6 Tips for Planning a Short Trip to the English Countryside

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6 Tips for Planning a Short Trip to the English Countryside

Everyone likes to go on holiday every now and then. However, many people either do not have the time or the resources to plan a lengthy trip around the world or to some exotic destination. In that case, one can always take short trips to the English countryside . While it is better to take a few weeks off for a holiday, it is definitely possible to enjoy a short holiday if travellers know where to go and how to properly plan the trip.

Although many people overlook travelling to the English countryside, it can actually be very fun and relaxing. After all, getting away from the routine of daily life and staying at holiday cottages while exploring the country's many wonders is always refreshing. There are many things travellers can do while touring the countryside and they can only spend a weekend on their trip or even just a day if they wish to. Travellers also do not need to worry much about the cost and lodging since getting to the countryside is not that hard and there are many accommodation options during the trip.

Where to Go on an English Countryside Trip

Those who live in the city and want a scenic escape to relax may find that the English countryside has plenty of beautiful and interesting locations to visit. Travellers can choose to go on an adventurous outdoor trek, visit beautiful villages and gardens, or even just drive through the countryside and enjoy the sights. Just like when travelling anywhere else, an important thing to do when planning a trip to the English countryside is to know some of the places and attractions worth a visit.

Type of Location


What to Do

Outdoor Adventure

Exmoor National Park; Freshwater West, Pembrokeshire; Peak District National Park

Horse riding; picnic, swimming, surfing; camping and rock climbing

Villages and Gardens

The Courts Garden, Bradford on Avon; Hestercombe Gardens, near Cheddon Fitzpaine; Nunney, Frome

Relax while exploring beautiful historical sights

Besides the countryside locations mentioned in the table above, travellers can find many more interesting places to visit. Another fun activity to add to one's travel itinerary is to visit historical places. After all, the English countryside has many famous archaeological sites including the prehistoric Stonehenge. No matter what travellers are looking for in their trip, they can find a suitable place to visit. It is only a matter of taking the time to find out about various attractions available and deciding on which one to visit.

Tips for Planning a Short Trip to the English Countryside

Although taking a short trip to the English countryside sounds simple, it is still necessary for travellers to plan their trip well. This is especially necessary if they are not familiar with travelling or going on road trips. In the following sections there are a few helpful tips one can use when planning a short trip to the countryside.

Tip 1: Plan Thoroughly

It is always good for travellers to plan a trip thoroughly no matter where they are going. It may not be essential to have a very detailed plan when taking just a few days' trip, but it is crucial if travelling for a few days. To prevent any stress during the trip, knowing where to go at what time can be very helpful. Therefore, travellers should always research the places they plan to visit and find out what they can do there and other details, such as the available accommodation as well as transportation.

If planning to go on a trip for a few days, it is good to have an itinerary of each day's activities. Even if travellers are planning to just stay in most of the day and relax with friends, they should discuss it with the group and let everybody know what the plans are. Lastly, travellers should keep the holiday planning documents and information in one place, including documents about car rental, lodging, and other information.

Tip 2: Book as Early as Possible

Short trips to the English countryside are often not planned well in advance. However, it is always good to do so. Besides just planning the trip in advance, travellers should also book their accommodation , transport tickets, and car rentals in advance as travellers can never know for sure if they will be able to acquire tickets and book the rooms they want last-minute. Booking early is crucial if people plan to take a trip during peak travel seasons. By booking an accommodation early, travellers can also usually get some discount on the lodging rates.

Tip 3: Pack Smart

A short trip usually does not require a lot of luggage, so travellers should not carry too many things as it will only weigh them down and take away some of the enjoyment out of their trip. One must remember to only pack the necessary items including clothes and maybe some emergency supplies and food if they are venturing outdoors. When going hiking or camping, travellers should also bring a first aid kit and waterproof gear. If, however, travellers plan to stick to well populated areas, then travelling light is definitely the way to go.

Tip 4: Have a Budget

Having a budget is always a good idea no matter what kind of trip one plans to take. Just because travellers are going on a short trip to the countryside, they should not think that they can just spend as much as they want. When on a vacation to the English countryside where shopping is not really an option, many think that there is no way for them to go over budget. However, they may be spending too much on food, drinks, and other things before realising that their pockets are close to empty. Travellers should always remember to keep aside some of their cash for fuel, transport, and emergency expenditure in case something comes up during the trip.

Tip 5: Travel Safe

Going to the countryside may not sound very exhilarating and dangerous, but there is always a risk of something happening when on a trip. Therefore, travellers should inform their friends and family where they are going and for how long they will be away. They should also know about the weather conditions of the areas they plan to visit so they can avoid getting caught in any storm. Besides that, it is a good idea to travel in a group, so one should always bring some friends along on the trip if possible. When planning to travel to the seaside or climb hills and mountains, travellers should go with somebody who can swim and who is experienced at hiking and climbing. Safety always comes first.

Tip 6: Plan to Have Fun

Planning a trip to the English countryside would be a waste if people were to spend time travelling only to be bored by the experience. Therefore, travellers should go with friends that they get along with and do activities that they will enjoy. Of course, trying new things is what life is all about, and one should also fit in some new activities into the itinerary. There may not be so many activities one can fit into a short trip, so travellers should plan wisely on what they want to do. If they wish to get away from their busy lives again in the future, there are always other countryside locations they can visit.

Purchasing an English Countryside Holiday Package on eBay

You can find many accommodation options and travel packages for a short English countryside trip on eBay. What you need to do is to only type in the appropriate keywords into the search bar on eBay's home page. By looking up 'holiday cottage' and 'lodging', eBay will conduct a search and present to you the relevant results. Look for 'accommodation' plus the specific place where you want to go for relevant results. When looking at the available items, make sure you read the description thoroughly and also take a look at the price. If you are not happy with the price, look at other offers.

After selecting the accommodation that you like, remember to read all the available information the seller has provided. Look at the number of people the place can accommodate, the available facilities, and so on. Also be sure to correspond with the seller to sort out the date of your stay, the rates, and any other matters that you want to have addressed. Remember to always be clear about what you want and let the seller know that so there is no miscommunication. If you are satisfied with everything, then you can proceed to make your payment.


Planning a short trip to the English countryside is a great idea to get away from the busy city life. Besides visiting castles and villages, travellers can also go on adventurous trails such as those in a national park. Some fun activities one can do in the countryside include horse riding, hiking, and also swimming. Before planning their trip, travellers should research about the various places of interest that they can visit and find out all they can about them.

It is also important to book tickets and accommodation early to avoid disappointments. Besides that, travellers should have a clear budget planned out and stick to it as close as possible. Other tips to use when planning a trip to the English countryside are to pack smart, be safe, and choose enjoyable activities during the trip. Besides travelling light, it may be wise to carry a first aid kit and rain gear or umbrella. Also, travellers should always inform their family and friends when they go on any excursion.

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