6 Features to Look for When Buying Gun Controllers

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6 Features to Look for When Buying Gun Controllers

Since their invention in the mid-20th century, video games have quickly become one of the most popular forms of entertainment throughout the world. Especially amongst teenagers and young adults, video games have become a common household pastime. Even some adults take part in the enjoyment that video games provide. There are countless genres of video games, varying from car racing to combat games, the latter of which has increased in popularity in recent years. Many of these types of games, especially battle-inspired ones, have evolved over the years from simply using basic controllers to including a number of realistic accessories, as well. Combat games now often allow players to use gun controllers that are shaped like actual guns to play their favourite games. Although the guns do not actually shoot anything out of the barrels, they use electronic sensors to communicate with the gaming consoles.

These gun controllers make the gaming experience more realistic and enjoyable for many gamers and can be purchased from any number of gaming appliance stores or from online marketplaces such as eBay. However, the number of options to consider when purchasing such controllers can be difficult to navigate. By paying particular attention to the controller's buttons, holding position, and sensitivity, among other features, even the most particular of buyers can find exactly the right gun controllers.

1. Wireless vs. Wired

One of the first factors to be considered when shopping for a gun controller is whether it is a wireless controller or a wired one. Since these types of controllers first came onto the scene, manufacturers have largely been leaning towards wireless controllers. They allow users a greater range of movement, and that can make for a more enjoyable gaming experience. In addition, with a wireless controller the user does not have to worry about accidentally unplugging the controller from the console, nor does he or she have to worry about tangling cords when there are multiple people playing, both of which can disrupt game play. However, some gamers claim that wireless controllers are more prone to inaccuracy with shots and controls than wired controllers. There are benefits and disadvantages to both types of controllers, which means it is up to the user to decide which option is preferred.

2. Buttons

The buttons on a video game gun controller are some of the most important factors that must be considered in order to find the perfect controller. The controller's buttons may seem like a simple aspect that involves little thought, but the placement and type of buttons can make or break a gamer's experience when using the controller. When in the market for a gun controller, the buyer should always be certain to examine the location of the buttons. The layout of the buttons factors largely into the functionality of the controller. Buttons that are spread out over a larger surface or that are farther apart require more thought and possibly two-handed movement during game play. On the other hand, controllers that have buttons isolated within a small area are not necessarily the best choice for gamers with larger, bulkier hands.

Some controllers have intense spring-loaded buttons, and that may or may not be a desirable factor for some gamers. This means that the buttons immediately bounce back to their original positions after being pressed, as opposed to slowly releasing back into position. Some buttons also simply have a different feel on some controllers, so it is always useful to read up on previous gamers' reviews of a particular controller.

3. Size

After buttons, the size of a gun controller is a highly important factor to thoughtfully consider. Gun controllers can come in an extremely wide range of sizes, many of which may correspond to sizes of actual guns. For example, some controllers' sizes are likened to that of pistols. In this case, the controllers are smaller and often only need to be used by one hand without any support. On the other end of the spectrum, there are also gun controllers that are visually similar to rifles. These particular controllers come in much larger sizes and typically have longer barrels. Because of this, they often require two hands for support and sometimes need to be rested on the user's shoulder for extra assistance.

It is largely up to the gamer to decide what size of controller is best suited for his or her use. Games with high-speed action that require increased amounts of movement might be better suited for a smaller, more compact controller. However, one-handed controllers like many types of pistol controllers can also be less stable. If the user has shaky hands and movements, a larger, more stable controller might be better. Rifle-like controllers are also often better used in games that require more accuracy and that are less fast-paced.

4. Sensitivity

Yet another necessary factor to look at when in the market for a gun controller is the sensitivity of the controller's buttons and triggers. As with a real weapon, an accidental slip of the finger can cause a gun controller to fire, and this can be bothersome for some gamers. Many types of gun controllers come with sensitivity gauges that can be adjusted according to the user's needs. For those users who have shakier hands or who are prone to accidentally pulling the trigger, decreased sensitivity is best so that only firm, intentional presses cause the controller to respond. On the other hand, users who tend to have more delicate movements and who do not push buttons with much force might prefer increased sensitivity in their controllers. This enables them to push buttons or triggers just once to get a response, as opposed to having to push multiple times.

5. Viewing Options

Some controllers, especially rifle-like ones, have special viewing displays, often called a 'sight', that the user can look through to see exactly where they are aiming to give them increased accuracy. Sights are typically only found on larger gun controllers since smaller, pistol-like ones do not have ample space to fit a sight. Sights make using the faux weapons easier and provide a more accurate shot. However, they do take longer to use, which makes them ideal on controllers that are used in games that are based more on accuracy than firing time.

6. Calibration

The calibration of a gun controller is one factor that undoubtedly affects a user's level of play in a game. Because many of these controllers are wireless, they rely on sensor technology in order to ensure proper accuracy. Thus, if the controller is not properly calibrated, the spot where the user is aiming and shooting on the screen might not necessarily be where the gaming console is registering the shots. This leads to a frustrating experience for the player.

Controllers can typically be re-calibrated before each game, and the gaming console often requires the user to re-calibrate the controller before playing. However, the calibrator on a gun controller may not always be accurate, especially if the controller is old. In order to avoid frustrations of this sort, it is useful to research other players' reviews of a particular controller to ensure it has accurate calibration.

How to Buy a Gun Controller on eBay

New games and gaming accessories are constantly shaping the way the video game industry works. The evolution of technology for video games allows both veteran gamers and gaming newcomers to become even more engaged in their games as the feel of playing becomes more and more lifelike. The introduction of gun controllers has certainly added to the realistic feel of combat video games for users. However, buying a gun controller is slightly more complicated than buying just a typical game controller. There are several more options that must be given careful consideration before purchasing a controller if the buyer wants to have the best gaming experience possible.

Navigating through all of these options can be confusing and frustrating for many buyers, but not if the shopping is done on eBay. The search for the perfect video game gun controller can begin on the site by using the main search bar on eBay's home page to enter relevant product information. Doing this takes a buyer directly to search results that match his or her query.

The ability to communicate directly with a seller by using the 'Ask a question' option on all the product pages is yet another useful feature of eBay. Buyers can then clarify any questions or uncertainties they may have prior to purchasing an item, and this leads to increased customer satisfaction.


Video games provide millions of users around the world with hours of enjoyment every day. Whether a user is brand new to the concept of gaming or an experienced gamer, there is no doubt that video games of all genres can be a fun pastime for users in a wide range of ages. Although they are often useful, the countless options that a gamer has when it comes to gaming accessories can be overwhelming. On top of all of these options, each accessory has a number of factors that can vary between models. This is especially true for video game gun controllers.

The proper selection of the features of a gun controller that matter most to a gamer inevitably ensures a better gaming experience. However, understanding which characteristics to look for can be difficult. The six key features that tend to be of greatest importance to gamers include a gun controller's wireless capabilities, buttons, calibration, sensitivity, viewing options, and size. Making the right choices for these elements leads to a satisfying and enjoyable game playing experience.

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