5 Ways to Prevent Your Car Doors From Squeeking

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5 Ways to Prevent Your Car Doors From Squeeking

Opening and closing the doors is an aspect of a car that one takes for granted. The way the doors open and close has little to do with how it feels to drive a car, but it changes the whole experience of driving when something goes wrong with one of the doors. It is common for a car door to develop a squeak over time. Certain parts wear away and rust, causing an annoying sound every time you open and close the door. Squeaky car doors can also make a poor impression on passengers and anyone interested in buying that car.

Fortunately, preventing car doors from squeaking is relatively easy. By learning about the simple ways to get rid of a squeak and keep it at bay, you can quickly and inexpensively ameliorate squeaky car doors. You can also find out about mechanical ways to address more persistent car-door squeaks. The essential accessories, such as grease, to prevent squeaky car doors are available at conventional sources such as automotive stores or shops that sell general household products. However, one can also find them online at eBay by learning the basics of using the website and its search tools effectively.

Simple Ways to Prevent Your Car Doors from Squeaking

Preventing car doors from squeaking can be a relatively simple task, but one needs to follow a few important steps to succeed. Eliminating a squeak and keeping it from returning requires the user to first locate the source of the squeak, clean that part, and then lubricate it. Following these simple steps should prevent car doors from squeaking.

1. Locate the Squeak

In order to successfully address a car door's squeak, first find the source of the annoying noise. Slowly and repeatedly opening and closing the door while listening closely should enable the user to pinpoint the squeaking area. Hinges, seals, and the door check are all possible culprits. The paint on hinges can wear away, and the hinge can begin to rust, causing a grating sound. The rubber seal around the door's perimeter can also collect grime, creating an unpleasant noise when opening and closing the door. The door check links the door to the car's frame and prevents the door from slamming back closed after it is opened. It is also a common source for a squeak, so it is important to pay special attention to this component while listening.

2. Apply Cleaning Solution

The next step after identifying the source of the squeak is to clean the offending part. You can use a household cleaner for this, but heavier grime requires an automotive degreaser to break it up. Whichever cleaning solution is picked, it is likely a temporary solution to squeaking car doors. You should therefore follow up on cleaning by applying a lubricant.

Household Cleaner

If the rubber seal is the problem, you can address it with distilled water and basic dish soap. Mix the detergent and water in a bucket, and use a sponge to wipe down the seal. A sponge with a rough side for scouring is particularly effective at removing grime that has set in. After thoroughly scrubbing the door seal, wipe it down with a household rag to dry it.

Automotive Degreaser

If you are unsuccessful at scrubbing grime away, you can try using an automotive degreaser. As the formula in this type of product sets in, it breaks up tough grime that regular household cleaners cannot penetrate. Automotive degreaser is particularly useful on the hard-to-reach sources of a car-door squeak, such the inside of a door check. Spraying a formula, such as WD40, can work in cleaning very dirty car parts. After the formula sets, use a rag to wipe down the part that has been sprayed. It is important to realise, however, that an automotive degreaser is generally a temporary solution for a squeaky car door. Grime is likely to build up again over time, bringing that aggravating squeak back.

3. Apply Lubricant

After cleaning the parts that are causing the car doors to squeak, the user should apply a lubricant to keep the squeak from quickly returning. The table below lists the different lubricant options one can use on a car door.

Lubricant Type


White Lithium Grease

Contains petroleum solvent, lithium grease, zinc oxide, propane, and butane; effective on metal parts; too strong for plastic

Silicone Grease

Active ingredients include aliphatic hydrocarbon solvent and

dimethyl polysiloxane; safe to use on metal, rubber, and plastic

Motor Oil

Light synthetic motor oil; same type of lubricant that keeps engine parts running smoothly; also useful on door check

If the squeaky car-door part contains plastic, one should avoid using white lithium grease on it. Whichever lubricant is applied, one must make sure to slowly swing the car door back and forth to work the lubricant into the part. After a few minutes, the lubricant should cover the part thoroughly, preventing the squeak from returning any time soon.

Mechanical Ways to Prevent Your Car Doors from Squeaking

Cleaning and lubricating car door parts sometimes is not enough to prevent them from squeaking. When these steps fail to solve the problem, it means that structural problems are likely causing the squeak. Tightening the bushings in the car door check can sometimes correct the problem, but one may need to replace rusty hinges if they turn out to be the source.

4. Tighten Bushings

If the door check is causing the squeak, and cleaning and lubricating it does not seem to have solved the problem, one must determine if the check's bushings are loose. The user can remove the door check cover with a screwdriver and tighten the bushings with a pair of pliers. They may have loosened from the frequent motion of the car door opening and closing, causing the door to creak. Tightening the bushings is a quick and easy fix for the problem.

5. Replace Hinges

If hinges are the source of the squeak, and cleaning and lubricating them does not get rid of the noise, you may have to replace the hinges to stop the car door from squeaking. First, check to see if the hinges are corroded. An auto body shop may be able to get rid of minor rust without damaging the car's paint. However, if the rust is pervasive, the hinges are likely to continue squeaking no matter how you treat them. Replacing the hinges should be a quick and inexpensive fix, and it should get rid of the squeak for good.

How to Use eBay to Prevent Your Car Doors from Squeaking

The online retailer eBay is a great resource for products related to car maintenance. This includes the supplies you need to get rid of a car door's squeak. It is easy to search the site for the items you need, and you can find local sellers to buy them from.

You can begin a search for the items you need to stop a squeak on a car door at any eBay page with the search bar. Enter a search term for the item, such as "white lithium grease", and choose the appropriate category to ensure that the results are relevant to your term. The category may be related to vehicle parts and accessories if the item is meant to be used on cars. It may also be related to home and furniture, if the item is a general household product.

Choosing local sellers to buy items that prevent car doors from squeaking can save you money on shipping. To find local sellers, specify a distance from your postcode within which sellers should be located, and eBay can then filter the results accordingly. The closer a seller is located to you, the less shipping costs you are likely to incur.


Car owners who experience the problem of squeaky car doors typically cringe when they enter and exit their vehicles. Noisy car doors can also make a car difficult to sell. Every aspect of driving a car should be pleasant, including entering and exiting the vehicle, so it is important to prevent car doors from squeaking. If your car doors have developed this unpleasant noise, you can solve the problem by identifying the part of the door that is squeaking and then cleaning that part and lubricating it. This process should get rid of grime that is preventing the smooth opening and closing of a car door and keep the door squeak-free after it has been cleaned. If cleaning and lubricating the squeaky part still does not solve the problem, you can check for loose bushings in the door check and extensive rusting on the door hinges. You can then tighten the bushing or replace the offending hinge if necessary.

You can find everything you need to prevent car doors from squeaking on eBay. By learning how to search the site and find local sellers, you can keep your car doors squeak-free and save money in the process.

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