6 Creative Ways to Use Ribbon

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6 Creative Ways to Use Ribbon

Ribbon comes in many colours, materials, sizes, and patterns, so it can be used for a wide range of tasks. It is great for trying around a vase or candle holder for a special touch. It can also be used to tie back curtains or to decorate the backs of chairs to add a splash of colour and sophistication at a special event.

In addition to these easy fixes, there are many creative sewing projects that use ribbon. With a bit of knowledge and the right equipment, it is possible to make crafts, such as a ribbon pillow. Ribbons can be used in inspirational and creative ways to decorate tea towels, bed linen, or clothing. Hair clips and other accessories can be enhanced with the use of ribbon. Ribbon can be bought at craft and haberdashery shops, department stores, and online at eBay, which is a great place visit for all sewing materials, with a wide selection and affordable pricing.

Creative Way 1: Make A Ribbon Cushion

To make a cushion, weave several strands of ribbon together. This project has the advantage of requiring no sewing because it uses mending fabric to hold everything together. To complete the cushion, buyers need to purchase the following items:

Item for Ribbon Cushion



18 pieces

22 mm in thickness

46 cm in length

Fleece fabric


46 cm on each side

Iron-on mending fabric

6 strips

5 cm wide by 15 cm long


Enough for the buyer's personal preference

Marker pen




Masking tape


Other equipment includes an iron and an ironing board, as well as a pressing cloth, or a sheet that can be used as an insulator, such as a clean dish cloth.

How to Make a Ribbon Cushion

To start, take four strands of ribbon. Lay two pieces on a flat surface side by side, then weave in the other two at a right angle to form a cross. Secure the centre with a tiny piece of masking tape. Continue to weave the pieces together to create a grid with nine pieces of ribbon running vertically and nine running horizontally. Place a strip of masking tape across the ends of the ribbon to keep them secure. Remove the masking tape at the centre and iron on strips of mending fabric according to the instructions on the packaging. The strips should run around the edges of the woven ribbon, forming a large square, and diagonally from one corner of the square to the other. The mending fabric should not extend past the edges.

Turn the woven ribbons over and place them on the piece of fleece, with the edges lined up. Use the marker pen to put dots on the fleece fabric to mark out the shape of the woven ribbon pattern around the edge of the square. Remove the woven ribbons, then take the scissors and cut into the fleece to create strips that are the same width as the woven ribbons. Do not cut any further into the fleece than the dots marked on the template: a solid square of fleece should remain with no cuts, but it should be surrounded by strips. After making the cuts, lay the woven ribbon on top of the fleece and line up the edges so that they match. Tie one strip of ribbon to the matching strip of fleece and repeat for three sides of the cushion, and half of the fourth side. Stuff the cushion and finish by tying the remainder of the strips on the fourth side.

Alternative Ways to Decorate a Cushion With Ribbon

In addition to creating a cushion with ribbon, consider adding ribbon to an existing cushion as a decoration. Use a stitch unpicker to open the seams of the pillow and then remove the stuffing so that the pillow is flat. Use iron-on adhesive to attach the ribbon following any design. This can be as simple as a square ribbon border. Consider running a single ribbon down the length of the pillow and then using other scraps of fabric to create a pattern, such as leaf shapes.

Creative Way 2: Decorate Tea Towels

Use ribbon to adorn some simple tea towels to personalise the kitchen or to create great gifts. To decorate a tea towel with ribbon, choose two or three designs that go well together. Different colours, thicknesses, and textures or ribbon add some visual contrast, but a monochrome look with one colour and texture can also be chic and elegant.

How to Decorate a Tea Towel with Ribbon

This project requires a sewing machine and the end result is a tea towel with ribbon along its edges. First sew along one end of the ribbon with a zigzag stitch to prevent it from unravelling. Then fold the end over and stitch it to create a seam. Place the ribbon over the edge of the tea towel so that it is in line and pin it into place. Stitch one side of the ribbon to the towel, keeping as close to the edge as possible. Make sure that the ribbon stays straight by keeping the hemmed edge of the tea towel in line with the seam allowance on the sewing machine. After reaching the end of the tea towel, backstitch to reinforce the sewing and then cut the thread.

Trim the end of the ribbon, leaving about 2.5 cm of excess. Sew a zig-zag stitch on the trimmed end, fold it over, and then stitch it to create a seam. Fold the edge of the ribbon under the towel, so that it now encases the edge of the tea towel, and stitch it into place keeping close to the edge of the ribbon and making sure that the towel is straight and the ribbon is smooth. Repeat for the remaining edges.

Creative Way 3: Sew a Placemat with a Ribbon Hem

Consider making a placemat to rest plates and cups on. Choose a linen or cotton fabric and cut two squares of equal size. They can be anywhere from 30 to 40 cm depending on personal preference.

How to Make a Placemat with a Ribbon Hem

Place a piece of quilt wadding between the two pieces of fabric and stitch them all together. Create a criss-cross pattern either with all of the stitching lines extending out from the centre of the square or by using a diamond quilt pattern.

To hem the placemat, take four strips of ribbon, three of them about 2.5 cm longer than the edges of the square. The fourth piece of ribbon should be the same length as the square. The strips of ribbon can be in the same design or can have different patterns and colours. Turn the placemat so that it is face down, and lay the shorter strips of ribbon along the edges. Sew the ribbon very close to the edge so that the majority of the ribbon extends beyond the side of the square. Turn the placemat over, fold the ribbon, and stitch it to the fabric on the front of the square. Repeat with the remaining three strips of ribbon. The longer lengths allow the ribbons to overlap at the edges.

Creative Way 4: Decorate Bed Linen

Use ribbon to decorate pillowcases and bed sheets. These are great for the master bedroom or a kid's bedroom. For a simple design, pin a strip of ribbon along the sheet or pillowcase and stitch it into place using the ribbon hemming technique from the placemat project above. Ribbon can also be used to create a monogram on a pillowcase. Use some letter stencils or trace the desired letters in freehand on the pillowcase using a fabric marker. Then pin the ribbon to the lines. For curves, fold the ribbon to create a rounded shape. Also, fold the end of the ribbon under when a letter or word is complete. Stitch the ribbon to the pillowcase through the centre of the strip.

Creative Way 5: Decorate Clothing

Sew ribbon to a T-shirt or jumper for a customised look. The monogram technique described above can also be used on clothing. Consider using ribbon to create patterns that match the season or a festival, such as St Valentine's Day or Christmas. Use artificial flowers, buttons, sequins, and other decorative elements to complete the look.

Make Ribbon Flowers for Clothing

Ribbon flowers are great for T-shirts and skirts. There are several techniques for creating flowers. One of the easiest is to take a needle and thread, and sew along one side of the ribbon, using a simple running stitch. After sewing the full length of the ribbon, pull on the thread to force the ribbon to gather. Pull it as tight as possible and tie the two ends of the thread together with a double knot. The flower should be circular. Use hot glue to secure the edges. The ends of the ribbon should point down towards the bottom of the flower. After the glue dries, flatten the flower and then glue a large button to the centre, to enhance the middle of the flower.

Creative Way 6: Make Accessories

Use ribbon to make a bow and attach it to another accessory, such as a headband, to complement an outfit. To make an easy bow, buy the following supplies:

The ribbon should measure 92 cm long and 38 mm wide. To start, cut a 13 cm length of ribbon from the main piece and set it aside. Start to warm the hot glue gun.

How to Make a Bow Using Ribbon

Use the marker and ruler to measure 9 cm from one end of the longer strip of ribbon. Mark a dotted line across the width of the ribbon, following the ribbed grain. Measure 15 cm from the dotted line and make another line across the width of the ribbon. Repeat this 4 times, so there are a total of five lines creating four 15 cm sections in the middle and a 9 cm section at each end of the ribbon. If the marker does not show through both sides of the ribbon, then repeat the markings on the opposite side of the ribbon for the second and fourth lines.

Sew a running stitch through the first dotted line at one of the ribbon's ends. Do not cut the thread. Instead, fold the ribbon over and place the second dotted line together with first, and continue the running stitch so that they are joined together. Fold the ribbon again and sew through the third line. Repeat until all five lines have been stitched. Keep the needle attached to the thread, and start to pull on the thread gently to bring the ribbon together into a bow. Adjust the ribbon so that the right side always points outwards. Wrap the thread around the centre of the bow and stitch it a few times to keep it secure.

Take the remaining 13 cm strip of ribbon, fold it lengthwise into thirds, and then tie a knot in the centre of it. Put a dab of hot glue on the back of the knot, then attach it to the centre of the front of the bow. Wrap the ends around the bow and use hot glue to hold them in place. Attach the bow to a hair clip, headband, or hat, and it is ready to wear.

How to Buy Ribbon on eBay

eBay is a great place to find affordable craft and sewing supplies, including ribbon. Newcomers to the site should register for an account, which is easy and free. After going through the registration process, you can always edit your settings by logging into My eBay, which has a customisable interface that you can arrange to best suit your shopping needs. If you have never shopped on eBay before, you should also visit the eBay Help Centre to learn about the buying basics and how feedback works. Feedback is an essential part of the eBay experience, because sellers rely on the ratings provided by buyers to establish their reputations. Buyers can check sellers' feedback histories to see what others have said about their experiences.

Searching for Ribbon on eBay

eBay has a built-in search engine that makes it easy for you to search for everything that you need. Just enter a keyword, such as "red satin ribbon" into the search box. The site searches through all of the listings and displays everything that matches the criteria that you specify. Then, you can filter by product features, price, or condition to locate exactly what you need.


Ribbon is a versatile addition to any stock of supplies. It can also be used in a number of sewing applications. Ribbon can decorate the home and add personality to a space, and it helps to make great gifts. A ribbon pillow can blend tastefully into any room or it can be used to add a fun splash of colour. Strips of ribbon sewn to tea towels can personalise a kitchen and make the otherwise bland towels a real feature. This craft task requires nothing more than ribbon, tea towels, and a sewing machine. In a similar way, a placemat is another great way to use ribbon for a creative DIY home decorating project.

Buyers can also consider decorating sheets and pillowcases with ribbon, and personalising them with a monogram. Ribbon is great for fashion. Clothing and hair accessories can be embellished with ribbon made into flowers or bows. Whatever style of ribbon buyers need, they can always visit eBay for a great selection.

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