6 Tips in Choosing the Right Scooter for a Woman

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6 Tips in Choosing the Right Scooter for a Woman

Scooters resemble a smaller version of a motorcycle, which is no surprise, since their design was inspired by the earliest motorcycles. In contrast to motorcycles, which have large engines and can go very fast, scooters have small engines and lack the ability to achieve extremely high speeds. Instead, scooters are best suited for use in an urban setting. And, scooters are a wonderful option for those who want maximum fuel efficiency and an affordable way to travel.

When choosing a scooter for a woman, there are several considerations. Choosing the correct engine size for the scooter is one important option that women should consider. Related to engine size is also the way the scooter is to be used, whether as a way to get around town or as a vehicle for longer distances. The size of the wheels, as well as the size of the scooter itself, are other important factors. Creating a budget, looking at new and used models, and taking safety precautions are equally important.

History of the Scooter

The scooter was born from the motorcycle's basic design in the early 1900s. Then, some motorcycle companies experimented with smaller wheels, a rear-mounted engine, flat floorboards for the feet, and compact inner storage. Out of these features grew an entirely new concept for travelling, which was the scooter. The first and still most popular scooter design was the Vespa, made by Italian manufacturer, Piaggio, and it was originally used as a way for military servicemen to get around during World War II. Interestingly, the name, "vespa" means "wasp" in Italian, and the scooter got its name because a friend of the designer thought its shape looked like a wasp. The Vespa was the first scooter of its kind to have sleek lines and relatively quiet engines when compared with bulky, noisy motorcycles.

In 1947, a new scooter company called Lambretta came onto the scene and competed against the Vespa. Both companies were successful, especially with petrol being scarce following World War II. Both scooters offered a cost-effective way to get around.

Scooters continued to be developed by companies in other countries for years. Germany introduced the Heinkel Tourist in 1953 and then the Zundapp Bella in the 1960s. In the 1980s, maxi-scooters were all the rage. These scooters were designed to resemble larger motorcycles; thus, these models were bigger, had features specific to motorcycles, and came in vivid colors.

In 1998, the French manufacturer, Peugeot, introduced a new type of scooter, the electric scooter. These scooters have two distinct advantages over traditional scooters: silent engines and no pollutants. Since these are plugged in and charged, electric scooters do not need petrol to run, and this is better for the environment.

Tip 1: Choose Engine Size

Scooters come in three basic engine sizes, including 50 cubic centimetres, 150 cubic centimetres, and 250 cubic centimetres. The size of the engine dictates how fast the scooter travels. Choosing a scooter based on engine size determines how fast the rider wants to drive.

Engine Size


Average Gas Mileage

Ideal For

50 cc

35 to 40 mph

100 miles per gallon

Roads that are 40 mph or less

150 cc

50 to 60 mph

70 miles per gallon

Occasional highway use

250 cc

75 mph

Below 60 mpg

Lnger trips, some highway use

The most versatile of all scooters is the 150cc model because its top speed is enough for most riders, and its fuel efficiency is good. Keep in mind that heavier riders experience a lower top speed; if this is the case, choose the 250cc model, because of its ability to go faster.

Tip 2: Determine the Scooter's Use

Before choosing a scooter, the consumer should ask herself when the bike is to be used. The kind of scooter chosen says a lot about the buyer's lifestyle. If a rider wants a scooter to get from one end of town to another, and this does not require highway driving, then a 50cc model is ideal. It is a small model that allows for convenient, cost-effective travel, and it makes parking on small urban streets a breeze.

On the other hand, if the rider is looking for a scooter that offers the most bang for the buck, a 150cc model is perfect. It offers the most versatility for the least expense; with it, riders have the option of travelling on urban terrain or limited use on highways. And, for those who wish to use their scooters for longer distances, the 250cc model is the answer. By determining the scooter's most frequent use dictates the model that should be bought.

Tip 3: Choose Wheel Size

Scooters have different sized wheels. The circumference of the wheels ranges from 10 to 16 inches. However, most are either 12 or 13 inches. This measurement only includes the size of the metal wheel, not the tire. Typically, tires add five or six inches to the total diameter.

When considering wheel size, know that the smaller the wheel is, the easier the scooter is to maneuver. The smaller wheel allows the rider to make quicker, easier turns. However, smaller wheels do have some disadvantages. For example, smaller wheels may more easily get stuck in potholes in the road. Additionally, other obstructions in the road, such as branches or rocks, may negatively impact the small-wheeled scooter's ability to travel.

Although larger wheeled scooters are a little harder to maneuver, they offer better stability for riders. They handle road debris and potholes with ease, and if driving on dirt roads full of gravel or city streets with potholes, larger wheels are advantageous. A good compromise for most riders is a scooter with 13-inch wheels, because they offer a good balance between maneuverability and stability.

Tip 4: Try the Scooter on for Size

Before buying a scooter, it is important to try out several models and get a feel for what is most natural. Being comfortable on a scooter makes it easier to operate and safer to ride. When trying a scooter on for size, the saddle, which is the seat, should be the proper height so the rider can touch the ground with both feet when seated. It should also have enough padding so that the rider is comfortable when driving. When sitting on a scooter, the handlebar should be within easy reach of the rider's hands. Handlebars come in various widths and heights, and some can be adjusted based on the rider.

Additionally, all switches should be easily accessible from a seated position. The angle of the brakes is especially important for a rider to have complete access to, and brakes can often be rotated for a more perfect fit. Although handlebars, brakes, and switches are replaceable, such personalisation is often costly.

Tip 5: Stay Within the Budget

Often, those who are in the market for a scooter are looking for a cheaper way to travel. Fortunately, staying within a budget does not have to be impossible. Both Honda and Yamaha produce quality scooters at affordable prices. Vespa, an Italian-made scooter brand, is considered top of the line amongst scooters. And, finding a used Vespa in good condition is another option as opposed to buying new. In fact, if a first time rider, choosing a decent used scooter offers a sensible transition from traditional vehicles to biking.

Tip 6: Think About Safety

For the most part, scooters fall into the same category as motorcycles do, as far as safety is concerned. It is hard to argue that bikes, no matter what kind, offer less protection from injury than a car. Any time a rider is exposed to the road or environment without an enclosure surrounding their bodies the chance for injury if an accident occurs is greater. Knowing this, it is important for riders to make smart decisions when operating a scooter. First, taking a motorcycle safety class is a good way for new riders to familiarize themselves with cycling rules and regulations. And receiving personalised, professional instruction is a great way to learn more about scooter safety.

Even if a class and special licensing are not required by law, the class is helpful for amateur riders. It is also important for riders to wear protective helmets; in the event of a collision, having hardware for the head may mean the difference between a catastrophic injury and no injury at all. Some riders also find that wearing leather chaps, pads, and gloves make riding more enjoyable.

Buying Women's Scooters on eBay

To find women's scooters, check out local motorcycling retailers. Also consider browsing online merchandisers. One of the best places to locate a large selection of women's scooters and accessories is on eBay. eBay offers many scooter brands for sale, both new and used, to fit any budget. Best of all, using eBay saves time and money.

Searching for Women's Scooters on eBay

To start a search on eBay, type in exactly what you are looking for in the search box on eBay's home page. Whether you want to find a new or used scooter, enter " scooter " to find a wide variety of choices. For a more refined search, be explicit in your search criteria and enter the brand, such as Honda, year, or engine capacity of the scooter for which you are looking. After checking out the listings, your choices can be narrowed down with the available refinements. Using this approach is especially beneficial if you are feeling overwhelmed with too many options.

It is advantageous for buyers to shop online with eBay, because it saves time and money. Better yet, registering for an account is free and easy. And, once an account is set up, buyers are met with limitless shopping possibilities from millions of sellers worldwide. Furthermore, through eBay's partnership with PayPal, consumers are promised a safe and secure shopping experience. All of these benefits, combined with over 100 million users on one of the world's largest online marketplaces, appeals to buyers wishing to shop from the comfort and convenience of their homes.


A scooter is a smart choice for any woman who is looking for a convenient, affordable way to travel. Although not the ideal solution for highway driving or really long road trips, there are several engine capacities available that shoppers are sure to find the perfect one for their preferences. When shopping, consumers should keep in mind where and why they want to use the scooter, to determine the ideal scooter for their needs. In addition, consumers should also consider the wheel size and overall fit of the scooter before purchasing.

Although scooters are much more affordable than traditional modes of transportation, their prices still vary greatly depending on the brand and style, so it behooves shoppers to set a budget and consider used and new models. Most importantly, new riders should always exercise caution when driving a scooter and wear protective helmets and other accessories. Scooters, parts, and accessories can easily be found on eBay.

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