5 Tips on Buying Hideout Festival Tickets

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5 Tips on Buying Hideout Festival Tickets

Fans of electronic music know that one of the best ways to enjoy their favourite artists is to see them in person. For this reason, there are a number of festivals for electronic music held around the world throughout the year. One of the newest of these festivals is the Hideout Festival. Although this festival began in 2011, it is rapidly becoming one of the top destinations for fans of electronic music worldwide. The Hideout Festival also has a unique venue, as it is held in Croatia, on the island of Pag.

For those who wish to attend this festival, it requires not only travelling to Pag, but also buying tickets to the appropriate events or for the entire festival. These tickets are available from official festival sources as well as on websites such as eBay. Buying online can save attendees the hassle of having to travel to a venue only to discover that no tickets are available. Buying tickets on eBay also means that last minute ticket purchases might also be an option. There are several things to keep in mind before buying tickets that can help make not only the ticket buying process easier, but can help music fans enjoy the festival without stress and worry as well.

1. Make Travel Plans

The unique location for the Hideout Festival adds some complications to travel. It is important to be aware of travel costs and times along with any potential difficulties prior to buying tickets. The island of Pag does not have an airport. The closest airport is on the mainland, in the city of Zadar. There are direct flights from the U.K. and Ireland to Zadar, but this might be more expensive than other options.

Explore Other Options

While Zadar is close to Pag, and it is easy to get to the island from the city, there are other ways to get there. Many cities are near enough to Zadar that there is a ferry service that may be less expensive than a direct flight. Other options include flying to other nearby cities and then either transferring to Zadar, or taking a bus, train, or other vehicle there. Many travellers to the festival might travel through Dubrovnik, Rijeka, Trieste, Zagreb, Pula, Ljubljana, and Venice.

2. Understand the Venue

Although Pag does not have an airport, this does not mean that it is a barren lump of rock in the middle of the ocean. Rather, Pag is quite civilised and contains a number of amenities including bus services, hotels, and even campsites. Unlike some music festivals, the Hideout Festival is not held in one location. In fact, the festival is held in three different nightclubs on Zrce Beach. These nightclubs are named Papaya, Aquarius, and Kalypso.

Festival Schedule

Unlike some festivals, performances at this particular one does not last through the entire day. Instead, the festival covers a three day period with performances beginning to play at 10 p.m. and ending at 6 a.m. This leaves the bulk of daylight hours for attendees to sleep, eat, and recover before heading to the next night's set of events.


Those who have tickets to the festival are given wristbands. These wristbands allow access to all three nightclubs. Anyone with the appropriate wristband can move between nightclubs at their leisure. These wristbands are distinct from the local travel wristbands, which allow attendees to make use of shuttle buses. These buses are provided to transport festival goers from nightclubs to hotels, as well as other locations throughout the island. Those who lose their wristbands can not be given a replacement, so keep that in mind when at the festival.

3. Understand the Island

Pag is part of Croatia, which means that all good and services should require the Kuna, Croatian currency, in order to be purchased. It may be necessary to have foreign currency exchanged before heading to the island. There are ATM machines throughout the island, but the large number of people who attend the festival means that the machines running out of cash is a very real possibility.


Novalja is the main city on the island of Pag, and is the main staging area for the festival. Zrce Beach is several kilometres from Novalja and it takes roughly 30 minutes to walk from one end to the other. The shuttle bus service runs back and forth from the beach to the city, meaning that most attendees should not need to walk or drive the distance. Novalja is a tourist focused city, and there are a number of restaurants and recreational options, including beaches to be found in the city.

4. Follow Ticket Rules

Since most access to performance venues is controlled by wristbands, it is important to follow the rules in order to get the appropriate type of wristbands. To get a wristband, it is necessary to have a ticket, as well as the credit card that it was purchased with, and an ID. Attendees must take these items to an accreditation point on the island. It is also important to note that the festival is reserved for those who are 18 years of age or older. There are no tickets for single days and all tickets cover the entirety of the festival. Buying tickets at the venue is not an option, so those who travel all the way to Pag without a ticket are in for extreme disappointment.

Transferring Tickets

Transferring tickets between individuals is not permitted. This means that all tickets must be purchased with the correct name for those who plan to attend. If a credit card belonging to an individual apart from the attendee is used, a picture of the card along with a signed statement from the card owner can permit attendance.

5. Understand What Else Tickets Provide

Many attendees of the Hideout Festival assume that tickets only ensure entrance to the nightclubs during the three nights of performances. While the nightclubs are significant venues, and are where many of the top acts should be performing, there are other places to visit as well. All weekend tickets provide access to pool parties on the island. These pool parties run each day of the festival from 1 to 8 p.m., and should therefore not conflict with the nighttime performances. Pool parties also include performances from various artists, including headliners and artists who are not otherwise engaged at the festival.

Boat Parties

Boat parties are organised by the people in charge of the festival, but they do require special boat party tickets. The reason for this is that space on the boats is limited and everyone who has a weekend ticket would not be able to attend. Like the pool parties, the boat parties do not conflict with the nightclub events. Each boat is scheduled to return at 9 p.m. each night. The boat is fully stocked with a bar where drinks can be purchased.

Buying Hideout Festival Tickets on eBay

Many people may not realise that eBay is where they can buy official tickets to sporting events, concerts, and festivals like the Hideout Festival. In fact, the sheer number of tickets available on eBay means that those who attend a lot of events can save a lot of time by purchasing them in one place. In order to find the best tickets for the Hideout Festival, potential buyers can simply use the search bar found on any eBay page. An example of a successful search might be, ' Hideout Festival Tickets'. Of course, this search term can be modified and adapted to fit each user preference.

Investigate Tickets Thoroughly

Although eBay sells official tickets to a number of different events, it is also important to examine items thoroughly before making a purchase. This is important to make certain that tickets purchased are indeed what is desired. While the Hideout festival does not include assigned seats or anything of that nature, there are variations in tickets as well as separate tickets to events like the boat parties. A careful reading of ticket details can eliminate any worries on various topics.


The Hideout Festival is quickly becoming one of the biggest events in the music world. Not only is it held in a unique and scenic location, but it includes events like pool parties and boat parties that are not typically found at other festivals. Part of this uniqueness comes from the party culture that has developed on the island of Pag over the last few decades. When buying tickets to the Hideout Festival, it is helpful to be aware of all costs that might be associated with attending the festival. These costs include travel to Pag, which may mean taking a plane to the city of Zadar, on the mainland. There are, however, other options, including flying to Venice, which is fairly close to Pag.

Along with solidifying travel plans, it is helpful to research the island itself. This can help attendees to plan for lodging and other activities during the festival. When buying tickets, it is necessary to follow ticket rules, which means that tickets cannot be transferred between individuals. There are other tickets available as well, including tickets to boat parties, which are an additional aspect of the festival. Taking the time to do some research can make buying tickets much easier and can reduce worry and stress, allowing music fans to simply relax and enjoy themselves.

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