5 Tips on Buying Wimbledon Tickets on eBay

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5 Tips on Buying Wimbledon Tickets on eBay

One of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments played every year, Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. First held in 1877, it is considered the most prestigious Grand Slam, and is the only one still played on grass. The tournament lasts for two weeks and begins on the Monday that falls between June 20 and 26. There are a total of 19 courts at Wimbledon, the two main show courts being Centre Court and Number One Court. While the remaining 17 courts are used for other events, the two show courts are reserved exclusively for the Grand Slam tournament.

While most of the unreserved seats at the tournament are made available through a public ballot, it is possible to buy others during the event. Other types of tickets sell out very quickly once booking opens. However, some types of Wimbledon tickets are transferable and can be purchased from their owners on eBay. Buyers should know what types of Wimbledon tickets are available, and how to identify a legitimate seller on eBay.

Ticket Buying Tip 1: Set a Budget

Tickets to a prestigious event like Wimbledon can be expensive even at face value. The prices go up as the tournament progresses. For example, the 2013 ticket prices start at 45 pounds on Day One at Centre Court, and progress to 130 pounds on the final day of the tournament. Since there are a limited number of tickets, especially for the show courts, the only way for fans to enter the grounds is by buying tickets from someone who has already purchased them. This can quickly escalate to very high prices. Wimbledon tickets have been sold on eBay for well over 1,000 pounds. Buyers should decide on a budget and stick to it, to avoid spending more money than they planned to.

Ticket Buying Tip 2: Buy From Top Rated Sellers

Event tickets are tricky business. Sometimes it is impossible to know if tickets are valid till the day of the event. Since Wimbledon tickets can demand so much money, buyers sometimes encounter sellers who list fake or cancelled tickets. A simple way to make sure a seller is legitimate is by reviewing the seller's rating. Sellers who consistently receive positive feedback are more likely to sell valid, legal tickets. If buyers have doubts about a seller, they can request verification from Wimbledon directly.

Only debenture tickets are allowed to be resold. Buyers can call the Wimbledon Debentures Office and check if the seller is really a debenture holder or not. When buying through eBay, buyers should complete the entire transaction through eBay. Offline transactions are not protected at all, and considering the amount of money being spent, protection of any sort is a good thing to have. Legitimate sellers have no reason to ask for payment methods outside of those available through eBay.

Ticket Buying Tip 3: Look for Debenture Tickets

There are several types of tickets available for the Wimbledon tournament. However, not all of them can be resold. Buyers should verify that they are buying debenture tickets, the only type that can legally be resold.

Types of Wimbledon Tickets

Wimbledon is a very popular tennis tournament, arguably the most popular one in the world. The organisers have made arrangements over the years to ensure that tickets are available to a wide range of fans. There are several different types, each of which is discussed in some depth in the sections below.

The Public Ballot

The Public Ballot is the cheapest way for the general public to get tickets for matches at Wimbledon. Arranged by the organisers of the tournament, the All England Lawn Tennis Club (AELTC), the ballot has been held since 1924. The process can be time consuming and requires entrants to first request a ballot application form. The form must then be filled between the end of August and the end of December and sent to the AELTC. Winners are selected at random by computer and notified in February.

The ballot is always oversubscribed, and the chances of winning a ticker are one in ten. Entrants cannot specify which day, court, or match they prefer. If winners cannot attend the match for any reason, they cannot sell, or even gift the ticket to someone else. The tickets must be sent back. Buyers should avoid public ballot tickets on eBay. They are not being sold legally and there is a high probability that they will be voided before the tournament begins.

The Queue

A limited number of tickets are reserved for sale at the turnstiles. These tickets are sold on the day of the tournament. For example, tickets for Day Eight are available on the morning of Day Eight. The queue has become a Wimbledon tradition and fans queue up overnight for tickets. The organisers advise the use of tents and sleeping bags and even provide storage room for these when fans enter the courts. If anyone leaves before the day's matches are over, tickets are returned to the office and resold in the afternoon. The proceeds go to charity. Tickets bought by queuing are non-transferrable and cannot be resold by the person who bought them.

Debenture Tickets

Debenture tickets are the only type of ticket sold in advance for the Wimbledon Grand Slam tournament. The debentures are issued every five years and entitle fans to a seat for every day of the tournament during the five year period. The current set of debentures is valid from 2011 to 2015. A total of 2,500 Centre Court Debenture seats were sold for this period. The current set of Centre Court debentures was sold at 27,750 pounds each. Debenture seats are also sold for Number One court.

Debenture holders also have additional benefits including entering ballots for parking space, and the use of bars and restaurants located within the complex. These tickets can legally be resold, and buyers on eBay must ensure that the tickets they plan to buy are indeed debentures.

Ticket Buying Tip 4: Be Clear About the Details

Once buyers have found a Wimbledon ticket on eBay, they must ensure that there are no doubts about any of the details regarding the ticket. If this information is not already provided by the seller, buyers should ask for confirmation. At a minimum buyers should know:

* Which court the ticket is for

* If the seller already has the ticket in hand

* The face value of the ticket

* Whether the view is restricted or not

* How the ticket is sent to the buyer

* Any extra costs, such as registered post

Ticket Buying Tip 5: Buy Tickets Early

Ticket prices tend to go up as the date of a tournament draws close. If possible, buyers should purchase tickets as early as possible. Although it may be tempting to try to buy tickets at a lower price, Wimbledon tickets are in high demand, and it is safe to assume that prices are going to skyrocket. If the ticket is available, buyers should buy it as long as it is within their budget.

Buying Wimbledon Tickets on eBay

Buyers looking for Wimbledon tickets can find legitimate debenture tickets online on eBay. Buyers can begin looking by using the search bar on eBay' s home page, or from other pages on the site. If the search results are too broad, buyers can narrow them down by entering more specific search terms into the search field. For example. a search for " Wimbledon final tickets" lists only the tickets currently available on eBay for the Wimbledon final.

Since Wimbledon tickets are highly sought after, there is a possibility of fake tickets being sold. Even if the tickets are legitimate Wimbledon tickets, buyers must ensure that they are debenture seats, the only type of ticket that can be resold legally. If this information is not readily available on the item page, buyers can ask sellers for it. Buyers can also ask sellers for any other details regarding the tickets before they commit to a purchase.


The Wimbledon tennis tournament is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. The only one still played on grass, the tournament is well-known, and loved, for its traditions and the exciting matches played there. Considered the most prestigious of the four tennis Grand Slams, the Wimbledon Championship is held over a period of two weeks beginning in June. Tickets for the event are available through public ballot, by queuing on the day of the event, or by purchasing debentures.

Tickets usually sell out very quickly, and many fans look for other ways to purchase tickets. Debenture holders can legally resell their seats. Buyers looking for tickets to Wimbledon matches must ensure that they are purchasing debenture seats. If in doubt, they can call the Wimbledon offices and verify that the seller is a valid debenture holder. Other types of tickets should not be resold, and may be cancelled before the event. Buyers looking for Wimbledon tickets on eBay must ensure that they are buying legitimate tickets from top rated sellers.

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