5 Tips for Choosing a Land Rover Station Wagon

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5 Tips for Choosing a Land Rover Station Wagon

By combining the functionality of a station wagon with the style and luxury of a Land Rover, buyers can find a station wagon that meets all of their needs. Station wagons, also known as estates, are vehicles with two or four side doors, and a hatchback for easy storage. Land Rover is a premium car manufacturer that focuses on quality, style, design, and luxury. Unlike standard station wagons, Land Rover station wagons are also equipped for off roading, and many models feature four wheel drive , so buyers can find the comfort of a luxurious on road station wagon with off roading capabilities.

Land Rover station wagons are found at Land Rover car dealerships, general car dealerships, or online using eBay. Unlike car dealerships, eBay has thousands of Land Rovers for sale, making it easy for buyers to compare different vehicles at competitive prices. By understanding the five tips for choosing a Land Rover station wagon, buyers can easily find a Land Rover that fits within their budget and lifestyle.

Tip 1: Decide Whether You Want a New or Used Vehicle

One of the first things buyers should ask themselves when purchasing a Land Rover station wagon is whether to purchase the vehicle new or used. New Land Rover station wagons are purchased in excellent condition, and also come equipped with a manufacturer's warranty that protects the Land Rover in case it needs any repairs or replacements. Land Rover offers a complimentary three year, unlimited mile warranty, and also offers an extended warranty for an additional price.

The downside to purchasing a new Land Rover is that they depreciate much faster than used vehicles, and begin losing their value the moment they are driven off of the lot. Vehicles may lose up to 40 per cent of their value within the first year, which makes it harder to get a good return on investment when selling the vehicle.

The second option for purchasing a Land Rover station wagon is to choose a used vehicle. Although some people are hesitant to choose a used vehicle , buyers can find a reliable Land Rover that meets their needs if they know what to look for when choosing a used car. Shopping on eBay makes it easy to contact the seller and ask questions about the vehicle.

By acquiring the vehicle's specific VIN number, buyers can look up the vehicle's history report, which shows the car's past repairs, maintenance, and replacements. Researching gently used Land Rover station wagons with a clear history report is one way for buyers to find a used vehicle that is just as reliable as a new one.

Tip 2: Consider the Size, Power, and Fuel Economy of Land Rover Station Wagons

Land Rover offers both compact and full size estates that vary in style, fuel economy, and power. Compact station wagons are best for city driving, while full size station wagons are ideal for large families. Buyers should consider their needs as well as the advantages and disadvantages of compact and full size station wagons before deciding on a model.

Type of Estate



Land Rover Model

Compact Estate

Easy to manoeuvre, good fuel economy, good for city driving

Less passenger and cargo space, and less power


Full Size Estate

More cargo and passenger space, more power, better for hauling large objects

Requires more fuel with lower fuel economy, harder to drive in cities, more CO2 emissions


Buyers should consider their needs to determine which type of Land Rover station wagon is best for them or their families. After deciding on the type of estate that is best for their needs, buyers can look at the different models of compact and full size estates that Land Rover offers. When shopping for a used Land Rover, there are many more models to choose from that are no longer produced.

Tip 3: Test Drive the Land Rover Before Making a Purchase

Test driving a vehicle before buying it is one of the best ways for buyers to decide if they like how the vehicle drives. Land Rover station wagons vary in size, and some buyers may prefer a compact station wagon, while others may prefer a larger vehicle for safety or space. Buyers should consider how the Land Rover steers, brakes, and shifts, as well as the blind spot and rear view mirrors on the station wagon.

When purchasing a used car, the vehicle should be not only test driven, but inspected as well. By bringing someone along who knows about vehicles, buyers can protect themselves from buying a car that may need expensive repairs or replacements. Loose doors on the vehicle may be an indication of past body damage, and if the vehicle is leaning to one side, there may be a problem with the suspension.

Also, some models of Land Rovers have problems with the gears jumping into second gear. When test driving the vehicle, make sure the gears do not jump when they shift. Buyers should also test everything in the vehicle from turn signals to air conditioning, so they do not have to replace an expensive part after purchasing the station wagon.

Tip 4: Choose a Trustworthy Seller

When purchasing a new car, buyers can worry less about the seller since the one of the only variables on the vehicle is the price. However, comparing costs of the Land Rover to other vehicles in the area is important to ensure buyers get the best deal when buying a new station wagon. However, finding a trustworthy seller is one of the most important things to look for when purchasing a used car.

When shopping for a vehicle on eBay, finding a trustworthy seller is easy because of the detailed seller ratings. eBay's detailed seller ratings show feedback and ratings for each seller based on their previous eBay transactions and sales. Sellers with the highest customer ratings are known as eBay Top-rated sellers , and buyers can be sure they have found a trustworthy seller when purchasing from any Top-rated seller on eBay. Buyers should avoid sellers that conceal their ratings or feedback, or refuse to provide information about the vehicle, such as the VIN number. Another red flag is sellers who refuse to allow the prospective buyer to test drive or inspect the car before an agreement is made.

Tip 5: Set a Budget

Since Land Rover is a premium car manufacturer, vehicles usually have a higher price tag than standard station wagons. Therefore, setting a budget is helpful when looking for a Land Rover. When setting a budget, buyers should consider the cost of the vehicle, and decide how much they can afford for a down payment and subsequent monthly payments. Dealers often offer financing options, but also require the buyer to pay interest over the life of the loan. The longer the buyer stretches out the payments, the more is eventually paid in interest. By saving up and setting a budget, buyers can save money over the long run when purchasing a new vehicle.

Although Land Rovers are more expensive than standard station wagons, they are still affordable on tighter budgets. Used vehicles are usually much cheaper than new cars, and also generally have lower insurance costs, which makes the cost of owning the car lower. In addition, buyers are able to get additional options or features on a used vehicle that they may not have been able to afford on a new car.

How to Purchase a Land Rover Station Wagon on eBay

Shopping on eBay is another way to stick to your budget when buying a Land Rover station wagon or any type of vehicle. Not only does eBay offer competitive prices of autos, eBay also allows users to set their price maximum when searching for vehicles, so they do not have to waste time searching through vehicles outside of their price range.

After considering the above five tips for choosing a Land Rover station wagon, you are ready to begin your search on eBay. If you already know the model of station wagon you are looking for, you can search the specific make and model in the keyword search bar. Even if you have not decided on a model yet, you can still search using the keyword search bar, and simply use a broader term, such as " Land Rover wagon ".

eBay also makes it easy to narrow results to only view the vehicles that meet your needs. For example, buyers are able to narrow results by colour, transmission, mileage, or other specifications, to find exactly what they are looking for in a Land Rover station wagon. Regardless of the type of vehicle you are looking for, eBay makes your search both easy and effective.


Land Rover station wagons are functional, stylish, and roomy, making them a great choice for anyone to purchase. Even the same model of Land Rover station wagon may be different, so it is important for buyers to think about the features and options they are looking for, as well as the make and model. Since Land Rovers are premium vehicles, many Land Rovers feature luxury features and options. However, extra features add to the cost of the car, so buyers should consider which features are most important to them when choosing a vehicle.

Because of the large selection of Land Rovers on eBay, buyers can easily find a make and model with all of the features they are looking for that fits within their budget. With the help of eBay, buyers can research and compare many different models of Land Rover station wagon to be sure they find the model that best fits their needs and lifestyle.

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