5 ways to be a better seller

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Five ways of improving your seller rating and increase your chance of selling:

1) always add a picture to your listings, people love to see what things look like and it saves you having to write loads. You need to take a photo of your item looking it's best so try and get a good background, avoid people in the photos or messy surroundings. You want people to think the item has been loved and is from a nice home.

2) write  accurate descriptions. Write a small piece about the item, how it came in your possession and how amazing it is. Sell your item, don't lie but tell the buyers how amazing it is. Why do they need it in their lives, what would it bring them? 

3) Dispatch on time. Always send your items on time and if possible get tracking information. If you use an online shipping company then you usually always get tracking information this protects you if items go astray.
4) package professionally. Don't use carrier bags or food boxes. Use bubble wrap, good strong envelopes and clear tape. Avoid masking tape. Make the buyer like the item from the moment go. 

5) Message the buyer and give them a personal service. Thank them for their purchase, advise when they will receive it and ask them to give you positive feedback when they have received it. Even include a little note in with the item to thank them and provide your ebay name so they can find you and buy from you again. 



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