50 Essential Tools For Tilers

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Below is a comprehensive list of the 50 most essential tools and workwear items for the modern day tiler, brought to you buy BuyBrandTools

   1. Various  Manual Tile Cutters for different purposes e.g. Rubi TS Plus for small/medium sized ceramic tiles and Rubi TX for larger porcelain tiles.
   2.  Electric Tile Cutter / Wet-saw – For more complex cuts and softer materials such as marble.
   3. 6mm, 8mm and 10mm Scoring Wheels
   4. Punching Tool – Ideal for making cuts in glazed ceramic tiles.
   5. Good quality  Diamond Blade for the Wet-saw.
   6. Ceramic Block – For cleaning of diamond blades.
   7.  Tile Cutter Maintenance Kit – Helps to increase the lifespan of tile cutters and helps to maintain their effectiveness.
   8. 6mm, 8mm and 10mm Notched Trowels
   9.  Bucket Trowel – Ideal for removing adhesive and grout from buckets.
  10. Brick Trowel
  11.  Tilers Washboy – Saves time and gives a great finish.
  12.  Sponge
  13. Grout Float
  14.  Mortar Mixer
  15. Tile Nippers
  16.  Tile Spacers + Tile Wedges – Ideal for setting out tiles.
  17. Profile Gauge – Helps to mark awkward cuts.
  18. Adjustable Angle Marker – Easily measures for irregular cuts.
  19. Tile File
  20. Tile Saw
  21. Tile Removing Chisel
  22. Tile Lifter
  23. Stanley Knife
  24.  Tile Drilling Kit – e.g. Rubi, Armeg or 365 Drills.
  25. Spirit Levels
  26. Screeding Levels
  27. Self-levelling Laser Level
  28.  Tripod / Pole – For self-levelling laser level.
  29.  Leica Disto – Fast and precise measurement of distance, length, area and volume at the touch of a button.
  30.  Fein Multimaster – Multi-purpose renovation tool.
  31. Fein Multimaster Blades
  32. Chalk Line
  33. Cordless Drill
  34. Pipe and Cable Detector
  35. Scraper – For uneven walls
  36. Work Table – To support the tile cutter at a more comfortable height.
  37. Batten Stands – For supporting battens.
  38. Sealant Gun – Applies sealant.
  39. Silicon Remover
  40.  Eye Protection – Prevents eye damage.
  41. Latex Gloves – Protects hands while grouting.
  42.  Safety Boots – Steel toe capped boots, a legal requirement when working on site.
  43. Knee Pads – Ideal when spending long periods of time on the floor.
  44. Work Trousers
  45. Tool Bag – Ideal for carrying tools.
  46. Dust Sheet
  47. Dustpan and Brush – Ideal for cleaning up.
  48. Gorilla Tubs – Ideal for mixing or transporting waste.
  49. Crayons – A must for marking tiles.
  50. Radio

I hope many tilers will find this list useful and pass it onto others.
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