5 Tips on Buying an Audi TT

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5 Tips on Buying an Audi TT

When the Audi TT was first unveiled as a concept car in 1995, it caused a sensation among the masses. There was enough buzz about it that Audi began producing them, finally offering them for sale in Europe in 1998 and in North America in 2000. Since then, the Audio TT has become a popular car for people around the world. The popularity of the TT is due in no small part to the design, which is sleek, efficient, and appealing to a wide spectrum of people.

Since the year 2000, there have been a number of changes to the TT, all of which have been made as a means of enhancing the vehicle and increasing safety. For these reasons, it is helpful to be informed when buying an Audi TT. This is important regardless of whether or not the car is being bought at a dealership or if it is being purchased online via websites like eBay. Being informed means understanding what changes have been made. Knowing what kinds of TT models are available, and what warning flags to look out for, is always good advice.

1. Learn About The Problems With Early Models

When the Audi TT was first introduced, there were a number of accidents at high speeds. These accidents generally happened in Europe where they attracted a good deal of press coverage. It was determined that the TT had a number of issues with handling and stability, particularly at high speeds. Audi handled this situation with a recall for all of their early models. The solution to the handling issues was to install a rear spoiler, and to modify the existing suspension and electronic stability program. It should be noted that the high speed accidents that prompted the recall were few in number.

Other Issues With Early Models

Cars made in 2000 had one other problem that triggered a recall; cars built before March of 2000 were recalled for a problem with the rear hub carrier ball, which was prone to corroding and seizing up after time. A recall in 2002 was for models that featured a three spoke steering wheel. Apparently, a tiny fraction of cars like this had problems with the airbag deploying properly. Along with the issues that prompted the recall of all 2000 models, other early models had some problems. Models that were made between August 2001 to October 2002 can experience problems with ignition coils. This can affect only one ignition coil, or it can strike all of them.

2. Learn about the Different Models of the TT

Since its introduction, the TT has undergone a number of changes, most of them in an attempt to improve overall performance. In 2000 Audi unveiled two slightly different versions of the TT: the base model and the Quattro. For the most part, the base model and the Quattro were identical. However, the Quattro had some additional features, the most significant of which was all-wheel drive. There was also a lighted entry system, a locking differential, and rear-wheel ABS.

The Roadster

In the year 2001, the TT Roadster was officially unveiled. This version of the TT had a new upholstery style as well as a much more powerful engine. The primary difference between the Roadster and the base model was the fact that the Roadster was also sold as a convertible or a coupe. Both types of Roadsters were available in the base model, or with Quattro features.

Automatic Transmission

All versions of the TT sold before 2003 featured manual transmission. In 2003, the very first model with automatic transmission was released. This feature was not available on all models as it was only found with the front-wheel drive models and not the Quattro.

Special Editions

Since the early models of the TT were introduced, there have been a number of special editions available. These special editions usually feature cosmetic differences that make them unique. An example is the the 2006 SE, which was designed in order to celebrate the 99th Tourist Trophy Race on the Isle of Man. This race is where the name TT comes from.

3. Do Not Buy the 2007 Model

Many people may not be aware that some cars do not have a new model released each year. This is particularly true with luxury cars or high-end sports cars. This is the case in the year 2007 with the TT model. Potential buyers of a TT should be wary of that fact that anyone who purports to sell a 2007 model, as this is an impossibility. This may mean that the seller is simply confused, but it could mean that there are some issue with the car or that it is a rebuilt model. There was 2006 model and a 2008 model but not a 2007 model. Keep this tidbit in mind when searching for the perfect Audi TT.

4. Be Aware of Cars That Have Been Tuned

The TT is one example of a car that enthusiasts enjoy modifying. These modifications, known as 'tuning' are usually meant to increase the car's performance or even just the comfort level. Some modifications are cosmetic, such as those that remove the rear seats in order to create more space for storage. Others, however, alter performance. One popular modification that enhances horsepower is known as a remap. This is a modification to the software that regulates the engine. Remaps are usually done in cases where the exhaust system, or any engine parts rather, have been replaced.

For the most part, those who engage in tuning a TT may know what they are doing. It is extremely important, however, to be aware of what modifications have been done, as well as how they might affect the overall car performance. If a potential buyer ends up with a car modified to increase horsepower but was not aware of this fact, it lead to possible accidents or injuries.

5. Know What to Look For In a TT

The Audi TT is known to hold up well with use and for this reason, used models are quite popular. This does not mean that there are not a few things to be watchful for before making a purchase. Obvious superficial problems can usually be seen fairly easy in a photo. Serious problems may require a check into the car's history or a frank conversation with the seller.

Known issues with used TTs include worn anti-roll bar bushes, and a certain amount of hesitancy when the car accelerates. These problems are resolved fairly easy. In some early models, the gauges are known to behave erratically, although the original owner should have been able to resolve this with the initial warranty. It is always important to ask the seller how the car was driven and maintained. One way in which the Audi TT becomes damaged over time is if the oil is not changed regularly.

Buying an Audi TT on eBay

There are a number of different TTs available for purchase on eBay that are sold by sellers in many different locations. These cars may be brand new, or they may actually be used. Used TTs may be in a variety of conditions ranging from 'virtually perfect', all the way to 'in need of serious repair'. The nature of eBay also means that new cars are added all the time, so those who want to look for a very specific model of TT may find what they need by visiting the website periodically. The best way to find an Audi TT on eBay is to use the search bar found on any eBay page. This search bar can provide results with any sort of search term from broad terms like ' Audi TT' to ' 2008 Audi TT Quattro '.

Examine Each Item Thoroughly

All items on eBay can be examined closely before making a final purchase. While most items sold have accompanying photos, there is also a product description that is usually available. This description can detail facts about a car's history, as well as illuminate potential buyers regarding damage and issues that must be resolved. In many cases, the product description may contain the VIN number, which can be used to run a check into the car's history through a number of websites. If this is unavailable, the seller may be contacted and asked for more information about a car.


The Audi TT has been a major success in the automotive world. It has been able to find a nice niche between high-end sports cars and low-end luxury cars. The TT has a reputation of being fairly reliable and used TTs are typically considered to be a good buy. However, before making a purchase of either a new or used Audi TT, it is important to be aware of a few things. One of the most important factors is what sorts of things have changed over the history of the car. Early models had some things that needed to be worked out and Audi initiated a number of recalls.

Knowing if a car from this period has been recalled and fixed is extremely important. For newer models, it is helpful to be aware of various editions that have been released over time. When buying a used TT, it is helpful to understand that some cars have been modified to deviate from their original factory specifications. These modifications are generally helpful, but a car should not be purchased without knowing everything about it beforehand. It is also helpful to look for some of the common issues that are found in the TT over time. With a proper understanding of what to look for in a TT, buying one can be an easy and straightforward process with websites like eBay.

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