6 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Renault for Family Use

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6 Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Renault for Family Use

Consumers who are looking for a family car typically need more space than drivers who do not have children. A spacious car made by Renault is the perfect combination of affordability and functionality, and there are several models available that meet the needs of buyers who need enough space for a family as well as cargo space for groceries, sporting goods, prams, and other necessary items that come along with family life.

When searching for a Renault on eBay, consumers are likely to be faced with many purchasing options, and it pays to have an idea of the features that are important to consumers who are looking for a family vehicle. Safety is an important consideration, as well as price, gas efficiency, and whether consumers are looking for a larger family car or need a bit less room depending on how many family members are going to be riding in the car. A good rule of thumb is for buyers to set a budget before shopping. Next they can make a list of appealing features that they desire, which can then be referred to during their search.

Understanding the History of Renault

Renault is a French vehicle corporation that has been established since the turn of the century. It is considered the ninth largest producer of automobiles in the world. Renault is based in Europe, but it's cars can be found in over 100 other countries worldwide. The company began by creating taxis in the early 1900s, and segued into automobile production along with trucks, military vehicles, and vans.

The company has seen its largest successes with its compact cars, which first saw production in the 1970s. Now, the company prides itself on a commitment to environmentalism, efficiency, and affordability. Other companies that are under the Renault umbrella include Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors.

Factor 1: Renault Model

The first decision that buyers seeking a Renault have to make is which model and style of car they want. The Renault company has created several cars that it bills as family models, including the Clio, Megane, and Scenic models.


The Clio model is a sleek hatchback that comes in a two-door style, with cargo space inside the lift-up hatch that replaces the traditional boot. The Clio seats five, or four adults and an infant seat. It is the smallest model of family car that Renault offers.


The Megane is a coupe that is stylish and also offers two doors and a hatchback for storage. The car also seats five people, and comes in different styles such as a convertible option or a larger four-door vehicle that is an estate vehicle and may work for larger families.


The Scenic design is the largest Renault family car, with more of an SUV design that is designed to hold more passengers. These four-door vehicles, which are considered crossover cars, are a combination of car and sports utility vehicle that also offers plenty of space in the rear hatchback area. The Scenic can comfortably seat five passengers and most have folding rear seats to create more space if needed.

Features of Various Renault Models

Buyers are quick to discover that there are several different models of Renault vehicles to choose from. For consumers purchasing a family vehicle, there are many factors to consider including safety and space, so consumers should compare car models to see which one best encompasses all of their needs.




Two-door design

Two-door or four-door design

Four-door design


Sleek coupe design

SUV, sporty design

Most compact Renault model

Equipped with many safety features

Largest option available

Most affordable Renault family car

Rear seats fold 60/40

Folding rear seats

No third row seating

No third row seating

Optional third row seating that is easy to use

For consumers with a smaller family that do not need as much space, the Clio is the most affordable option and the smallest. The Megane is a good mid-priced vehicle that offers a stylish design for a larger family. For fans of the SUV style of cars, the Scenic may be a good compromise between a standard hatchback and a larger SUV, with the styling of a compact car but the room of a larger vehicle for a bigger family.

Factor 2: Renault Safety Features

When consumers are looking for a family car, there are several types of features that may be more important than others. The first is safety features. Travelling with children means that car owners want to be as safe as possible, and Renault offers safety features with children in mind. Several models have certain points to help install a child's safety seat perfectly.

Other features that are designed to ease drivers' minds include anti-lock brakes with electronic brake distribution, an emergency spare wheel for those flat tyre situations, and in some models, cruise control to ensure drivers maintain the correct speed limit. Drivers who are looking for the appropriate Renault may want to keep these and other safety features in mind when shopping, and select a car that has the safety features they desire, such as daytime running lights and front-wheel drive.

Factor 3: Renault Technology Features

Drivers with kids may enjoy the ease of added technological features to get around easily and avoid missing any appointments, games, or practices. Features like a built-in GPS can help busy parents navigate to their destinations, and Bluetooth access can keep working moms and dads in the loop without compromising their kids' safety while they are driving. Young members of the family are able to enjoy connecting their iPods to the stereo to listen to MP3 music, and hands-free entry into some models is convenient for parents who constantly have their hands full.

Factor 4: New or Used Renault

Buyers have to weigh the pros and cons of purchasing a new Renault vs. buying a used model that is still in good shape. There are several things to consider in this situation, such as budget, since a used Renault is more affordable, as well as what features are important, since recent models are more up to date on current technological features.

The best thing about buying a new car is that nobody has owned it yet, and it is sure to need less maintenance. However, a used car may nab purchasers a lower monthly insurance rate. A car that has been treated kindly and not been in any accidents is probably going to have many more good years left in it, especially if the mileage is low.

Factor 5: Renault Fuel Efficiency/Fuel Type

Renault makes cars in two different fuel types: petrol and diesel models. Parents have enough expenses without having to worry about the cost of gas, and Renault vehicles are generally fuel efficient overall. Deciding between a petrol or diesel car is a matter of personal preference, and though diesel cars may be more costly up front, they often get more fuel to the gallon.

Petrol cars are less expensive, but buyers may need to gas up more often, so it really depends on which type of fuel the buyers prefer. Diesel cars are generally a bit more environmentally friendly, and thus may be more appealing to buyers who are interested in that aspect when purchasing a Renault.

Factor 6: Renault Cargo Space/Passenger Seating

Some consumers may be more worried about how many family members can travel comfortably in the vehicle. Most of the Renault models offer seating for five passengers comfortably, or four if an infant seat is placed in the centre of the backseat. As far as cargo space goes, the Scenic offers folding rear seats as well as added boot space.

The Clio offers 60/40 split rear-folding seats, as does the Megane. The Scenic is the largest Renault vehicle. Some consumers may want a four-door model instead of a two-door so that is a factor to consider, as well. There is one model of Scenic that has optional third row seating, which is called the Grand Scenic. The seats fold flat for more cargo space.


Purchasing the right car for a family can be tricky. There are many factors to consider, such as the budget for the vehicle, the amount of storage space needed, and the number of family members riding in the car. Safety is first and foremost on many parents' minds, and buyers should ensure they are getting a Renault that includes all of the safety features that put their minds at ease while driving around their most precious cargo.

For drivers buying a used vehicle, a good rule to follow is to purchase a car from a reputable seller, and ask questions about what the car's history has been, such as accidents, major repairs, and any other needed information before the car is purchased. Shopping carefully and knowing what features are a priority can take the headache out of looking for the perfect family car, and shopping for a car on eBay is convenient and less stressful than going to a car lot, because buyers can take their time to read the details and comparison-shop right from their computer.

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