5 Tips in Choosing the Right Scooter for a Man

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5 Tips in Choosing the Right Scooter for a Man

A scooter may be thought of as feminine by some, but scooters have many uses and advantages that anyone, male or female can benefit from. Furthermore, there are a variety of steps a buyer can take to ensure the scooter is sufficiently male in character. One example is by selecting colour. Since a scooter is simply a motorcycle with a step through frame and platform for the feet, making the scooter black in colour can make it appear as if it is a full size motorcycle. Scooters get excellent gas mileage and have great agility making them the ideal choice for short trips through densely populated areas.

Scooters are also very safe and employ a variety of technology that assists with stabilisation. That being said there is still a certain amount of skill and knowledge that is required to operate a scooter so a safety course is highly recommended. When men are shopping for a scooter, they should look for one that is large and powerful enough to support their individual weight. There are a number of choices when it comes to brand of scooter and each offers different advantages so a bit of research is typically required.

 Tip 1: Get a Motorcycle Licence And Take a Safety Course

In order to test drive a scooter when the buyer is shopping for one, they first need to know how to operate one and be permitted to do so. Also, by taking a course and applying for a licence, newer buyers can get a sample of what driving one is actually like. The licence requirement varies by jurisdiction, so buyers should check their local rules and regulations to make sure they can comply. Everyone should seriously consider a safety course to prepare for the hazards inherent in riding a scooter. In addition to a safety course, many riders may want and some may even be required to wear a helmet.

 Tip 2: Narrow Down the Options

Once the buyer has met all the necessary requirements to operate a scooter safely, they can begin to narrow down the options. The best way to do this is to focus on exactly what the scooter is going to be used for and start from there. Some scooters are faster while others may be more powerful in order to carry a heavy load. Obviously, all scooters look different, and come in a variety of different styles and colours. Men in particular should pay particular attention to the appearance of the scooter to ensure it has sufficient aesthetic features for their taste. Another factor that buyers have to consider is cost.

Some scooters are extremely expensive, while used models can be found at very affordable prices. A used scooter may be adequate for some, and is typically a much more cost effective option. In the case of buying a used scooter, shoppers should get a full history of the scooter to ensure they are not purchasing any maintenance problems that need to be attended to later on in the future. Scooters also may take different fuel types such as diesel, so buyers should make sure they have appropriate fuelling resources close by. Finally, some scooters are designed for additional passengers so this is yet another consideration for shoppers to think about.

Tip 3: Test Drive the Model

Buyers should always try and test drive the model they want to purchase prior to finalising the deal. Although research is a good idea, opinions often change when a test drive is conducted with the buyer present. This being said, research is only the first step because the scooter should actually be ridden by the buyer to ensure it is adequate. A buyer might discover they need something more powerful and more nimble. The design of the scooter simply may not suit the buyer. This is why it is critical buyers actually try out the scooter prior to purchasing it.

 Tip 4: Shop Around

There are many places to find scooters so buyers should be patient in finding the right scooter at the right price for them. There is no need to make a hurried purchase when so many different options exist. Additionally some retailers may offer warranties, better prices, and different accessory packages so buyers should be sure to consider these additional factors. Finally, male buyers may find more attractive options by shopping around so considering all the available options is always a good decision.

Tip 5: Picking the Right Type of Scooters

There are a few different types of scooters to choose from. Combustion engines are the standard but have a variety of drawbacks. Electric scooters are a good option but recharging and finding power stations can be an issue. Scooters also come in different sizes to accommodate more passengers. One benefit of scooters is the ease of parking and storage since they can be quite small and nimble.

Type of Scooter



 Four Stroke

Reliable, familiar, and inexpensive. Comes in a variety of styles and models.

High emissions, fuel required.


No emissions, no fuel needed, quiet.

Charging stations hard to find, limited battery life.

Four stroke engines are familiar standard combustion engines. They require fuel inputs, are loud when they are operated, and can have high emissions. That being said they are inexpensive and reliable. Electric scooters can have a higher upfront cost, but do not require any additional fuel to operate.

Four Stroke Engine

A four stroke engine is the standard engine that is usually equipped on scooters. The combustion chamber engine runs much like a motorcycle or a car. This may have a certain appeal to men as it can be loud and has a tough look to it. Four stroke engines can be powerful for hauling things or for additional passengers. One problem with four stroke engines is that emissions laws are becoming more rigid and four stroke engines can be heavy emitters of pollutants.

Many four stroke engines now employ technology to reduce emissions. One such item is a catalytic converter which helps measure and regulate the emissions from the engine. Four stroke scooters get roughly 100 km per 2 litres of fuel. This cost is persistent so buyers should be sure that the additional fuel input that is required does not impact their decision.

 Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are a great option for individuals who do not have to travel extremely long distances. The main drawback of the electric scooter is that it is sometimes difficult to find charging stations. Besides that, electric scooters are reliable, inexpensive to run since they do not require fuel, but can be more expensive up front. Recent advances in technology have resulted in a variety of prototypes that deviate from the traditional battery such as hybrid electrics. Electric scooters also operate very quietly, which could be appealing to some people.

 How to Find the Right Scooter for a Man on eBay

Finding the right scooter for a man is simple and straightforward when shoppers rely on eBay. eBay has such a wide range of products and prices, shoppers are virtually guaranteed to find the right scooter to suit their needs. The best way to begin is with a general keyword search which is conducted by entering basic search terms into the search box located on every page of eBay's website. Shoppers who are further along in the process may choose to add additional terms that limits the results to more specific scooters. Alternatively, shoppers can navigate eBay's intuitive categories to arrive at the broad search results.

Once the broad results are displayed, eBay provides a variety of ways to organise, filter, and sort the results. Budget conscious shoppers can appreciate the ability to sort the results by price. They may also be organised by buying format or time left at auction. Finally, the results can be filtered by using the feature and conditions provided by eBay which might limit the results to used scooters, scooters of a certain colour, or a certain type of scooter. In addition, eBay offers many products that can add a more masculine tone to the scooter.


A scooter is a fuel and cost effective way of travelling relatively moderate distances in a short amount of time. They are typically best suited for urban areas, and can often only carry one or two passengers. They are favoured in densely populated areas due to their agility, ease of storage, and ease to park. While scooters have a stereotype of being a somewhat feminine product, they make a lot of sense for both women and men. If men take the proper time to find the appropriate parts, they can very much make a scooter as manly as they want. Not to mention, they get all the practical benefits of a scooter as well.

The first step when purchasing a scooter is to make sure that the buyer is properly licensed and competent to operate the machine. Then the buyer should begin conducting research in order to determine which scooter best fits their needs. The buyer would then be wise to take the model they desire to purchase for a test drive. Finally, once the buyer has selected which scooter they desire, they should shop around to find the best possible deal that might include external benefits such as warranties or maintenance plans.

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