5 Short Breaks in Log Cabins

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5 Short Breaks in Log Cabins

Everyone can benefit from a short break from time to time. With all the stress created by the fast pace of modern living, it has become a necessity to better organise that little free time which seems to disappear in the blink of an eye. Those who feel that they want to do more with their free time than just stay at home and sleep it off can certainly benefit from a short break in a log cabin. Spending a few days in isolation in a log cabin, away from the general population, is a good way to recharge one's batteries.

Short breaks in log cabins are a great way to spend some time with friends or family. One can get more out of a short break by choosing the right company to spend time with and engaging in mutually interesting activities to pass the time. Those who are less familiar with the concept of vacationing in a log cabin are likely to find the following ideas useful when planning a short break.

1. Log Cabin Fishing Trips

Sometimes, it is nice to take a break from it all and just go lake fishing. This is an activity that takes a great deal of preparation, but once the preparations are completed, all that is left is to sit back, relax, and enjoy the day. This kind of vacation is the true definition of personal time. Just take out the boots and dust off the old fishing rod to get started. The self-managed log cabins provide ideal seclusion for those who do not need a lot of company during their rest and relaxation.

Start by finding a log cabin near a lake or a river. There are many cabins built around known fishing locations. Places with developed fishing tourism even offer the convenience of fishing stores nearby. This makes it easy for individuals to complete their fishing equipment or rent it on the spot. One can choose to go knee deep or rent a boat and fish away from shore. The log cabins come with fully equipped kitchens work well for those who prefer to cook and eat what they catch rather than releasing it back into the waters. Individuals who have little luck fishing can choose a log cabin closer to an urban setting with a few places to eat out. After all, getting a good rest and a decent meal is what breaks are all about.

2. Honeymoons, Anniversaries, and Romantic Getaways in Log Cabins

Deciding whether to wait for tourist season is a question that newlyweds often struggle with. Not all destinations can provide an interesting vacation setting in the absence of a big tourist crowd. Postponing the honeymoon till the upcoming season and renting a log cabin for a short stay can be a splendid idea. There are many luxurious secluded log cabins which provide the comfort and privacy a young married couple needs. A cabin that both partners find enjoyable can become a perfect place to celebrate anniversaries.

Modern log cabins should not be underestimated. The comfort that they offer can match any four-star accommodation. Jacuzzi tubs and fireplaces are often on the long list of commodities that can be found in a log cabin. These settings are ideal for a romantic getaway. Couples can spend the time taking long walks through the natural surroundings or just cosy up near the fireplace. This type of short break helps partners form a stronger bond with one another.

3. Hunting Breaks in Log Cabins

A cabin in the woods is just what a hunter needs during a short break. Embrace the primal hunting instincts and spend a few days scouting for prey through rough terrain. Reserving accommodation in a preferred hunting spot is among the key preparation steps when going on a hunting trip. The durable structure of a log cabin is perfect for a base camp. There are log cabins big enough to accommodate a whole hunting party.

A hunter does not need too many supplies. Well-priced cabins with a spartan setup can often be found in hunting regions. Aside from a fully functional kitchen, fire pits and barbecues are often available on these properties. A great part of the whole hunting experience is to prepare and eat the game. Those who are part of a larger hunting party should consider a log cabin with a big dining area. Though not more than a warm bed is needed at the end of the day, there still are log cabins which offer more conveniences. A well-equipped cabin can even offer several choices for entertainment in the evenings.

4. A Short Family Summer Break in Log Cabins

Summer can be long and boring for those who do not know how to organise time well. Taking short trips to the countryside and staying in a log cabin with the family for a few days is a nice way to create a change of scenery. Though log cabins are often in areas isolated from civilisation, sometimes, this is just what a family needs to spend quality time together.

Whether it is hiking, biking, or communing with nature, all members of the family can find something to enjoy in the countryside. Log cabins provide a good opportunity to experience nature firsthand. Enjoy the lovely view from the window of the cabin, or take a walk through the wilderness and breathe in the fresh air. Cabins near water offer a wide choice of activities in the summer. Use the warm days to sunbathe at the shore or go for a swim. Log cabins with a dock present a good opportunity for those who wish to rent a boat during a short stay. The dock is also a nice place to relax and can work as a fishing platform as well. Some accommodations even offer activities like canoeing, water skiing, horse riding and cycling. With so much choice of recreational activities, one short break might not even be enough to try it all.

5. Winter Breaks in Log Cabins

Nothing says winter like a thick layer of snow just outside the cabin porch. A rustic log cabin can set the mood for an unforgettable winter holiday. During a winter stay, one can rent a snowmobile and explore the show-covered surroundings near a log cabin. Snowshoeing or ice fishing are great options, if there is a frozen lake nearby. Those who are lucky enough to catch fish can utilise the fully-equipped kitchen of the log cabin to cook the fish at the end of the day.

Cabins built for winter tourism usually have access to a ski area. Proximity to both a cross country and a downhill track is ideal. Depending on the preference, one can choose to spend the day actively participating in various sports and relaxing in the evenings near a fireplace or in a sauna in the log cabin. The snow offers many possibilities even for those who are not as physically active. Building a snowman or a snow castle or simply enjoying the view from the front porch can be relaxing enough.

Finding Log Cabins for Short Breaks on eBay

Finding a log cabin for a short stay is easy on eBay. You can find the offerings listed within the 'Holidays and Travel' section of the website. You can arrive at this category by going to eBay's main page and selecting it from the list of available categories. Navigating further ahead depends on the type of arrangement you are looking for. Those looking to only rent a cabin can find listings in the 'Accommodation' section, where various offers are located within the 'Cottages/Houses/Bungalows' subsection. Package holidays can be found in a different section of the website. Short breaks are listed within this section, making it easy to find one that fits the desired length of stay.

Within these subsections, typing 'log cabins' in the search bar is a quick way of getting a relevant list of results. You can also arrive at these results by entering this search term on the main page, but the listings may also include irrelevant choices such as materials for building log cabins. To get a usable subset, users can select the categories after the initial keyword search is performed.


By choosing the right people to holiday with, one can enjoy a short break in a log cabin and engage in different types of activities, no matter the season. The seclusion provided by log cabins placed deep within the wilderness gives vacationers some much-needed rest and relaxation and escape from everyday living. A short break spent in a log cabin is a unique experience.

Depending on the person the break is being shared with, one can find log cabins that cater to different needs. One can use the time to go hunting through the wilderness or rent a boat and go fishing. Catching and preparing dinner is one of those unique pleasures that is not easily accessible to those living in the city. A short break in a log cabin can also be filled with various sport activities. Both summer and winter offer different sets of activities that one can choose from to get the most out a short break. By utilising eBay to make travel arrangements, one can get away on that well-deserved break and fill the time with leisure or just enjoy the view from the cabin.

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