5 Tips to Buying a Used Engine for a Chrysler Grand Voyager

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5 Tips to Buying a Used Engine for a Chrysler Grand Voyager

When a vehicle's engine has died or is on its last leg, most people think that their only option is to go shopping for a new one. However, buying a used engine to replace the bad one is an alternative that can save a lot of money. Getting another engine and having it installed costs far less than purchasing another vehicle entirely.

The Chrysler Grand Voyager is an appealing vehicle to own. It offers its passengers a comfortable ride, adequate space for seating and storage, and a seating layout that is easy to navigate. The Grand model has a large luggage area, an airy cabin, plenty of upgrades, and high safety ratings. This vehicle has been popular throughout Europe for years because it is a great family vehicle to own and drive. Because of this, there is really no point in getting rid of it when the engine starts to wear down. Replacing the current motor with a used one in good working allows owners to keep their Grand Voyager and spend a lot less than they would if they bought a new one.

The only downfall to purchasing another engine is that there is a lot of research involved because the project has to be done right. Swapping out the engine gives the vehicle a lot more life, but the engine needs to be in good working order and it must be installed correctly. Luckily, there are several methods people can use to safely find and purchase a used engine for a Chrysler Grand Voyager.

About the Chrysler Grand Voyager

The Chrysler Voyager had its grand debut to the Europe market in 1988. It was actually just rebadged from the Dodge Caravan and the Plymouth Voyager that were already available in America. Other than slightly different headlights, taillights, and grille, the vehicles looked identical. However, the European versions had different engines and even had a diesel option.

The Voyager has had several name changes throughout the years and has almost always been sold by different model names between Europe and the United States. Throughout the world, the minivan is ranked as the 13th best selling automobile and over 12 million of them have been sold.

Tips for Buying a Used Engine for a Chrysler Grand Voyager

Buying a used engine for the Grand Voyager is a cost effective way to keep the vehicle and get more miles out of it. Like buying a used vehicle, shopping for a used engine requires some planning and research. It is always a good idea to get a mechanic involved in the process as well because choosing and installing an engine is a highly technical process.

1. Figure Out Which Kind of Engine to Get

Deciding on which engine to get is the most crucial part of the process. For information about the current engine, look at the Grand Voyager's owners manual. The easiest choice is simply to purchase an engine out of another Grand Voyager, as it should fit in the engine bay perfectly. However, some people may not be happy with the current engine so they want something else.

Shoppers who want something other than the Chrysler engine should talk to a mechanic about their specific preferences. Here are some things to consider about a different kind of used engine .

Things to Consider



Find out how old the engine is and how many miles it has on it; an engine already at the end of its life is not worth the investment

Installation Modifications

As with vehicles, engines are all different in shape and size, which means engines tend to have their mounts located in different places; in order for a motor to be installed in a vehicle that wasn't designed for it, some modifications must be made; the harder the engine is to install, the more hours the mechanic charges for


The Grand Voyagers typically have around 160 horsepower; choosing a more powerful engine costs extra and cuts back on the fuel economy

Miles Per Gallon

Find out what kind of gas mileage the engine normally gets when in the vehicle it was originally equipped in

Physical Size

The size of the engine makes a difference in whether or not it fits into the engine bay as well as how many modifications have to made during the installation

The most important part of choosing the kind of engine is gathering all of the details about the Grand Voyager's engine and engine bay. Consider measuring the size of the engine bay so that those figures can be given to a mechanic when needed.

Tip 1. Research the Used Engine's Information

Unfortunately, it is easy to hide information about an engine once it is removed from its vehicle. For example, when the milometer is unattached there is no way of knowing how many miles the engine has on it. Another issue is finding out whether or not it came from an automobile that was in an accident. This is important because some impacts can damage the engine.

To estimate the mileage, find out how old the engine is, then assume that it ran about 12,000 miles each year. If the engine is removed from the vehicle, see if it is possible to still get the VIN number. If it is, a service like Carfax may indicate if there have been any accidents recorded.

Tip 2. Verify the Seller

Since getting all of the accurate information on a removed engine can be problematic, spend a little extra time making sure that the seller is reputable. This may be hard or impossible if it is a private seller. However, auto mechanic shops can be looked into as well as salvage yards and some online sellers. For example, see if there are any reviews that rate the service of the company or the person.

Tip 3. Be Careful With Rebuilt Engines

Once an engine is too worn down, it can be rebuilt by taking it apart, cleaning it, replacing pieces, sanding areas down, and putting it all back together. A quality rebuilt engine is the next best thing to a brand new one. However, it is common for sellers to claim that the engines were rebuilt when they really were not. Some people also use the term "rebuilt" incorrectly. If a seller claims that an engine was rebuilt, find out how it was done and who did it. Only trust the work that is done by a professional machine shop. Rebuilding an engine requires special tools and must be done right.

Tip 4. Visit Auto Salvage Yards to Find Used Engines

Wrecked or broken down vehicles usually are sold to salvage yards. The vehicles are then sold in pieces to people who need the parts. In most cases, everything there is priced low because the vehicles were bought for a low price. The only issue with buying a used engine from a salvage yard is that there is usually little to no information about it available.

Tip 5. Shop Online for Used Engines

Since used engines are not something that show up in shops around town, finding one can be difficult. Try looking online. Both companies and private sellers list these online. The only downfall of looking online is that none of the engines may be in the shopper's area. Shipping something as heavy as an engine can cost a lot, so the extra expense needs to be factored into the overall price of the engine.

Find Used Engines for a Chrysler Grand Voyager on eBay

As mentioned earlier, shopping online is one of the best ways to find a used engine, and eBay is a popular place for people to sell vehicle parts. This means that you can find many options from private sellers as well as companies in one central location. Simply type in the name of the engine into the eBay search bar, or just look for "engines" in general.

While browsing through the engines, make sure that the seller provides all of the vital information such as the age, mileage, and whether or not it was rebuilt. It is also a good idea to find out how long ago the engine was pulled out of its vehicle. If it has been sitting for too long, it can seize up.

Do not be afraid to communicate with the seller and ask them questions. If they do not seem to know very much about the engine, then it is probably too risky to buy it.


The engine is the most expensive part of an automobile, so when it fails, most people decide to purchase a new vehicle instead of looking for another motor. However, buying an entirely new vehicle may not always be an option for everyone, especially if there is still an auto loan on the current one. Swapping the failed engine with a used one is a much cheaper solution and is not too difficult to do with the help of a mechanic. Used engines are often much more affordable than shoppers realise even once the cost of installation is factored in. Simply browse around for a used engine that fits correctly in the engine bay, has low mileage, is not too old, has a VIN available, and has not been in a front-impact accident. If the engine is priced really low, consider buying it and getting it rebuilt by a professional.

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