6 Features to Consider When Purchasing a Jeep

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6 Features to Consider When Purchasing a Jeep

Jeep fans know that Jeep has long been at the forefront of off-road technologies. What they might not know is how many other cutting-edge features are available in its latest models. Besides features that deliver a smoother ride, on-road or off-road, there are features that improve traction, several that prevent accidents in various ways, and technology that increases fuel efficiency. Of course, Jeep is not the only one to make advances in these areas. However, other car manufacturers have gone about addressing these needs in many different ways.

By learning about the technologies in the latest Jeep models , many of which have won awards for their innovative design, one can better compare Jeep's offerings to the other options in the car market. One can also make a better informed decision when putting together a package for a new Jeep, based on the features that are likely to be the most useful. Jeeps of all models and years can be found for sale through private owners, at dealerships, as well as online at helpful websites like eBay.

1. Quadra-Lift Air Suspension System

The Quadra-Lift system has been available in Jeep Grand Cherokees since 2010 and is an innovative suspension system that changes the ride height of the vehicle up to 104 mm. The Grand Cherokee is the first SUV to use air suspension technology with a closed system design, which means it does not need to take in or pump out air. Instead, pressurised air is moved between a reservoir and the air springs. The main advantage of this is that it can make faster height changes. The compressor can also be smaller, which means it uses less power than an open air suspension system.

Quadra-Lift Height Settings

The Quadra-Lift system has five different height settings called Park, AERO, Normal, Off-road 1, and Off-road 2. Park mode lowers the ride height to 38 mm below the normal ride height and allows easier loading and unloading of cargo or passengers. It only activates under 24 km/h. AERO mode is designed to minimise drag at highway speeds. It lowers the body around 13 mm and activates automatically if the vehicle stays at above 99 km/h. It is also activated whenever the vehicle is in the Sport mode of the Selec-Terrain system.

The Normal mode is the default and provides a ground clearance of 205.74 mm. Off-road 1 raises the body 33 mm above the normal ride height and gives the optimal compromise between comfort and raised ground clearance. It can be used when the vehicle is moving slower than 77 km/h, and is the default for off-road driving. The Off-road 2 mode is for extreme conditions and raises the body another 33 mm for a total ground clearance of 271.78 mm. This mode can be used if the vehicle is moving at under 32 km/h.

2. Selec-Terrain Traction Control

The Selec-Terrain system is available on all Jeep Grand Cherokees with a 2-speed transfer case. It has five different modes that optimise the traction in different driving conditions. These modes are: Auto, Snow, Sport, Mud/Sand, and Rock. The Auto mode, which is the default, uses standard electronic brake controls and supplies torque on demand to all wheels. Snow mode supplies 50/50 torque and allows a second gear laugh from a standstill.

The Sport mode changes to the AERO ride height (when the vehicle is also equipped with Quadra-Lift Air Suspension) and supplies up to 80 per cent of the torque to the rear drive. The Mud/Sand mode switches to Off-road 1 ride height on Quadra-Lift and uses the Off-road Electronic Brake Controls, with a 50/50 torque split. The Rock setting on Selec-Terrain is similar but sets the Quadra-Lift suspension at Off-road 2.

3. Electronic Limited Slip Differential

Jeep introduced Electronic Limited Slip Differentials and brake-based traction control in 2005. This is technology aimed at maximising traction when off-road. Using brake-based traction control, vehicles with open differentials like the Grand Cherokee and Wrangler can negotiate extreme driving conditions, as well as a vehicle equipped with a locking differential.

The Electronic Limited Slip Differential is a computerised system which monitors each wheel separately and supplies torque accordingly in the case of slippage. It can even prevent slippage in some cases by adjusting the torque supplied to wheels with low traction. While there are other traction control systems used in Jeeps, the ELSD is the cutting edge of traction control technology. It is an option on the Grand Cherokee Laredo X, Overland, and Limited models, and is a part of the Quadra-Drive II 4X4 system.

4. Advanced Warning System

The advanced warning system that is an option on some Jeep models includes four different accident prevention technologies. These technologies include: the Forward Collision Warning, Adaptive Cruise Control, Blind Spot Monitoring, and Rear Cross Path Detection. These four technologies work as a group to reduce the biggest causes of accidents on the road.

Forward Collision Warning

Radar sensors in the car monitor traffic in front of the car and sound a chime if it appears that one vehicle is approaching another too quickly. Studies have shown that just a second and a half of warning could help prevent up to 90 per cent of collisions. By sounding a chime when the cars in front are behaving erratically, the FCW warns the driver in time to avoid joining or causing a pile-up.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Rather than maintaining a set cruising speed, adaptive cruise control allows the driver to stay a set distance behind vehicles in front. It automatically slows the vehicle when another vehicle cuts in front and if the vehicle in front changes lanes, the car automatically speeds up to the preset speed. Adaptive cruise control reduces the strain of keeping one foot ready to hit the brakes, and is safer than regular cruise control for the same reason.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Blind Spot Monitoring uses two radars to sense when cars are in the driver's blind spots. The two areas that do not appear on any of the rear view mirrors are the cause of many accidents and blind spot monitoring addresses this exact problem. A chime sounds if there are vehicles too close to the blind spots.

Rear Cross Path Detection

Rear cross path detection reduces or eliminates the chance that the driver accidentally backs up into an object or car. A chime sounds when the vehicle is in reverse and something crosses behind the vehicle.

5. Electronic Roll Mitigation

Electronic roll mitigation monitors the driver's steering wheel input and the speed of the vehicle to determine the potential for wheel lift. If the rate at which the steering angle changes and the velocity are high enough for the vehicle to be in danger of lifting up on one side, the ERM applies the brake to the appropriate wheels, and can even reduce engine power.

This feature is only designed to go into effect during very severe or evasive driving manoeuvers. It is one of the many safety features available in Jeep vehicles, and a part of the Electronic Stability Control (ESC). While experienced drivers are often able to control a vehicle during difficult driving conditions such as icy roads or sharp curves, no one can anticipate every possible accident. Features like ERM offer protection that shouldn't be underestimated, especially when a young or inexperienced driver is behind the wheel.

6. Fuel Saver Technology

Fuel Saver Technology works on certain V8 engines to minimise fuel consumption by shutting off four of the eight cylinders in the engine when full power is not needed. This is often the case on the highway where the vehicle is in a steady-state position moving down the road. The engine designed to work with Fuel Saver Technology is the 6.4-litre HEMI V8 engine found in the Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT,, as well as in just a few other makes and models. It gives an estimated 13 per cent improvement in gas mileage. As with other SRT technologies, which optimises street and racing performance, there is no decrease in power or performance in vehicles with Fuel Saver Technology.

How to Buy a Jeep on eBay

One easy way to get a feel for the car market, and possibly find your next car, is by shopping on eBay. eBay has vehicles of all makes and models, including new and used Jeeps. To find a Jeep on eBay, simply go to any eBay page and enter the search term ' Jeep'' in the search box. If you already know the model you are interested in, you can enter that information as well. If not, you can simply browse through the listings, or narrow the search further by choosing the appropriate subcategory. Once within the correct subcategory, there are many more options to refine the search, including model, price, car type, fuel type, transmission, and more. These allow you to refine the search quickly to find just what you are looking for.

Another option if you are interested in a certain feature is to search for that feature by name and click the box that says 'Include Description'. This is a helpful option when the feature you want may not be in the title of the listing, but is in the description of the listing. Once you have found a listing that interests you, the next step is to check the seller's feedback score. eBay's feedback system makes it simple to find a reputable seller. Simply click on the seller's feedback score to see details on his or her feedback from all past transactions on eBay.


Jeep is a company known for its innovative off-road technology. While Land Rover has traditionally dominated the UK market in off-road vehicles, Jeep has interesting features that are worth a second look. From improved traction control to advanced warnings, new technologies are making the road a safer place to be. This translates to a better and more relaxed ride for both the driver and the passengers. Quadra-Lift is one such technology that allows the driver to change the ride height depending on the terrain. Together with Jeep's Selec-Terrain traction control system, Quadra-Lift can be used to optimise comfort and aerodynamics when necessary.

Jeep's Electronic Limited Slip Differential offers unparalleled traction control in vehicles with an open differential. Features like the Advanced Warning and Adaptive Cruise Control system and Electronic Roll Mitigation give one the futuristic feeling that the vehicle could almost drive itself with its radar sensors. Finally, the Fuel Saver Technology available on the Jeep's offering to the SRT lineup saves petrol while giving uncompromised performance and power. By learning about these Jeep features, and how to shop for Jeeps online, one can make a more knowledgeable decision about the best vehicle on the market for one's needs.

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