5 Tips to Get Your Ebay Shop Noticed!

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Short and to the point:

1) Ensure you run enough online auctions to 'pull' people into your shop.

2) Offer Postage discounts to encourage buyers to purchase more items from you.

3) Make your shop homepage look good (I need to work on this one!) no one wants to see a homepage with tons of errors.

4) Run an occasional 'loss leader', I find this works as it attracts large numbers of people to that listing and then they visit my shop!

5) Advertise your shop on your listings, some people may not realize you have a shop!

And one extra one...cross promote with shops or sellers that sell items that compliment yours, its free so you might as well do it.

I have picked these points up off the very helpful people that reply to my numerous 'shouts for help', so thankyou everyone!


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