6 Things to Pack for Surfing Short Breaks

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6 Things to Pack for Surfing Short Breaks

No matter how much experience one has when it comes to organising surfing short breaks,, packing may often be done in a state of adrenaline rush. This is completely understandable, as one is anticipating an exciting surfing experience and packing may seem a bit too boring in comparison. However, it is important to pay special attention to this part of the preparations, mainly for two reasons. First, no one wants to spend their surfing short break shopping for things they forgot at home instead of simply enjoying their holiday. Second, packing properly for a surfing break can help travellers escape the annoying feeling they left something important behind.

There is no need to over-pack for a surfing short break, though. Experienced surfers know from their former escapes what is essential and what is not. On the other hand, beginners should take their time to learn more about how to pack efficiently for such as short break, regardless of their destination. Important things to pack for most surfing short breaks include the surfing gear, travel documents, money, and first aid items.

1. The Surfing Stuff

It goes without saying that the surfing gear should be brought along on a surfing short break. The surfboard is essential and surfers who own multiple ones should opt for the one they have the most fun on. A quality board bag is also essential. Surfers should remember to check with the airline in order to find out the policy regarding surfboards. In many cases, travellers can transport one such item without having to pay extra for it. Those who do not wish to pack a board have other options, as rentals are often fairly convenient, especially in popular surf centres. Surfers can choose from a wide range of surfboards and this is a good alternative for novices, as it spares them the trouble of packing and lugging boards.

Surfboard Gear and Accessories

Besides the board itself, one should also pack accessories.. Some things that are very important and under no circumstances should be left behind are the fins and hardware. Many surfers prefer to remove the fins when packing the board, so they should not forget to pack them, along with a screwdriver or key for securing them back. A multi-tool that offers all the hardware one may need for fins is also a good thing to pack, together with some extra screws.

Surfboard Wax

Another item that can be bought at destination, but is likely to cost twice as much, is wax. The wax from the board should be stripped before packing. For a short break, a travel-size box of wax should be more than enough. A repair kit for the board, including duct tape and stickers, may also prove to be of use. Those who intend to rent a car at their destination should not forget their bungee cords and soft board racks.

2. Passport, Tickets, and Other Documents

Airline tickets, passport, travel insurance policy, and travel or accommodation vouchers are essential things to pack because one cannot even get on the plane without them. The passport is essential in many countries and in most cases it must be valid for at least 90 days following the entrance. Copies of the passport may also prove to be useful, just in case you lose your documents. If surfers do not have a valid passport or have one that is close to expiring, they should plan ahead and make arrangements to get a new one. The airline tickets and travel insurance are often provided by the travel agent. However, those who booked their own flights online should make sure they print their tickets or collect them in person at the airport. Those who choose to go paperless and collect their ticket at the airport should remember to bring along the credit card they used to make the purchase.

3. Clothing

Even though this slips the mind of many surfers going on a short break, a respectable-looking outfit should be packed, because it may be of use, especially when going out for a bite in the evening. This may consist of a casual shirt, long pants, shoes, and socks. Otherwise, the only things one needs for a short break include T-shirts, short trousers, and sandals. A long-sleeved shirt may come in handy for those chilly nights or overly air conditioned airplanes. Surfers should try to pack only cotton T-shirts, as these are ideal for humid conditions. A single pair of cotton pyjamas should be more than enough for a short break. As for shoes, some prefer sandals, whereas others consider trainers to be more comfortable for such a trip. A hat and a pair of sunglasses can be useful accessories to protect from the sun.

4. First Aid Items

Besides documents, clothing, and surf gear,, there are multiple other small things that are indispensable or useful for a surf short break. A Swiss army knife should be packed in the checked luggage, as it cannot be carried on the plane. A dictionary or a phrasebook for the local language of the country one is travelling to is also essential. Surfers should also pack a flashlight and extra batteries, especially if they are heading off to remote places. Sunblock lotion is another essential thing to pack and one should look for the highest UV rating they can find. The sunblock lotion should, obviously, be waterproof. A mosquito repellent may also be useful, depending on the region and season one is choosing for a surf short break. A first aid kit should also be considered and it should consist of antibiotics, antiseptic, waterproof bandages, antibacterial soap, Q-tips, gauze, tape, and scissors.

5. Money

Money is vital for any trip and a surfing short break is no exception to the rule. There are several options available and many people prefer a mix of credit cards and local currency. A good tip is to exchange some cash into local currency before departure. However, it should not be too much, as there is always a risk of having the money stolen or simply losing it. ATMs are available almost anywhere, so it should not be a problem to get more cash. Travel cheques or pre-paid debit cards are additional alternatives to carry money safely.

6. Miscellaneous

There are several other things that are worth considering when packing for a surfing short break. While these may not be useful for everyone, there are situations in which they may be indispensable, especially for those who are travelling to remote surfing locations. These include binoculars, power bars, earplugs, paper and pen, alarm clock, cell phone and iPod chargers, and walkie-talkies.

How to Find Surfing Short Breaks on eBay

Whether you are looking to book accommodation or complete holiday package for a surfing break, there should be plenty of research included in the process. You should take into account things such as budget, number of people in your party, your destination, and more. One of the best places to search for surfing short breaks is eBay,, because it offers a large selection of such breaks as well as all the gear and accessories you may need for your escape.

If you feel overwhelmed by the number of options available on eBay,, you should know that it is easy to find the right short break by performing a simple search and narrowing down the results according to your preferences. The first thing to do is type the words ' surfing short break'' into the search bar of the website. You can then start to browse through the results right away. Make sure you read the product description carefully as this may contain important information about the dates of the short break as well as other essential details. It is always a good idea to buy from a seller that offers photos of the accommodation offered. This way, you can get a good idea about what you are paying for. Finally, remember that you can contact the seller for more details if you feel the need to do before making a purchase.


Surfing is one of the most popular water sports and many people choose to plan short breaks to enjoy this activity in various countries of the world. Besides making sure they get good deals on plane tickets and accommodations, surfers should also pay attention to packing before departing. There are many essential things to pack, as well as others that may not seem essential, but may prove useful on a short break. Travellers should make sure they are aware of the luggage restrictions imposed by the airline before starting packing.

As there is plenty of equipment involved when it comes to a surfing short break, not to mention clothing and miscellaneous, travellers should make sure they do not leave anything important behind. Making a list prior to packing and crossing each item off as it is added to the luggage may prove to be a simple and useful approach to packing for a surfing short break.

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