5 Tips for Buying Tickets for a Festival

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5 Tips for Buying Tickets for a Festival

Festivals can be a lot of fun no matter what the time of year. With plenty of options to choose from including music festivals such as rock or pop fests, movie festivals, and more, almost everyone can find something that entertains them. Notably more festivals are held in the warmer months as it is more comfortable outdoors during the summer, but some winter festivals are available as well.

Buyers should start off their search by deciding exactly where they want to go, how long they want to stay, and what, if anything, special they want to see at the festival. Most festivals have itineraries or gig lists put up well in advance of actually selling the tickets, so it is usually very easy to check what is going on at the festival. From there, tickets can be purchased from the festival website or an online site. The following tips should help most people decide on purchasing their tickets.

Choose a Festival

The first step to purchasing tickets is to choose the festival. Most people can narrow down the type of festival by what type of music they would like to listen to, although many festivals do not focus around music. There are literally more than 100 music festivals held in the UK each year, although some are held offshore such as on the Isle of Wight.

Narrow Down the List

Most buyers can start by narrowing down what they like, and then choosing their festival of choice based on location or set list. Usually, it is possible to look online and find 'rock festival London' or other search term to help with finding a suitable festival. Anyone who wants to go to a specific festival should check the date of the festival, as well as the date when the tickets first go on sale.

Choose the Location

An easy way to find a festival is to choose one that is located nearby. This cuts down on travel costs and makes getting home easier; however, many people still prefer to stay on festival grounds if not located very near to their home. Check for any festivals in the music genre of choice located within a two-hour travel radius, and then consider those festivals before any that are further away.

Check the Festival

The next thing to do is to check the festival. It is usually a good idea to find out the price of tickets, the set list for each day, any special requirements, and local parking opportunities. Most buyers can simply check a brochure for the festival or the festival website to get all of this information including when bands go on. This is mostly only important for anyone who is either not spending the entire time at the festival or who would specifically like to see one or two bands. Some festivals might provide a printable brochure or calendar of events, and brochures can also often be picked up from local music shops in the area of the festival.

Get Directions to the Festival Venue

While checking the festival set list, consider getting directions to the festival itself as well. Anyone with a smartphone or GPS can simply log the address while others should look up a route online if they have to drive or do not already know the way. Anyone who is located very near to the festival grounds can mostly ignore this advice.

Family Friendly Festival or Not?

Anyone with a family or kids should check the cost of tickets for children as well as the festival policy on children. Most festivals charge very little for children under 10 years of age, but do tend to maintain a strict rule that they should be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Usually, anyone who is 10 to 16 years of age must pay more for a ticket but has slightly less strict rules. It is usually a good idea to check the festival in advance to ensure that it is family friendly.

Festival Ticket Prices

Remember that ticket prices can vary depending on the festival so there is no best price for festival tickets. However, prices are usually set according to the prestige of the festival and the acts and performers playing. For example, the Cambridge Rock Festival historically sells tickets for 100 pounds or less while the Leeds Rock Festival usually sells for 200 pounds or more for the full festival. Setting a budget and then considering choosing a festival that falls inside of the budget is a good way to choose a festival, especially if it is necessary to purchase tickets for multiple people.

Choose the Type of Tickets for the Festival

There are multiple types of festival tickets but most of them tend to vary depending on the festival. Most festivals in the UK sell single day, full festival, and sometimes single event and half-day tickets as well. In this case, buyers have to choose how long they would like to stay at the festival based on availability, budget, and time schedule. Anyone who only wants to see one event can sometimes save money by purchasing a single event ticket, but these are not always available. Weekend tickets, full festival tickets, and full-day tickets tend to be available as well. Usually, the more events the ticket covers, the better the deal. For example, the full weekend or full event ticket is often much cheaper than purchasing two single day tickets, even if the event is three days or longer.

Remember to Buy Camping Tickets

Most festivals sell camping spots including for tents, for caravans, and sometimes even cottages, although the latter are rare. Anyone who is visiting the area can choose to rent a camping spot or to stay in a local hotel. While both options are possible, it is usually much more affordable to stay at the festival, although somewhat less luxurious. Buyers can decide on an option based on preference as well as budget. For anyone who plans on purchasing camping tickets, the following options are usually available.

Camping Ticket



Spot for a car


Spot for a caravan, sometimes includes water and sewer hook-ups


A space to pitch a tent


On site cabin, cottage, or apartment; most festivals do not offer these

Typically, the middle two camping tickets are the most available as 'camping tickets'. Some festival organisers do not mind if buyers stay in their car as long as they have paid for the spot, while others might not allow it. Most of the time options really do vary depending on the festival so it is always important to check up and see what is allowed and what is not.

Purchase Festival Tickets in Advance

The final tip for buying tickets for a festival is to purchase the tickets as far in advance as possible. Most festivals offer discounts for early bird tickets, and it is more likely that tickets are available at least two weeks before the festival. If tickets are sold out or already expensive, buyers can always look on auction sites in hopes of finding the tickets they are looking for or of finding a better deal. In either case, buyers should remember to look at the tickets being purchased, check to make sure that any shipping is fast enough so that the tickets arrive on time, and that the tickets are not stubs or collectibles.

Buy Festival Tickets on eBay

eBay is a great place to look for festival tickets of any kind, although it is important to note that most options are not available until the festival is about to start. Buyers can look on eBay for any genre of festival tickets and can also search for tickets that have been almost sold out. Sellers on eBay range from venues and festivals to people who bought tickets but cannot use them, so there is often a wide variety of choices and options.

Buyers must remember to read the full description and check any specification on the tickets including which days they are valid for, the year, and anything included with the tickets. Old festival tickets are sometimes sold as souvenirs so it is important to check to ensure that the tickets are from the current year and still usable. Check the shipping time if the festival is already or about to happen, and then make your purchase.


Festival tickets are usually very easy to purchase, especially if buyers already know where they want to go. There are hundreds of different festivals in the UK catering to multiple genres and styles of music, so almost everyone can find a type of festival that suits their style. Buyers should check the festival they would like to go to, choose the events or days they would like to go, and then settle on full festival, day, or event tickets.

It might also be necessary to purchase camping or caravan tickets depending on the festival. Most festivals do require payment for camping or parking, so buyers should look into it when purchasing their festival tickets. Next, it is usually a good idea to set a budget before buying tickets and to try to buy as early as possible in order to ensure that the tickets do not sell out. Finally, buyers can sometimes save money or find already sold out tickets on eBay.

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