6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Phone Chargers and Docks

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6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Phone Chargers and Docks

Mobile phones or smartphones have probably become one of the most basic and important gadgets used by the 21st-century man. The battery serves as the power base for a mobile phone, and the chargers are the battery's lifeblood. Chargers help in empowering the mobile phone batteries with the required electric charge to operate all day long, or even more. Almost every mobile phone comes with a standard wall charger within the box. However, a broken or misplaced charger would naturally bring up the need to purchase a new mobile phone. With several manufacturers flooding the market with a wide variety of phone chargers and docks, buyers might end up making certain mistakes, or could overlook some important aspects of these accessories. There are a good number of things that should be considered while buying an ideal phone charger and dock. Therefore, it is important to understand the charging needs of the phone and match them with the options available to ensure that one buys the appropriate charger.

The Basics

The birth of mobile phone chargers dates back to the same time as the invention of mobile phones. Mobile phone chargers are responsible for charging up or feeding in some energy into the mobile batteries with the help of an electric current. Over the years, mobile phone manufacturers have worked their level best to evolve and work on the battery chargers' ability to power up the mobile device in the least possible time. Phone chargers started to vary with the constantly changing battery power requirements of the modern mobile phones, such as smartphones. The technical advancements continue till date and have resulted in manufacturers flooding the market with a plethora of unconventional options. The modern-day chargers are even able to charge a mobile phone wirelessly, or without the use of cables. Docks are yet another advanced kind of wireless devices used for charging mobile phones. These docks connect to the PC/ Laptop, and the dock utilises the power of these computing machines to charge the mobile phones inserted in the dock.

Buying Phone Chargers and Docks

Buying a phone charger or a dock is not a regular affair for most people, especially for the ones who are good at keeping their original accessories safe and in working condition for a longer time period. As one does not frequently buy chargers and docks, making some purchasing errors would be nothing but natural. The mistakes may vary from overlooking the voltage requirements, not considering the charging needs and location or fetching the incorrect battery charger type, to buying chargers and docks with non-compatible connectivity ports, among several others.

Types of Chargers

Buyers often get their hands on different types of chargers without matching them with the specifications of the mobile phones they use. Sometimes, buying a wrong or incompatible charger can render the phone useless.

Solar Power Charger

These chargers make use of solar cells to store the sun's energy and utilise the same for charging mobile phones. These often come with standard USB or Micro USB ports for charging the mobile phones.

Hand Powered Chargers

These chargers generate electricity through the cranks with the help of human muscle power. Such chargers come in quite handy when one is an emergency situation to power up his or her phone. This makes squeezing out important calls or text messages out of the phone quite easy.

Fuel Cell Chargers

Powered by innovative fuel cell technology, these chargers can be quite efficient. These chargers, however, need replacement fuel cells quite frequently. The chargers come with multiple connectivity ports so that all kinds of phones can be charged easily.

Instant Battery Powered Chargers

These fast-acting chargers can provide some life to a mobile phone quickly in emergency situations. They are available with both rechargeable and replacement battery options. With the size small enough to be carried in one's pocket, these chargers can prove to be helpful in case the phone is dead on the go.

Charging Needs

Mobile phones are usually plugged-in for a battery recharge at home, in the office, or while driving in a car. It is, therefore, wise to weigh the charging needs as well as compatibility of the mobile gadgets in advance before purchasing chargers and docks.

Wall Socket Charger

These chargers are the standard options available out in the market. One can find a suitable match according to the battery voltage and the connecting point of a mobile phone.

Wireless Chargers

Wireless chargers are the best options in case no power socket is available nearby. Various high-end mobile phones come with wireless charging support and can make use of charging mats or a docking station to charge the battery easily.

Vehicle Chargers

These chargers are a handy option if regular road trips are on the cards. These chargers make use of the cigarette lighter ports to charge the mobile phones on the go. These are not compatible with any home/ office power sockets.

Universal Chargers vs. Original Manufacturer Chargers

Universal chargers are the newest entrants in the market and are becoming viral with time. Buyers often end up making errors when making a choice between the two chargers. Phone owners should, therefore, carefully evaluate the pros and cons of each of these types and make a choice, accordingly.

Universal Chargers

These chargers are capable of charging every mobile phone. They have a certain power range in terms of voltage and can charge phones of different brands with relative ease.

OEM Chargers

The original equipment manufacturer chargers are the most commonly used and compatible mobile phone chargers; these can charge up phone batteries more efficiently. It is a perfect option for those who are unsure about their mobile phone's compatibility with their charging accessories.

Looks are Deceiving

Buyers often get carried away by the looks of a charger and tend to overlook the other critical aspects of the equipment. Just because a phone charger or dock looks appealing, it does not make the device ideal or the best choice. Physical appearances can be deceiving, and a charger must be bought based on its features and capabilities rather than what it looks like from the outside.

Dock Compatibility Concerns

Docking stations make use of a standard micro-USB port for establishing a connection with the phone. Not all the phones available out there have micro-USB points for easy connectivity with the supported devices. Buyers often overlook this factor when buying docking stations for their charging needs. It is always wise to check whether a device supports or is compatible with standardised micro USB connectivity.

Limited Dock Connectivity

The design and technology used in certain wireless phone charging docks helps the device operate within a certain distance from the main source of power. This might create issues for people who are finding it fairly tough to place the phones with the dock's power radius. It would mean sticking around the charging dock until the phones get charged. It is, therefore, sensible to consider the connectivity limits of the wireless dock charger so that there are no issues or limitations with regard to the dock's wireless charging, as well as conventional charging capabilities.

Finding Phone Chargers and Docks on eBay

eBay is the most preferred and reliable online store when it comes to buying phone chargers and docks or any other electronic gadget on the Internet. Once logged onto the eBay store, explore the inherent category of Mobile Phones & Communication under the broad head of Electronics & Technology. The option of Chargers & Docks can be easily spotted on the left side of the landing page, clicking upon which will display the wide collection of phone chargers and docks available with the eBay store. The options provided in the panel located on the left come handy in narrowing down the search results according to the charger types, brand, condition, price, and location. If ploughing the road to phone chargers and docks through a number of categories seems unpleasing, searching the required items directly through the search bar would help generate equally matching results. Buyers just need to input the right keyword, "phone chargers" or "phone charging dock" in this case, and hit enter to explore the choices available with the accessory store of the online shopping giant.


Hunting for phone chargers and docks on the Internet is a good option if one has misplaced or broken the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) charger or dock. With a wealth of choices available out there, overlooking certain important aspects is not surprising and is normal. Buyers often overlook the voltage requirements, connectivity ports, or fetch alternative types of charges and make many other errors when purchasing alternate power chargers for their mobile phones. There is no point in purchasing an incompatible charger that cannot be plugged into the mobile phone or which cannot charge the phone's battery. With some caution and care, it is possible to avoid some of the most common mistakes that buyers make when shopping for phone chargers and docks.

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