5 Tips When Buying a Mini Cooper Convertible

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5 Tips When Buying a Mini Cooper Convertible

The Mini Cooper Convertible is manufactured by Mini, which is a British automotive marque of BMW. Mini specialises in the production of small cars. The Mini Cooper Convertible is produced in Crowley, United Kingdom, but delivers this vehicle around the globe. Mini introduced its first convertible in 2004, as a 2005 model year. Since then, Mini has released a range of Mini Cooper Convertibles.

Consumers interested in purchasing a Mini Cooper Convertible can find this vehicle at Mini dealerships, used car dealerships, and online at websites like eBay. There are a couple of important things to consider when shopping for a Mini Cooper Convertible that helps a buyer make the most informed purchasing decision. Buyers should understand the history behind the Mini Cooper and consider the different generations of Mini Cooper Convertibles that are available. Buyers should also compare different trims, set a budget, and consider both new and used Mini Cooper Convertibles as well. By following these tips, a consumer ensures that they are getting exactly what they desire with their Mini Cooper Convertible purchase.

Tip 1: Understand the History Behind the Mini Cooper

Understanding a little behind the history of the Mini Cooper Convertible helps ensure that consumers understand its current production, as well as the Mini Cooper Convertible's roots. Although the Mini Cooper Convertible is currently produced by a company called "Mini", the Mini was originally a small vehicle model produced by British Motors Corporation in 1959. British Motors Corporation then took this model and expanded it into a line of small economy cars, which were produced until 2000. In 1969, John Cooper, along with Sir Alec Issigonis, decided to create a performance car known as the Mini Cooper. The concept of a successor to this line of vehicles started in 1995 and the Mini One Hatch was released by Mini under the ownership of BMW in 2001 to replace the Mini, or the Morris Mini-Minor.

Mini then released the first convertible models as the Mini One Convertible, Mini Cooper Convertible, and the Mini Cooper S Convertible in 2005. This short snapshot into the history of the Mini Cooper gives consumers some insight into determining whether a Mini Cooper Convertible is the right purchase for them, as well as clears up some confusion about the history of Mini.

Tip 2: Consider Both Generations of Mini Cooper Convertibles

The Mini Cooper Convertible has gone through two generations of production since its release in 2005. The Mini Cooper Convertible is currently in its second generation as of 2009.

First Generation Mini Cooper Convertible

The first generation Mini Cooper Convertible covers the time period from 2005 to 2008 . The first generation Mini Cooper Convertible comes equipped with a completely automatic roof that can be pulled all the way back, or partially back for a sunroof effect. The first generation Mini Cooper Convertible has a drop-down tailgate, external hinges, and two rear windows for when the roof is closed. The first generation Mini Cooper Convertible has an insulated cloth roof with a heated rear window, but no rear window windshield wiper. The vehicle has a fuel tank capacity of 50 litres and a luggage capacity of 120 litres. Further, the first generation Mini Cooper Convertible provides for easy access to luggage when the roof is closed by providing a rear roof section and luggage shelf that can be raised with two handles into a semi-tailgate.

The first generation Mini Cooper Convertible offers a 1.6-litre engine that takes the car from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in just 9.8 seconds with the six-speed manual transmission. The first generation also offers the option of a six-speed automatic transmission. The size of the first generation Mini Cooper Convertible makes for great handling and agility.

Second Generation Mini Cooper Convertible

The second generation Mini Cooper Convertible was released in 2009 , with production continuing into the present. The second generation Mini Cooper Convertible remains similar in exterior to the first generation with only subtle changes. The rear roll hoops that hold the roof when it is retracted are hidden in the second generation Mini Cooper Convertible. The most drastic change from the first generation Mini Cooper Convertible is the improved fuel economy. The second generation Mini Cooper Convertible covers an extra 17.7 kilometres for every 3.79 litres of fuel. Additionally, there are a limited number of diesel-powered second generation Mini Cooper Convertibles available.

Similar to the first generation, the second generation Mini Cooper Convertible has a 1.6-litre engine offering 122 horsepower. The second generation offers the option of either a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission. The second generation Mini Cooper Convertible continues to provide unique handling of turns with its wide track, long wheelbase, and low centre of gravity.

Tip 3: Compare Different Trims of Mini Cooper Convertibles

In addition to its standard trim as embodied by the Mini Cooper Convertible, this model also comes in four additional trims. The following chart lays out the basic differences between the second generation Mini Cooper Convertible and its family members.




0 to 100 kilometres (seconds)

Fuel Type


Mini Cooper Convertible

Wind Machine




Mini Cooper S Convertible

The Whirlwind





Mini Cooper D Convertible

Fresh Air Friend




Mini Cooper SD Convertible

The Diesel Whirlwind





Mini John Cooper Works Convertible

Open for Speed





This chart compares the different trims of Mini Cooper Convertibles currently available from Mini. As the chart lays out, the most notable differences between each trim is power, fuel type, and cost.

Tip 4: Calculate a Budget

Before walking into a dealership or logging online to shop for a Mini Cooper Convertible, it is important for buyers to calculate a realistic budget. First, this budget should consist of the an ideal price for the consumer. This ideal price should be what the consumer thinks they could realistically pay in a perfect world with all of their preferences taken into account.

Second, buyers should calculate a maximum price they are willing to pay. Setting an ideal to maximum price range gives buyers room for negotiation on the trim and features they are looking for in a Mini Cooper Convertible.

Tip 5: Consider Used vs New Mini Cooper Convertibles

Another factor to consider is whether a buyer prefers a new or used Mini Cooper Convertible. The advantages of purchasing a new Mini Cooper Convertible include optimal vehicle condition, freedom of choice, and technology innovation. On the other hand, the advantages of purchasing a used Mini Cooper Convertible include lower cost, wider vehicle selection, and avoidance of the depreciation factor.

For consumers who decide on a used Mini Cooper Convertible, it is important to find a reliable and reputable seller. A trustworthy used Mini Cooper Convertible seller should be able to provide accident history of the vehicle, a list of previous owners, and maintenance and repair documents, if available. Likewise, a potential buyer should seek to find out if there are any outstanding issues or problems with the used Mini Cooper Convertible. To avoid excessive long-term repairs and maintenance costs, a buyer should aim to purchase a used Mini Cooper Convertible that is less than two years old and has less than 16,000 kilometres on it.

How to Buy a Mini Cooper Convertible on eBay

Regardless of what trim, generation, or condition of Mini Cooper Convertible you settle one, eBay has a variety of options from various sellers to meet almost any buying needs. For example, if you have decided that fuel economy is important to you and you want to buy a Mini Cooper D Convertible, this can easily be accomplished using eBay's search engine. Simply navigate to the eBay website portal and type Mini Cooper D Convertible into the keyword box and click search. A list of options matching this exact description are then populated for you to view. You can also broaden your search to see all trims of Mini Cooper Convertibles available by refining your search terms to Mini Cooper Convertible and following the same methodology.

Regardless of what Mini Cooper Convertible you are looking for, eBay provides tools to help get you exactly what you want. For example, you can narrow down your search by model year, colour, or price. Additionally, eBay provides a forum for buyer feedback so you can research the reliability of any seller you might potentially want to purchase your Mini Cooper Convertible from. eBay provides various resources to help make the Mini Cooper Convertible buying process easy and hassle-free.


Today, the Mini Cooper Convertible is still fairly reminiscent of its Morris Mini-Minor ancestor and the original Mini Cooper performance car. Although the Mini Cooper encompasses the design and technology of the latest trends in the 21st century, it still harbours the same small body shape as its predecessors. Further, the fully automatic retractable roof is unusual in a car the size of the Mini Cooper Convertible, making it a unique vehicle in the modern automobile market.

The Mini Cooper Convertible trims all fall in a fairly narrow price range, making any consumer's power and fuel preference within reach. Further, because the line of Mini Cooper Convertibles is relatively new, consumers should be able to find a number of used Mini Cooper Convertibles in good condition. By taking into account the history, model changes, and trims of the Mini Cooper Convertibles currently available on the new and used market, a buyer can be fairly confident that they are prepared to make the most-informed purchasing decision.

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