£5 monthly internet access on three pay and go

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(****** Updated 20 Dec 2009 ******)
Note for USB mobile broadband user: Three have changed the way to buy the internet add-on, you now need a three mobile phone to buy the internet add-on.
How to get internet access for £5 a month (subject to fair uses policy) on 3 pay and go mobile phone/USB broadband modem:
1) Buy a £10 top up voucher and activate the top up voucher using your mobile phone by calling 444. If you are using a USB broadband modem, you might need to take your 3 SIM card out from your USB broadband modem and put it on your mobile phone to activate the top up voucher. You could use another top up method (swipe card, cash machine top up, etc). Don't convert your top up to any mobile broadband bundle.

2) From a Three mobile phone, go to "my 3" web page.
3) On "my 3" web page, click the "My Account" menu.

4) You will see a sub-menu. Click "Buy Add-ons" sub-menu.
5) It will take you to another sub-menu. Under the "Internet" group, click "Internet Monthly £5.00" sub-menu. Confirm it by clicking "Buy Now"

6) Your 30 days internet add-ons (subject to fair uses policy) is now ready to be used. If you are not using the remainig £5 credit of your £10 top up, you can use it to buy the monthly internet add-ons in the following month.

3 internet APN setting:
APN mode: static
APN: three.co.uk (alternate APN: 3internet)
Dial/Access number: *99#
username: {leave blank}        
password: {leave blank}
On some of their SIM card (especially the ordinary 3 mobile phone SIM), 3 network might redirect you to a cripled mobile version webpage when you open some website (yahoo, ebay, etc.). I found that using the alternate APN (APN:3internet) might solve the problem.
You don't need to set the APN if you're using "Three Connect Dashboard".  If you're using Huawei modem with "Mobile Partner Dashboard", follow this instruction to set the network profile/APN setting:
-     Open the Mobile Partner dashboard
-     Click "Tools", "Options", "Profile Management"
-     Click "New"
-     Type the profile name
-     Choose APN "static" and type the APN of your network
-     Type the Access Number of your network, usually (but not always): *99#
-     Type the username and password of your network
-     Click "save", "ok"
-     After setting the network profile, you can connect to the network by choosing the profile name you've set and then click "connect".

1) I have not been able to find any clear information regarding the usage limit in 3's fair uses policy. Although I can't give any guarantee, the maximum cap would be 1GB. £5 credit would give you a maximum usage of 1GB or 30 days internet package (whichever reached first).
2) There is no guarantee that this method will work for you and I accept no responsibility for any loss and/or damage related to this method. Please do it at your own risk.

3) 3 may restrict you from using this method on the USB broadband modem or connecting your mobile phone as a modem to a laptop/PC.
4) 3 may change their policy at any time.
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