5 Tips on Buying a Skoda Superb

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5 Tips on Buying a Skoda Superb

The Skoda Superb, is a large saloon that is comfortable, fuel efficient, equipped with many luxurious upgrades. They were first produced between 1934 and 1949, but the modern day Skoda Superb was introduced in 2001. The car was designed for shoppers who wanted a high quality, spacious saloon at a price they could afford. The Superb is a car that is unique in the UK, but its styling is similar to that of some Volkswagens and Audis. The car has a sleek, yet simplistic design that is appealing, yet not overbearing.

The cabin of the Superb is very spacious, comfortable, and quiet. Even at high speeds, the car manages to block out most of the road noise. Five adults can fit comfortably inside, and Superb comes with buttons and controls that are easy for anyone to navigate. Depending on the year that the car was made, there are multiple engines that shoppers can choose from.

All in all, the Skoda Superb is an excellent choice for anyone who wants luxury quality at a more affordable price. There are many of them available in all price ranges because they have been built since 2001. However, whether buying a used or new Skoda Superb, the process can still be stressful. Buyers should gain a basic understanding of the car market and ways to select the best vehicle before they start shopping. The following tips designed to help buyers find the car that is best suited to their needs.

Tip 1. Look up the Ratings

No matter how old the Skoda is, buyers should look up the ratings that the vehicle has gotten from its owners. For example, the 2013 Skoda Superb got an overall 4 out of 5 star rating. The ratings are broken down into specific areas so that shoppers can make sure that the vehicle meets their needs in the areas that are important to them.





4 out of 5

The turbo diesel engine is extremely popular because it has a good amount of power, while still being fuel efficient; the petrol engines with less horsepower are adequate unless the car is filled to capacity, and the bigger petrol engines have a lot of spunk, but they eat up a lot of petrol

Ride and Handling

4 out of 5

Considering that the Superb is larger than most other saloons, it's surprising that it handles so well; the suspension is tight and it moves around tight corners without any issues; in addition, the ride is very comfortable and drivers are unlikely to ever notice the bumps in the road because the car ride remains smooth even on the rougher roads; however, the Skoda's steering has been known to get a little fidgety on patchy roads


3 out of 5

The Skoda is very aerodynamic and it isolates road noises really well; the suspension absorbs impacts from bumps quietly and both the diesel and petrol engines produce low amounts of noise

Quality and Reliability

4 out of 5

The interior of the Skoda is classy, well built, and comfortable; the panels are built with soft-touch plastic that feels high quality; the cargo area is equipped with hooks and nets for strapping in luggage and other items, and even the most basic models come with a touch-screen stereo system


5 out of 5

To prevent accidents, the Superb has stability control to help increase traction; if a crash does occur, there are twin front and side airbags as well as an additional airbag to protect the driver's knees; stability control and twin front, side and curtain airbags are fitted as standard; every model also comes with a security alarm

Interior Space

5 out of 5

The Skoda easily fits five adults without squeezing them together and the car is available in a saloon and hatchback style; the boot opens with a remote button and there is plenty of space to store large items; for more room, the back seats fold down, nearly doubling the space in the cargo area

Dashboard and Controls

4 out of 5

The dashboards of the Skodas are laid out in an organised fashion and are easy to use; the touch-screen stereo feels high-tech, and the ventilation system is not lacking in any way; the steering wheel is adjustable in two ways and the height of the driver's seat is also adjustable, making it easy to get perfectly comfortable

Keep in mind that a vehicle's ratings are usually estimated by combining the votes of everyday drivers as well as professionals. However, some things are still entirely a matter of opinion. The best way for shoppers to figure out if they like the make and model is to drive it themselves.

Tip 2. Consider Buying the Diesel

While the petrol engines are smooth and some of them have quite a bit of power, they are not very fuel efficient. There have been very few complaints about the turbo diesel, though. It has a satisfying throaty tone and it sounds like it is always thirsty for more road. It comes with plenty of power to make even the pickiest buyers happy, and it is rated at an amazing 33 miles per gallon.

Tip 3. Go for a Lengthy Test Drive

The newer Skodas came with a new kind of gearbox that the critics raved about. While the cars were great to drive for a short amount of time, owners soon became unhappy after a few years with their Skodas. The gearbox was great when it was working properly, but after a while, it begins shifting erratically, going into the wrong gear, and even switching into neutral when it was not supposed to.

In order to avoid buying a car with a faulty gearbox, drive it for a long time and on all road condition. Put the transmission to a test by making it shift under strenuous conditions. Not all of the Skodas ended up with bad gearboxes, but it is important to make sure that a seller is not trying to get rid of the car because they do not want to fix the issues.

Tip 4. Decide Between a New or Used Skoda Superb

Buying a new car is fun and comes with less concerns because it has not been previously owned. However, new cars come at much higher costs and they are said to lose 15 to 30 per cent of their value within the first year alone. A used Superb has already depreciated so it costs much less. Yes, buying a used vehicle is more stressful, but it could be worth it to save such a large amount of money.

Tip 5. Shop Online for a Skoda Superb

Just going to a dealership does not allow buyers to compare the car against others that are for sale. In order to find the best deals, shoppers need to see everything that is available in the area. By shopping online, they can compare the cost, condition, and mileage of several vehicles at once.

How to Shop for a Skoda Superb on eBay

eBay is a one-stop-shop for car buyers. Seller from around the country list their vehicles for sale on the website because they get so much exposure to interested buyers. When shopping on eBay, you can find all the Superbs for sale in the area, compare them against each other, sort them by their distance away from you, and schedule times to go see them. Simply enter " Skoda Superb" into the eBay search and then click on the "search" button.

Next, go to the Condition section and select whether you want to look at used or new cars. Then enter in your price range. All of the listings that are outside of your criteria is removed so that you are not wasting time sorting through cars that you are not interested in. Also, if you want to start by looking at the vehicles that are nearest to your location, click on the "Sort" drop down box and select the "Distance: nearest first" option. For those unhindered by distance, your choices are more varied.


The Skoda manufacturer prices itself in producing high quality cars at value prices. They are well known for their high satisfaction rating coming from their consumers, and all signs indicate that their great reputation lasts for years to come. The Skoda Superb has its competitors scrambling to keep up. The vehicle is pure quality with great performance ratings, a smooth suspension, a spacious and comfortable interior, and luxurious features even on the base models. It is the ideal choice for buyers who need a larger saloon that is built to high standards. However, even though it is smart car to own, there are still precautions that buyers should take when shopping for one. Most importantly, they need to be aware of all the vehicle's reviews and ratings. Taking it for a lengthy test drive is also recommended to make sure that the car is exactly what the buyer wants.

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