5 Tips on Buying Used Windscreen Wipers for a Jaguar

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5 Tips on Buying Used Windscreen Wipers for a Jaguar

Jaguar car owners should feel like they are driving the ultimate luxury car when they are behind the wheel. Having said that, the top-of-the-world feeling can seem a little less luxurious when the wipers are turned on, and they make a horrific screeching sound and leave a smeared trail on the windscreen. No matter the vehicle, windscreen wipers should do an excellent job keeping drivers vision clear and unobstructed 'when they are driving in inclement weather. Windscreen wipers should be replaced every six months on average because they can wear down quickly, especially in rainy Great Britain.

Finding high-quality windscreen wipers does not have to be an expensive pursuit. Finding great deals on used windscreen wipers for Jaguars and other luxury cars is possible when browsing online stores like eBay. Used auto parts stores may also have a selection, but it is not usually possible to find used items at standard retail shops. It is handy to follow a few tips when looking at used windscreen wipers to make sure they fit the glamourous look of a Jaguar.

Considerations When Buying Used Windscreen Wipers for a Jaguar

Shopping for used windscreen wipers has slightly different requirements than shopping for new wipers. Shoppers should anticipate that used windscreen wipers are not likely to perform as nicely or last as long as new wipers. However, it is certainly possible to find some hidden gems when shopping for used items, and many used items are in almost-new condition. Shoppers should also care about the performance and compatibility of the wipers, the same as they would if they were shopping for brand new wipers. Lastly, buying used windscreen wipers should be a much more affordable option than purchasing new ones. Following some simple tips when shopping for used wipers can help Jaguar owners find used pairs of blades for their vehicles.

1. Accept That the Windscreen Wipers Are Used Quality

When buying used windscreen wipers, shoppers should come to the conclusion that most used wipers lack the performance and lifespan of new wipers. There are many high-quality windscreen wipers on the market that are in great condition as used products. These tend to be resold items from individuals who accidentally purchased the wrong types of wipers for their own vehicles. Windscreen wipers generally have a lifespan of six months, depending on the weather and the extent of use. Buying used windscreen wipers may mean that the wipers have to be replaced sooner than six months. For a car that is known for its luxurious look and feel, the Jaguar should not sport windscreen wipers that leave streaks or smears on the glass when in use.

2. Care About the Condition of the Windscreen Wipers

Buying used windscreen wipers for a Jaguar does not mean that the purchased wipers are inevitably in terrible condition. There are plenty of used wipers that are still in excellent condition. Not only are used windscreen wipers naturally cheaper in price, but they also provide a sustainable way of reusing unwanted products instead of throwing wipers away before they become unusable. When shopping for used windscreen wipers, their ability to clean the glass and provide a clear view for the driver is imperative. Settling for windscreen wipers that do not do the job effectively is not an option because it compromises the safety of everyone in the vehicle.

3. Shop for Performance

When shopping for used windscreen wipers, the performance of the product is the most important aspect to consider after compatibility with the Jaguar. Used wipers should still perform well in rain, sleet, and snow. The performance capabilities of windscreen wipers can be partially determined by reading reviews about the specific models of wipers. Although wipers are generally not too expensive, they do range in price based on quality of materials and performance. In many instances, the performance of the wipers is directly correlated to the price, so purchasing the more expensive option may be better when searching for wipers that work well for longer periods of time. The benefit of buying used wipers is that shoppers can find high-end windscreen wipers at discounted prices because they are used.

4. Make Sure the Wipers Are Compatible with the Jaguar

Besides evaluating performance, it is important to verify that the used windscreen wipers are compatible with the model of Jaguar that is owned. The type of wipers that fit on one's vehicle depend on the make, model, and sometimes the year of the car, and this is also true for Jaguar vehicles. Knowing the types of windscreen wipers that are compatible with one's vehicle is easy to find out. Many stores can search their databases for windscreen wipers that are compatible with various years, makes, and models, and the information can be searched for and located online, as well.

One of the many ways that wipers vary, besides fit or shape of the design, is the mounting system for attaching them to the Jaguar. There are three main attachment methods found on vehicles: hook-slot mount, pin-type arm, and straight-end mount. While the majority of wiper blades can be installed using any of the three attachment systems, it benefits shoppers to know which mounting methods their Jaguars use before shopping for windscreen wipers in order to completely prevent the purchase of an incompatible pair of wipers. The designs of these three attachments vary from easiest with the hook-slot mount to most difficult with the straight-end mount. The hook-slot connector does not require the use of any tools, while the straight-end connector uses a screwdriver to remove tiny screws when replacing the wiper blades.

5. Compare Prices with New Windscreen Wipers for a Jaguar

Buying used windscreen wipers is fairly simple, although it requires thorough research of the used item to guarantee a satisfactory purchase. However, it is crucial that shoppers compare prices against new windscreen wipers for their Jaguars. In some cases, the price difference is minor, and shoppers may prefer to spend a few pounds more to invest in new wipers that guarantee performance and durability for the next six months to a year. However, if the price difference is significant and buying used wipers is the better decision, shoppers can follow all of the above tips to purchase used wipers with confidence.

Buying Used Windscreen Wipers for a Jaguar on eBay

The online store eBay is easy to use, and it provides an extensive collection of windscreen wipers for all kinds of vehicles. The site offers various search tools, including the eBay search box that is on every page of the site. Shoppers can use the search box by inserting specific keywords like 'used Jaguar windscreen wipers ' into the box to bring up all the relevant results with a single click. The search results can then be filtered by specifying a price range or a preferred brand of wipers. Additionally, the eBay Motors section allows shoppers to specify parts by the years, makes, and models of their vehicles. This ensures that all the search results featured are compatible with a particular car.

When looking through eBay's vast selection of used windscreen wipers, it is important that shoppers thoroughly research the reputations of the sellers by reviewing the feedback left by previous customers. The feedback of a seller gives potential customers an idea of the trustworthiness of the individual and the quality of his or her products. Reviewing feedback is an essential part of shopping for used items such as windscreen wipers.


In the UK, where rain and snow dominate the weather most of the year, it is particularly important for Jaguar owners to have windscreen wipers installed that perform well for extended periods of time. Since wipers should be replaced every six months or so, the cost of windscreen wipers can add up over time, especially since the British weather may cause wipers to be replaced even more frequently. Buying used windscreen wipers for a Jaguar may be more cost effective than buying brand new wipers.

However, there are a few tips every Jaguar owner should follow when buying used windscreen wipers. Shoppers should accept the fact that used wipers are not in the same condition as new ones, but with that being said, they should still search for used wipers that are in very good condition since performance and durability are the key aspects when purchasing wipers. Besides performance, shoppers also need to make sure the used windscreen wipers are compatible with their Jaguars, or the wipers are useless. It is also smart for shoppers to compare the prices of used wipers to new ones to determine if they are actually saving money.

Used windscreen wipers can be purchased online by using websites like eBay, which offers excellent search tools and a large database from which shoppers can choose the wipers they need for their Jaguars. With a 'new' pair of windscreen wipers on their cars, Jaguar owners can cruise down the autoroute feeling confident in any weather.

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