5 Tips for Purchasing an Audi A6

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5 Tips for Purchasing an Audi A6

Audi is a reputable German car built oftentimes for executives with an emphasis on luxury and performance. The Audi A6 competes with other luxury models from Mercedes and BMW, and is available as both a sedan and a wagon. Other relevant features include the option between front wheel and Audi's proprietary four wheel drive Quattro system. Performance options are also available as the Audi A6 comes with engines that are anywhere between four and eight cylinders. The Audi A6 is also an extremely safe vehicle with high safety ratings from third parties and a variety of cutting edge safety technology features.

Since the Audi A6 has so many different features and options available to them, shoppers can find the ideal combination of components to suit their needs. A high powered A6 with Quattro four wheel drive is a great choice for towing, or even for those buyers who need a little extra space and hauling capacity. Conversely, smaller sedans may have more of an emphasis on luxury so high end features may be available, such as cutting edge technology and state of the art design. Buyers should consider what their main use of the vehicle is going to be to assist them in narrowing down the focus of their car search.

Tip 1: Narrowing The Focus

Since the Audi A6 is such a versatile vehicle, buyers must spend an appropriate amount of time considering their needs before purchasing anything. It is important to be objective so that buyers do not spend additional money on features they do not need. Features that could potentially reduce the vehicles practicality for that specific user should be avoided at all costs. Buyers who have a family usually need more storage space, and an extra emphasis on added safety. Pet owners may prefer the wagon model so there is the requisite space for a canine companion or any other creatures. On the other hand, single buyers may be more interested in performance, and thus would seek out additional performance components to increase top end speed, acceleration, and handling. There are a variety of other uses that an Audi A6 can be put to as well.

Some buyers may have a need to haul heavy loads such as off-road vehicles, trailers, or other items. Another possible focus is the executive class of buyers who may be interested in luxury. These options are the most plentiful and oftentimes the most expensive. They may include customised finishings such as wood trim and leather seats as well as high end electronics that are seamlessly integrated into the vehicle. Another method of narrowing the focus is to determine the specific local needs. For example, buyers who live in mountainous areas may want an option package that allows for safer and more reliable travel in inclement weather.

Tip 2: Test Drive

Once a buyer has narrowed their focus to a set of features and options that they believe best suits their needs, they should conduct a test drive. A test drive is the best way for a buyer to get a feel for the car while actually driving it. Buyers can be surprised how different a car feels based on the set of components it features. While some drivers may go into a test drive thinking one type of Audi A6 is the one they want, they may in fact leave with a very different impression. Test driving a more performance tuned Audi A6 usually involves a manual transmission , rapid acceleration, and precise handling. This may overwhelm some drivers even if they believe they can handle it to prior to the test drive who may realise the prefer a more comfortable, less involved vehicle.

A test drive also allows the rest of the family to get a feel for the vehicle prior to purchasing. If a buyer has a significant other or any children, they may want to have some say in the type of car that is ultimately purchased. A test drive gets everyone involved in the decision making process in the vehicle so they can experience it for themselves. Even if a buyer makes clear they are not likely to purchase the vehicle at the local dealership, they are typically happy to allow you to take a test drive in order to help facilitate the purchase of an Audi A6.

Tip 3: Consider the Condition of the Car

While a new car is always appealing, sometimes a used car makes more sense. Since the Audi A6 is an extremely reliable car with a long life expectancy, buying a used version can often result in significant cost savings for identical or extremely similar performance of a new vehicle. Cars that may see heavy use or that are left in high traffic areas and thus exposed to more rugged conditions may be better of used. This allows the owner to relax and not worry about small aesthetic damage or putting too many miles on a newer vehicle.

A used Audi also comes at a heavily discounted price compared to a brand new one. The depreciation of a vehicle begins immediately when it leaves the lot so an Audi A6, even with relatively low miles, can be had at a much more favourable price when purchased used. Of course, buyers who are considering a used vehicle would be wise to investigate the service records and history of the vehicle, possibly even consulting with a professional mechanic prior to purchase. Assuming an acceptable maintenance history, a used Audi A6 is a cost effective way of getting into a high performance, luxury vehicle.

Tip 4: Shop Around

Like any other consumer good, each Audi A6 is not created equally. There is variation in price, available options, and many other things to keep in mind when shopping for one. The geographic area that a dealership is located has a huge impact on the overall price. For example, rugged trucks and off road vehicles are much more expensive in areas where they are more necessary and much more affordable in areas where they are not needed. The same rule applies to the Audi A6. If there is a high demand in a geographic area for an Audi A6, or a specific option package, it is likely to be more expensive than in an area where demand is lower. In some instances, it may even make economic sense to travel to pick the vehicle up in order to save money on the final purchase price.

Also, by shopping around buyers ensure that they get the ideal option package for them. Buyers should consider everything from interior material, exterior colour, to performance packages and options. By shopping around, buyers can find the perfect combination of all of these factors to ensure maximum satisfaction with their purchase. Optimally, shoppers can have a variety of different sellers in a competitive bidding process so that ultimately, the buyer gets the most favourable deal.

Tip 5: Consider Adding Aftermarket Components

Once a buyer actually purchases the vehicle, there are a variety of modifications that can be added on. These might include performance components, as well as aesthetic ones. Performance components might include exhaust, turbos, computers, and other similar types of hardware. Aesthetic components could include tinted windows, specific paint jobs, etc. Finally, some components, such as spoilers and exhaust systems, are both aesthetic and functional. After market components are a great way to personalise the vehicle and give it an individual flair.

How to Buy an Audi A6 on eBay

Buying an Audi A6 is easy and reliable when shoppers use eBay as the starting point for their search. The best way to start searching for the perfect Audi A6 on eBay is with a basic keyword search. This type of search is conducted by entering basic search terms into the search box located on every page of eBay's website. This provides the shopper with the widest range of results. Shoppers who are further along in the process may add additional search terms that are more specific to limit the results further. Alternatively, shoppers can navigate through eBay's provided categories to arrive at broad search results.

Once the results are displayed, the buyer can then begin to seriously narrow the focus of their search and limit their decision to just a few options. A good way to accomplish this is by using the features eBay provides to whittle the broad results to a more specific field of results that is more specific to the buyer's needs. Budget conscious shoppers can also organise the results by price, making it easy to see what the most affordable and most expensive options are. Finally, the results can be filtered by buying format or time left at auction.


An Audi A6 is a great vehicle that appeals to a broad audience due to its versatility and exceptional performance. The flexibility of plentiful options means the car can be marketed to a variety of different audiences, from family moms to performance junkies. There are a variety of steps that buyers should take to ensure they find the ideal Audi A6 to suit their needs. The first step after basic preliminary research is to try and narrow the focus of what the car is to be used for. This can direct buyers to relevant option packages and models ultimately making the final decision easier.

Buyers should then test drive an Audi A6 that they think they want in order to then confirm that it meets their needs, and is comfortable for everyone who might use the vehicle. Shoppers should also consider the condition of the vehicle, particularly if they are considering a used Audi A6. Finally, shoppers should browse around different sales outlets to find the best deal for them as the price changes based on the seller, the demand, and the geographic location. No matter what type of Audi A6 a buyer is seeking, they are sure to find the right one when they rely on the user friendliness of eBay.

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