5 Steps to Have a Good Warhammer 40K Army

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5 Steps to Have a Good Warhammer 40K Army

eBay is a great place to buy Warhammer 40K games, parts and accessories. Warhammer 40K is a popular tabletop miniature war game that is set in a fantastical future universe. Tabletop miniature war games have increased in popularity and thanks to this there is now a healthy supply of these products currently on the market.

The purpose of this guide is to outline and explain the five steps to owning a good Warhammer 40K army:

1. Buy a starter set

2. Watch others play Warhammer 40K

3. Choose an army based on your own style

4. Get the relevant Codex for the army

5. Play someone with a similar army and fighting style

Warhammer 40K

* Warhammer 40K (or Warhammer 40,000 or even WH40K) is a very popular tabletop miniature war game set in the late 40th to early 41st Millennium AD in a Dystopian science-fantasy universe. In the setting for Warhammer 40K, mankind is united in the Imperium of Man (a Christian-themed civilisation loosely based on the Black Legend) which has expanded throughout the Milky Way galaxy. The Imperium is at war with many 'Xenos' (alien) races including: the Tau, the Necrons, the Eldar, the Dark Eldar, the Tyranids and the Orks.

* First created in 1987 and now produced by Games Workshop, Warhammer 40K is currently enjoying its sixth edition (as of June 2012).

* Players can assemble and paint 28mm scale miniature figures that depict futuristic creatures, soldiers and vehicles of war. Such figurines are collected to build armies which compete against those of their opponent in a variety of different games and battles.

How to Have a Good Warhammer 40K Army

Building a good Warhammer 40K army can be achieved by following these five steps:

1. Buy the Starter Set

For anyone new to Warhammer 40K but wishes to own a killer army, it is strongly recommended that they purchase the Warhammer 40K starter kit. This starter kit provides everything that a Warhammer novice will need including a rulebook, two sets of opposing army forces as well as some beginner game scenarios to get them under way. The Warhammer 40K starter kit will keep any novice playing skirmish size battles for months.

This starter kit is essential for Warhammer 40K novices as it contains important information about the game series and will set the tone in the future when buying other Warhammer 40K products.

2. Watch Others Play Warhammer 40K

Another great way to build a good Warhammer 40K army is to get out there and speak to other Warhammer 40K enthusiasts. Visit a local Games Workshop or hobby store and watch other people play a game to see what their army is like, how they play and if any new tricks or tactics can be learnt from them.

Don't be scared to ask gamers about their army or their gaming style, any real Warhammer enthusiast will love talking about it as after all is one a hobby activity. Seeing how other Warhammer enthusiasts play will also help you with the next step.

3. Choose an Army Based on Your own Style

Probably the most valuable tip to building any successful Warhammer 40K army is to build an army around your own playing style. There's very little point building a great army if it won't be used properly. If your playing style is subtle for example and uses long range shelling then it is essential that the army includes suitable long-range soldiers as combat soldiers won't do the job and it could end up costing the game.

4. Get the Relevant Codex for the Army

In Warhammer 40K terminology, a codex refers to a rules supplement that contains all essential information about a particular army, environment or worldwide campaign. A codex usually contains:

* Army List: A list of the eligible units/characters/vehicles that can be used in a battle. It details their characteristic standards, information regarding weapon options and any concerns about their usage. It also contains a point's scale so players can ensure their battles are fought evenly.

* Background: Information about the force and specifically its place in the Warhammer 40K universe (short stories, artwork, fictional documents from the future).

* Special Characters: Background information and rules for the exceptional individuals from the army (such as Marneus Calgar and Ghazghkull Mag Uruk Thraka).

* Hobby Section: All the necessary information regarding collecting, building and painting an army from its relevant codex.

Purchasing the suitable codex for the army will surely help any enthusiast build a superior Warhammer 40K army as information is power and there's plenty of vital information in the codex packs.

5. Play Someone with a Similar Army and Fighting Style

The final and arguably the most essential step to having a good Warhammer 40K army is to play with it. And not just playing anyone; playing someone who has a similar army and fighting style.

By playing a game with someone who shares a similar army and fighting style is the true way of knowing whether a Warhammer 40K army is any good or not. So head down to the local Games Workshop, hobby store or search the internet to find a Warhammer enthusiast club that is local and find someone to play with as after all the key to getting better at anything is by playing a better opponent.

How to Buy a Good Warhammer 40K Army on eBay

* There is an abundance of Warhammer games and products on ecommerce websites like eBay. With the aid of prolific internet shopping websites like eBay, buying products to have a good Warhammer 40k army is easy.

* Authoritative ecommerce websites such as eBay are not only a great place to buy Warhammer 40K products because of the variety of items available, but because of the flexibility over purchasing that the website offers. eBay is the right place to buy Warhammer 40K products because it offers the buyer a choice where purchasing is concerned. Instead of simply purchasing the product immediately (click ' Buy Now ' ), eBay also provides the buyer the choice to bid on their chosen item (click ' Bid Now ' ) in an auction-like format.

* eBay is a fantastic resource for buying any Warhammer 40K products. Whether the buyer is looking to purchase some terrain to play on, new soldiers for their army or simply some paint and brushes to paint them, eBay is the right place to purchase Warhammer 40K items.

* Finding the sought-after product has never been easier with the help of eBay's search and advanced search functions. Merely type in the desired name or model of the Warhammer 40K item and the buyer is taken to the search results page. From here they simply have to click the relevant result to be taken to that products individual listings page.

* On the products page, there is a wealth of information relating to that specific item including: a detailed specification, product analysis, comments about the items condition as well as photographs of the product to compliment the information.

* eBay also lists information about the items seller including their selling history, eBay rating and their location- so the buyer can ascertain whether or not it is worth collecting the item if it's local or to pay for the cost of the items delivery. Although eBay provides a great deal of detail regarding the items seller, sometimes buyers may have a question that is not answered. In this case, buyers can always contact the items seller by clicking on the 'Contact Seller' button.

* Shoppers can also view Warhammer 40K products by browsing through the relevant categories. In this case, Warhammer 40K products are found in the 'Toys & Games' category under 'Wargames & Role-Playing' in the 'Warhammer' subcategory. For assistance using the search and advanced search functions, visit eBay' s comprehensive help section and simply type in a query and follow the instructions provided in the queries result.

* Once the buyer has found the desired Warhammer 40K product, they then have two options regarding purchasing: to buy the item immediately (simply click the 'Buy Now' button) or bid in an auction-like format (simply click the 'Bid Now' button and enter a bid) hoping to save a few pounds.

* For help and more information regarding purchasing products on eBay visit their ' How do I buy an item? ' help page.

* Besides its comprehensive product information and competitive pricing, eBay is renowned for its great customer experience as well as safety concerning payment. Thanks to authoritative payment scheme PayPal, all payments on eBay are safe and secure to provide peace of mind for all buyers and sellers using the auction-based website.


There are many different factors to consider when buying Warhammer 40K products. However with the help of this guide and the considerations outlined, buying Warhammer 40K products to build a good Warhammer 40K army is easy. The right Warhammer 40K items won't just provide you with a good Warhammer 40K army that is capable of mass-destruction but it will also provide many hours of fun and enjoyment for many years to come.

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