6 Tips for Buying a Diamond Ring on eBay

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6 Tips for Buying a Diamond Ring on eBay

Diamonds and coal share a common bond: both are full of the most common substance on earth, carbon. The difference between coal and diamonds is the way the carbon atoms arrange to form carbon. Diamonds are produced when carbon is highly pressurized at temperatures found in the Earth's lithosphere, more than 200 miles below the Earth's surface. The rare way that diamonds form make the stone one of the most sought after gems on the face of the Earth, and the preferred stone to place on a ring band. Diamond rings commemorate many special occasions, including weddings, graduations, and anniversaries. By far the most common diamond ring is the one given during a marriage proposal.

Diamond ring buyers can consider a number of sources to purchase their rings. Buyers can find a wide selection of diamond rings on the leading online auction site, eBay. First, anyone who is interested in buying a diamond ring should follow six tips that discuss ring size, as well as diamond cut, clarity, colour, carat, and the metal used to construct the ring band.

Tip 1: Accurate Ring Finger Measurement

While most consumers focus on the diamond, the most important part of the diamond ring buying process on eBay is to receive an accurate measurement of the ring finger. The diamond can have superior clarity, colour, and cut, but it may mean little if it does not fit comfortable on the ring finger. Since many diamond ring purchases are for surprise presentations, the person buying the ring should bring one of the diamond ring recipient's other rings to a jeweller for obtaining an accurate ring finger measurement.

UK diamond ring buyers who utilise eBay have many more ring sizes than their American counterparts. However, both countries share the common bond that men and women follow the same ring size chart. Here are the ring size measurements for UK residents.

Circumference (mm)

Diameter (mm)

UK Ring Size























































UK residents who decide to purchase a diamond ring via eBay should refer to the chart above before making a purchasing decision. Buying the wrong size of a diamond ring can cost more money just to receive a refit. When in doubt, verify the recipient's ring finger size by asking the recipient for the accurate measurement. The surprise factor diminishes, but so does the frustration of having to refit an expensive diamond ring.

Tip 2: The Finest Cut

Every diamond ring buyer on eBay should be aware of the four Cs, the four dominant characteristics that define the quality of a diamond. There is some disagreement as to which of the four Cs has the most influence when determining diamond quality, but many jewellers believe a diamond's cut is the most important factor. The cut quality of a diamond is typically measured by the finish grade and the diamond's geometric proportions. Jewellers measure finish grade by detecting symmetry deviations and facets. Symmetry deviations are measured by using objectively obtained data.

A diamond's proportion measures the relationship between the different parts of the stone. Proportion has more influence on a diamond's brightness than any other factor. Common diamond proportions include: round, princess, pear, marquise, emerald, and oval. While shape refers to how the diamond appears after it is cut, the actual cut refers to the stone's reflective quality. Superior cuts project a diamond's reflective brilliance, which are often referred to as the diamond's "fire". Loosely cut diamonds project more fire than diamonds cut too deep.

Tip 3: The Pursuit of Clarity

The quality of diamonds also depends on their clarity, or the brightness and location of the stone's characteristics. eBay consumers must understand the concept of inclusions, which comprise the internal characteristics of diamonds. Many of the detected inclusions are small fissures that inhibit the projection of light. Clarity is measured by a number of factors that include how quickly inclusions can be detected and whether the inclusions are detected with the naked eye or by the use of high-powered magnification. Inclusions that are noticed by the naked eye denote poor diamond quality. Other inclusion factors involve analysing the appearance, nature, position, and type of inclusions.

In a perfect world, consumers can find diamonds described as loupe clean. This means a diamond has been examined by a diamond expert who uses a 10x binocular microscope and finds a completely transparent stone that possesses no inclusions. From the ideal inclusion free (IF) diamond, jewellers follow a scale to judge clarity. Very, Very Small (VVS) inclusion grades describe diamond inclusions that are difficult to see. Very Small (VS) inclusion grades encompass diamonds in which experts can discern very small inclusions. Small Inclusion (SI) grades signal that a diamond has inclusions that experts can readily see under 10x magnification. Some of the SI may be discernible to the naked eye. Clarity grades P1-P3 denote diamond inclusions that are large enough to see with the naked eye.

Tip 4: The Colour of Quality

Many consumers mistake colour for a diamond's brightness. Diamonds are similar to prisms in that they divide light into multiple colours. However, consumers should search for diamonds that have little or no colour, since colourless diamonds allow the most light to pass through and reflect brightness. Colourless diamonds are the rarest, and hence, most expensive diamonds. Refer to the following diamond colour chart during the buying process.





Near colourless


Slightly tinted


Very light yellow


Light yellow-yellow


Colour represents a diamond's composition and the colour remains the same over the lifespan of the diamond. Many jewellers refer to colourless diamonds as a clear window that permits the most light to pass through. Some jewellers artificially modify diamond colour and that information needs to be listed in the comments section of the diamond's certificate. 90 per cent of diamonds possess some level of yellowish colour.

Coloured Diamonds

On the opposite of colourless, eBay diamond buyers can also consider coloured diamonds. This type of diamond is very rare because the colours form when the chemical composition of the molten mass differs throughout the stone. The highly-demanded diamond includes colours, such as pink, green, blue, orange, and cognac. Blue diamonds are the most popular coloured diamond.

Tip 5: The Weight of the Matter

The fourth C, carat, refers to the weight of a loose diamond as it is measured on a certified diamond scale. Some diamond buyers mistake carat with gramme. A carat is the equivalent of 200 mg and 0.2 g. The measurements between carat levels are called points. A 1.50 carat diamond ring is the same as one carat and 50 points, or a total of 150 points.

Carat represents the least important factor for choosing a diamond ring on eBay. Many diamond ring buyers believe that the heavier a diamond, the more the diamond is worth. However, two diamonds can weigh the same, yet possess different values that hinge on the cut, colour, and clarity of the diamond. Diamond weight also involves finger comfort levels. Some diamond ring wearers feel discomfort when they wear heavier diamonds. Moreover, a larger, heavier diamond can look proportionally larger on a small ring finger.

Tip 6: Heavy Metal

While the diamond is the feature attraction of a diamond ring, do not forget about the importance of the band. The type of metal chosen goes a long way in determining the band's appearance, durability, and resistance to corrosion. Most jewellers recommend any one of the following four metals for diamond ring band construction.


Platinum is a rare, natural white metal that provides strength and high density. The 95 per cent pure metal is very durable and it does an excellent job of protecting valuable diamonds. Platinum diamond rings found on eBay lose little metal whenever they are scratched, thus ensuring diamond ring buyers of longevity. The natural hypoallergenic properties do not irritate sensitive skin.

Yellow Gold

Yellow gold is about 75 per cent pure, so the composition of the other metal alloys added to construct a diamond ring band play an important role in determining appearance and durability. The right coloured metals can produce a rainbow effect on a diamond ring band. Yellow gold is more prevalent than any other metals used to make diamond ring bands found on eBay, which means the band is less expensive than other metal options.


Palladium possesses the same protective properties that make platinum a popular diamond ring band metal. However, palladium's sleek silver-white appearance outshines platinum's pure white colour. This metal offers diamond ring wearers flexibility, hypoallergenic properties, and resistance to tarnish.


Titanium is a stylish metal that has just caught on as a viable diamond ring metal option. The cool, grey finish or black polish adds sophistication to titanium's appearance. Titanium is perhaps the toughest metal, which makes it ideal for diamond wedding rings. The strong as steel durability combines with a light feel on the finger. Titanium is a popular band metal for people who typically do not wear rings of any kind and it is the preferred metal for a growing number of eBay diamond ring buyers.

Buying a Diamond Ring on eBay

eBay has become a thriving platform for diamond ring buyers and sellers to converge and conduct business. Buyers utilise eBay's powerful search engine to find the seller who offers a diamond ring that matches their shopping needs. The key is to specify the keywords used to navigate through the search result pages. For instance, typing "18 carat platinum diamond ring" or "new diamond ring" reduces the number of search result pages. Once you find the right seller, review the delivery terms and return policies found on the seller's product page.

If you want to find a high-quality diamond ring, then consider buying a diamond ring from one of eBay's Top-Rated Sellers. eBay's Top-Rated Sellers have established strong track records of selling superior products and offering generous return policies. Look for the electronic ribbon that eBay places by qualified top-rated seller product photographs. You can also review customer feedback that appears on seller product pages. Search for sellers who have garnered positive feedback over the past year and have experience selling fine jewellery. Once you forge a business relationship with an eBay seller, ask the seller if he or she runs an eBay Store where you can buy products directly and forgo the auction process.


Diamond rings have become the most popular fine ring to gift for a number of occasions. The rings commemorate anniversaries, graduations, weddings, and even professional sports championships. Engagement rings are typically replete with sparkling diamonds that enhance the beauty of the wearer. Diamond ring buyers who shop on eBay have numerous options when it comes to the type of diamond and ring band. Shopping for the right diamond ring involves following six tips.

The most important tip is to receive an accurate measurement of the ring finger size. Any other buying factor becomes moot if the wrong size ring is chosen. Then, diamond ring buyers should focus on the four Cs of diamonds: cut, clarity, colour, and carat. Of the four Cs, the diamond's cut contributes more to diamond quality and the weight of diamond, or carat, is an overrated diamond buying factor. eBay Buyers must also chose a metal to construct the wedding band, which should be both durable and visually appealing. After following the six diamond ring buying tips, the last step in the process is to create a budget and stay within the budget because diamond rings are one of the leading impulse purchases.

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