6 Spa Short Breaks in the Czech Republic

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6 Spa Short Breaks in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, and especially Prague, is famous for the many spas and spa retreats, but even more famous for being affordable. Travellers can indulge in a luxurious spa break for the weekend or a week as a self-pampering treat. Best of all, Czech spas are typically the same price for a full week as a British spa for a single day, which even including the cost of airfare, can mean saving money for everyone. As a result, almost any city can be a great spot to visit, although some are better than others.

The Czech Republic is home to more than twenty spa towns or resorts developed around natural mineral water and bubbling hot springs, which makes this country one of the best places to take a spa break. While it is not possible, or relaxing, to visit all of them, there are a few spa resorts that are recommended more than others. The following list of seven spa cities includes some of the best spa breaks available in the Czech Republic.

Short Break 1: Jeseník

Jeseník is a spa city in the Olomouc region of the Czech Republic. The town spa owes its origin to the famous Doctor Vincent Priessnitz who originally developed the medical treatment of hydrotherapy using baths of different temperatures. In addition to making medical history, Jeseník is also home to very clean air.

Jeseník Activities

The town is situated in the mountains near the Polish border and it is actually forbidden to smoke in the area. This means that in addition to a relaxing spa treatment, visitors can enjoy fresh, clean air to sooth their lungs. Many people visit as a cure to breathing problems, although no spa should be considered as a replacement for medical attention.

Jeseník Natural Beauty

In addition to clean air and lovely natural springs, Jeseník is home to some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the area. Jeseník hot springs are filled with steep hills and rocks, which in turn create a range of beautiful waterfalls and streams. Visitors can also take in local sites including the Jánský Vrch castle or the Rejvíz Nature Reserve, which are located in the area.

Short Break 2: Luhačovice

Luhačovice was historically founded in 1287, although it was first mentioned in a document in 1412. The town has a population of under 6,000, making it a quiet and relaxing place to visit for a short break. Luhačovice is the largest spa in South Moravia in the Czech Republic and is famous for its sulphurous springs and naturally bubbling water. Luhacovice is famous for many things, including as being a popular spot for famous Czech citizens. With 17 sodium hydrocarbonate springs and one sulphur spring, this spa town can make a great short break.

Another thing that Luhačovice is remembered for it its unique architecture. Architect Dušan Jurkovič created a series of unique buildings in the area including the most famous, which looks like it is standing on chicken feet. The most notable buildings to see include the Jurkovič House, which is a hotel, the Villa Jestrabi, and the Music Pavilion. Anyone wanting a quick excursion from the spa can also look to the nearby Buchlov Castle or the city of Kroměříž, which is listed in the UNESCO world heritage list.

Short Break 3: Jáchymov

Jáchymov was originally a mining town, but its spas are still equally as luxurious. Jáchymov advertises as the first radon spa ever built, and is often visited by those suffering from joint disorders and maladies. The spa has boasted such famous visitors as Marie Curie, Johan Strauss, and Baron Rothschild, but offers visitors more than enough to make its own name in the form of a luxury spa and very quality amenities. Marie and Pierre Curie discovered that a small amount of radioactivity flows through the local spa, which, in small amounts, is beneficial to joints, muscles, and the nervous system.

Short Break 4: Teplice

Teplice is one of the most famous spas is the Czech Republic and is therefore a great place for a short break. The city is located only 89 kilometres away from Prague, which means that visitors can stay in Prague for a few days before visiting Teplice. The spa city boasts the exciting title of the oldest spa in Central Europe and is home to seven major spas including the Beethoven Sanatorium Complex, the Military Spa, and Snake Spa.

History buffs might enjoy visiting Teplice on the pure benefit of learning about the history of the town. Originating before the 12th century, Teplice has hosted historical figures ranging from Beethoven to Alexander I of Russia. In fact, Teplice was the location where the Triple Alliance against Napoleon Bonaparte of France was initially signed. Anyone not into history can indulge in the many local sports including golfing and water sports instead.

Short Break 5: Karlovy Vary

A well known spa in the Czech Republic, Karlovy Vary hosts hundreds of visitors every year as well as the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival. It is estimated that this Czech Spa town has been in business for more than 650 years, which is more than a little impressive. Visitors can indulge in the picturesque and colourful houses as well as the luxurious spa accommodations including the famous Thermal House hotel. Karlovy Vary is also known as Carlsbad, which is its German name, and is one of the most luxurious retreats in the Czech Republic. And with 12 hot springs that anyone can go swimming in, the town literally offers a guarantee that visitors have fun in the town.

Karlovy Vary also offers visitors relaxation and entertainment in the form of their famous herbal liqueur known as Becherovka. This is only available in Karlovy Vary, so anyone looking for a gift or a special and healthy drink should look it up. Becherovka, like other herbal liqueurs, was originally developed for medicinal purposes, although it should not be used for that reason, it is still quite enjoyable.

Short Break 6: Třeboň

Anyone looking for a fairytale vacation should look no further as Třeboň is the picture of perfect in almost every setting. From colourful houses to some of the most relaxing spas in the world, Třeboň has it all. The city is also a great place for families and includes everything from swimming pools to water slides that can be enjoyed alongside the steam baths, peat baths, and wraps that Třeboň is famous for. Třeboň, like Karlovy Varys, has its own spa liqueur, and adults are encouraged to try it.

Třeboň is located near to multiple potential side trips including Český Krumlov, which is another UNESCO World Heritage site. With elegant and beautiful architecture, the trip is worthwhile for lovers of art, buildings, and culture. Visitors can also take a trip to the Renaissance Chateau, which is located right in Třeboň and is a very beautiful and romantic trip for anyone. The Schwarzenberg Tomb is an equally interesting if slightly more grim location and is the final resting place for 27 members of one of the Czech Republic's former influencing families. For those not interested in architecture or tombs,the spa itself offers some of the most pampering and sophisticated treatments in the country.


Anyone who would like to see Prague, or another part of the Czech Republic, should consider booking their spa break nearby the area they want to see. Car rentals are often quite affordable so visiting a second city during the break can add a lot more interest to the trip. Visitors who do not want to drive can also choose a city that offers plenty of things to do as well in order to save money and driving time. For most, the main attraction is still the spa so most people should remember to bring towels.

Purchasing a Spa Break on eBay

eBay is a great place to look for a good bargain on a spa break in the Czech Republic. While opportunities vary depending on the season, it is possible to find anything from flight tickets to lodging to full accommodation and spa tickets via eBay. Buyers can also easily search for tickets in whichever city they like, which makes eBay a very versatile shopping option.

A few things to consider before making your purchase include checking the time and location of the tickets as these can vary from break to break. There are multiple spa towns in the Czech Republic and all of them are different. It is also possible to visit a spa in Prague rather than a spa town, but usually the latter is preferred. Buyers should always remember to read the full description as it should list any restrictions or specifications, as well as any extra fees, and exact details.


The Czech Republic is famous not only for its beer, but also for its spa cities and towns, so it does make an excellent place to take a spa break. From a weekend to a full week, there are plenty of packages and options that are relaxing, fun, and often affordable. Buyers can choose from more than 20 Czech towns that offer spas, although some offer everything from water slides to castle tours as well.

The two most well-known Czech spa towns include Karlovy Vary and Třeboň, although other towns have advantages of less tourist traffic and more peace and quiet, all of the towns are very relaxing. Buyers can research the area they would like to visit, plan their trip, and then purchase it via an online booking site or via eBay if options are available. From there, the hardest thing is to wait until it is time to take the break.

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