6 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Crossover for Your Teen

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6 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Crossover for Your Teen

When purchasing a vehicle for new drivers, safety and reliability are a few of the most important things to consider. Crossovers,, also known as crossover utility vehicles, are sport utility vehicles built on a car platform to combine the comfort of a car with the functionality of a sport utility vehicle. Since they are larger than standard cars,, they are usually a bit safer in the event of an accident. Crossovers borrow features from sport utility vehicles, station wagons, and hatchbacks, and feature more passenger and cargo space than standard vehicles. There are different types of crossovers with different capabilities such as four-wheel drive or high fuel economy, so buyers can find exactly what they are looking for in a vehicle.

Crossovers are purchased from car dealerships or online using websites like eBay. Because of the thousands of crossovers available on eBay,, buyers are able to research and compare different makes and models of crossovers without leaving the comfort of their own home. By understanding the six factors to consider when purchasing a crossover for your teenager, you can find a safe and reliable vehicle that you and your teen are sure to love.

Consideration 1: Type of Crossover Utility Vehicle

When choosing a type of crossover utility vehicle, it is helpful for buyers to familiarise themselves with the different types of crossovers to find the type that best fits their needs. There are many different models of each type of crossover, which vary in style, features, and price. Once you narrow down the type of crossover you are looking for, you can begin to consider different brands to find the best crossover for your teen.

Type of Crossover


Example Makes/Models

Compact Crossover

Smaller sized, utility, good fuel economy

Honda CR-V , Mazda CX-7

Premium Compact Crossover

Smaller sized, utility, luxury, good fuel economy

Audi Q7 , BMW X1

Midsize Crossover

Medium sized, utility, safety, power, fuel economy

Hyundai Santa Fe, Kia Sorento

Premium Midsize Crossover

Medium sized, utility, safety, luxury, power, fuel economy

Range Rover Sport , Lexus RX 300

Large (Full Size) Crossover

Maximum passenger and cargo space, utility, power, safety

Ford Expedition, Hummer H3

Premium Large (Full Size) Crossover

Maximum passenger and cargo space, luxury, utility, power, safety

Lexus RX 400 , BMW X5

Premium crossovers are produced by manufacturers of luxury vehicles such as BMW or Mercedes Benz. Premium vehicles offer added luxury or safety features, but are oftentimes much more expensive than standard crossovers.

Consideration 2: Front Wheel, Rear Wheel, or Four Wheel Drive

Although crossovers are a type of sport utility vehicle, all types are not ideal for off-roading or harsh weather conditions. Most types of crossovers feature front-wheel drive, which does not get very good traction on rough or wet roads. Some crossovers that are more geared towards off-roading such as Jeeps have rear-wheel drive, which makes it easier to drive on rough roads or in rain or snow. Many crossover utility vehicles come with the option of four-wheel drive, which may be turned on and off in some vehicles, in case of bad conditions. If the four-wheel drive does not come standard on the type of crossover, it may be available on the model for a slightly higher price.

If you live in an area where rough roads or harsh weather conditions are not common, choosing a four- wheel drive crossover may not be necessary. However, in areas with rough roads or where bad weather is possible, four wheel drive gives the vehicle added traction so it is less likely to slip or get stuck in snow or mud. Four wheel drive is also helpful for hauling heavy objects.

Consideration 3: Crossover Engine Size

Different models of crossovers feature different sized engines, some more powerful than others. Many midsize and large crossover utility vehicles have larger engines, which are optimal for towing or hauling large objects. If hauling is less of a priority, you may want to go with a smaller engine that gets better fuel economy. Since larger engines are more powerful, they use more gas which increases the cost of owning the vehicle. If power is not a priority, choose a V4, V6, or TDI engine to get the best fuel efficiency.

Consideration 4: Crossover Seating

Another thing to consider when purchasing a crossover is the number of seats. For big families or carpooling, larger crossovers with three rows of seats may be ideal. Most crossovers have seats that can be either folded or removed, so three rows may be best for those looking for ample cargo space. However, larger crossover usually have larger engines and lower fuel economy. Most compact and midsize crossovers only feature two rows of seats, but are roomier than standard cars or station wagons. Since many compact and midsize crossovers are hatchbacks, they feature a good amount of space in the boot even if the second seat is not folded down.

Consideration 5: Safety and Reliability

When choosing a crossover for your teenager, safety and reliability are some of the most important considerations for choosing a vehicle. Choose a brand with a reliable reputation for quality, well made cars. When comparing different models of crossovers, look for those with the highest, five star safety rating from the Euro NCAP. Compare the different safety features that come standard on each crossover to make sure the vehicle has all of the features you are looking for to keep your teen safe.

Each make and model of crossover has a different safety rating for each year it was produced. Therefore, a vehicle made in the year 2000 may not have the same safety rating as the same vehicle produced in 2013, so it is important to check the model year in addition to the make and model of crossover.

Consideration 6: Cost

Since there are so many different types of crossovers that feature different capabilities and options, the cost of each varies greatly for most crossovers. Size, type of engine, and number of seats are only some of the factors that add into the cost of the vehicle. Premium crossovers tend to be the most expensive, while standard base models are usually the most affordable. While purchasing a new crossover means the vehicle is in excellent condition, purchasing a pre-owned crossover in good condition is one of the best ways to get a good value for a reliable car.

When searching for a used car, it is important to check the vehicle's history report before making a purchase. By asking the seller for the vehicles VIN number, you can look up the specific make and model online to find the vehicle's history report. Look for vehicles without any significant damage or repairs. Although the vehicle may look okay on the outside, it may have internal problems caused by past damage. Choosing a vehicle with low miles is another way to ensure that the vehicle is long lasting and reliable.

How to Purchase a Crossover for Your Teen on eBay

eBay offers an extremely large number of crossover utility vehicles making it easy for buyers to find exactly what they are looking for in a crossover. Aside from many different makes and models of crossovers, eBay offers competitive prices on new and used crossovers so buyers are able to get the best value when purchasing a vehicle. To begin your search for the perfect crossover on eBay, you can search specific keywords in the keyword search bar located on any eBay web page. If you already know the make and model of crossover that you are looking for, you can search a specific vehicle, such as ' Honda CR-V''. To browse different crossovers and the prices of each, you can use a more broad search term, such as 'compact crossover'.

Another way eBay makes shopping for a vehicle easy and convenient is by allowing the buyers to search for vehicles close to their specific location. Since it is important to test drive and check out the vehicle before making a purchase, searching for a vehicle in your area makes it easy to check out and compare different vehicles before making a final purchasing decision. eBay also makes it easy to narrow results by price, mileage, condition, transmission, colour, or fuel type.


By understanding which factors are important to consider when purchasing a crossover for your teen, you can make an informed decision on the best crossover possible. With the many different types of crossovers, makes, and models, it is easy to find a vehicle that you and your teen can both love. There are many safe and reliable crossovers that are stylish, sporty, and practical that make a great first car.

Whether you are looking for a vehicle with a lot of space, or a fuel efficient, roomy crossover, you can find exactly what you are looking for on eBay with the user-friendly search tools. Staying within your budget is another benefit of shopping on eBay, since you can set the maximum price you want to spend on a crossover. By setting your maximum price, you do not have to waste time searching through options outside of your price range, which makes it easy to find an affordable crossover for your teen.

Nothing alters the appearance or sound of a motorcycle quite as well as a new dual exhaust system. The throaty tone produced by a motorcycle that is fitted with a louder exhaust system is unmistakable and hard to ignore. The sound and sight of a motorcycle with dual exhausts turns people's heads as they watch the bike cruising down the street, roaring as though it is begging to be let loose onto the open road. The exhaust system is as much a part of the riding experience as the leather jackets and other biker accessories are.

However, although getting a better, deeper sound is definitely one of the advantages of a dual exhaust system, it is not the only reason that people choose get new exhausts. An engine's power and performance is greatly affected by the parts of the exhaust system. Upgrading can give the motorcycle more horsepower and increase the fuel efficiency at the same time.

Since not all motorcycles come equipped with dual exhaust systems,, it is very common for buyers to decide to upgrade their ride. There are multiple ways to go about getting a new exhaust and there are plenty of options available for all different situations.

How a Motorcycle Exhaust Works

The exhaust system is a major part of the motorcycle's performance because it partly determines how much power the engine has. This system is what carries away the exhaust created by the engine combustion. In order for an engine to keep running, it needs fresh air. The faster the leftover gases can be carried away, the quicker new air can enter the engine. If the gases are not removed fast enough, back-pressure begins to build up and slow the engine down.

An engine basically uses up the fresh air, and then dumps the waste. The gases enter into the exhaust manifolds which then send the air through the catalytic converter. Within the converter, the toxic gas is converted from carbon monoxide into a water vapor. This reduces the harmful impact that the gas has on the environment. After the conversion, the air flows into the silencer,, where the sounds from the engine's small explosions are minimised with baffles that deflect the gases to dissipate the energy. From there, the air flows out of the motorcycle through the exhaust pipes.. One of the reasons that people switch to a dual exhaust system is because the extra pipe helps disperse the gases faster, therefore giving the engine more power.

Why a Motorcycle Exhaust System May Need Replacing

If owners are not getting a new exhaust system for performance reasons, it is likely that they need new parts due to rust. Every gallon of petrol that goes through the motorcycle's engine produces a gallon of water that runs through the exhaust system. Water is corrosive to metal even with protective coating shielding the steel from deterioration. In addition to this, not all of the water vapor leaves the system. Some of it gets trapped on the way out. The longer moisture stays inside, the faster the metal will start to rust. Eventually, the water eats holes in metal, making the exhaust system ineffective and in need of replacement.

Benefits of Dual Exhaust

Something to understand about dual exhaust systems is that they do not just consist of two pipes. There are actually two separate systems attached to the engine that are both working to pull the spent fumes away as fast as possible. The end result is lower back-pressure working against the engine, more power, and better fuel economy. On average, a performance exhaust system can increase the engine's horsepower by 5 to 20 per cent.

However, a question that is often asked by riders is whether or not bigger exhaust pipers are always better. It is true that larger pipes allow the air to flow more freely, therefore reducing the workload of the engine, but this is only effective to a certain point. Pipes that are too big begin to have the opposite effect and cause the engine to lose power.

How to Choose a Dual Exhaust System

How to choose a new exhaust system depends on what kind of setup the motorcycle currently has, and what the owner wants to accomplish. For example, if the bike is already equipped with a dual system, and simply needs to be replaced, then the owner can just purchase a stock exhaust system that is easier to install. However, if the rider wants more power, sound, or aesthetic appeal, they may want something other than a stock system.

Stock or Aftermarket Dual Exhaust

Without a doubt, stock dual exhaust systems are easiest to find and install because they are already set up for the particular make and model of motorcycle. However, they can be a little more expensive than the aftermarket brands because manufacturers have a tendency to price their replacement parts high. The stock replacements also require no additional tuning because they arrive pre-tuned. When a new exhaust is put onto a motorcycle, it must be tuned. If the exhaust is not tuned, owners do not get the maximum amount of power out of their engines.

Many companies make aftermarket exhausts so there are a lot more options for riders to choose from when it comes to style, cost, sound, and power. With the stock options, buyers are stuck with only one choice. Aftermarket parts are almost always cheaper than stock parts unless they have better ratings than the stock ones. Buyers who simply want to replace their rusty pipes can most likely find an identical aftermarket system for cheaper than the stock one.

See the following table to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of stock and aftermarket dual exhaust systems.

Desired Feature

Best Option

Better Fuel Economy


Better Sound Quality





Stock Replacement

Ease of Installment

Stock Replacement



Less Tuning

Stock Replacement

More Power


Something to keep in mind when deciding which kind of dual exhaust system to get is that there are also conversion kits available. Buyers who currently have a dual exhaust system, but want to replace it for a new look, better performance, or improved sound, can get a conversion kit rather than an entirely new replacement system. A conversion kit attaches to the existing, single exhaust system and changes it into a dual exhaust system.

Choosing Style of the Dual Exhaust System

As mentioned earlier, the aftermarket exhaust kits are available in all kinds of styles. In fact, buyers can order a standard set, and then take it into an auto shop to have the pipes bent into a different shape. Shaping an exhaust system to be more unique is something that a lot of owners do to customise their ride. However, there are also pre-shaped systems available as well for a higher price.

How to Shop For a Motorcycle Dual Exhaust System on eBay

Since there is such a large variety of exhaust systems for sale, it is nearly impossible to see everything available, especially at local shops. In fact shops usually do not keep the kits in stock. You have to look through a parts magazine in order to select one to order. Since you have to pick out a dual exhaust system simply by looking at pictures, it makes more sense for you to just look online and compare designs, reviews, and prices all in one place.

eBay is a website that allows you to do this. Sellers and manufacturers from around the world sell their products on eBay. Rather than going to one shop to find a product, look at 20 sellers who all have the same product and want your business. Shops have little reason to price their items competitively because any competition they may have is usually located far enough away that it does not affect their business.

To find what you want on eBay, simply type " dual exhaust system&" into the search bar. If you are on a budget, enter in your price range to exclude the higher priced items from the list.

When you have found what you are looking for, be sure to also research the seller. eBay's feedback and rating system makes it easy to determine a seller's reliability. Comments left by previous buyers can be useful to aid your decision to buy from a particular seller. And if you have any questions about the exhaust system, eBay also has a handy feature allowing you to quickly and easily contact the seller.


Dual exhaust systems can do a lot to improve a motorcycle's performance, sound, and style. With the reduced amount of back pressure working against the engine, it can cycle more freely and energy efficiently. The dual exhaust systems in particular works overtime to make sure that no gasses are staying within the cylinders after combustion and slowing the engine down. However, if owners are only trying to improve the sound and look of their bike, they do not need to purchase an entirely new system. There are kits available that make the motorcycle appear and sound as though it has a dual system installed, but they are much more affordable than the whole sets are.

With a basic knowledge of how exhaust systems work and what kinds are available for motorcycles, anyone can begin shopping to find a stock or aftermarket kit that meets their needs.

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