easy to search the website for arrangements and to evaluate sellers.

Searching for Short-Break Arrangements in Yorkshire

You can search for accommodation and other short-break offers from any eBay page that has the search bar on it. Use a term, such as "Yorkshire" or " Dales cottage", and then choose the appropriate series of categories to ensure that the results eBay returns are relevant to your search. Using this method, it is possible to arrange travel packages, accommodations, and rental cars.

Evaluating Sellers

Evaluating sellers on eBay can ensure that the arrangements you make through them meet your expectations. You can look at a seller's feedback by clicking on his or her username on the listing. This collection of comments and ratings left by other buyers can help you determine whether or not to arrange your Yorkshire short break through that seller.


Yorkshire is a great choice for a short break because it has dynamic cities, a beautiful landscape, historically significant sites, and great cuisine. Those interested in visiting the county should be familiar with the regions in Yorkshire and the attractions they hold. Having a general knowledge of Yorkshire helps visitors choose from the regions of North, East, South, or West Yorkshire and structure short breaks around particular themes and attractions.

Cities, nature, cuisine, art and culture, and family activities are just five ideas for a short break in Yorkshire. Visitors can plan their breaks around a variety of other niche themes as well. Those planning a short break in Yorkshire can use eBay to make travel arrangements. Sellers on the site offer package holidays, accommodation, and transportation. Knowing how to use eBay to organise a short break helps consumers enjoy their time in Yorkshire and saves them money that they can spend on their holidays.

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