6 Tips on Buying Bulbs for a Nissan

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6 Tips on Buying Bulbs for a Nissan

There is nothing more frustrating than having a burned out headlight, and this can also garner a driver a costly ticket. Consumers can avoid the possibility of getting pulled over by ensuring they have replacement bulbs on hand at all times. Other parts of the car that some drivers do not think about also need replacement light bulbs from time to time. The glove compartment, inside dome lights, and lights around the licence plate are also going to burn out at some point.

Purchasers can find a wide array of light bulbs for every model of Nissan available on eBay. From halogen to plasma incandescent bulbs, there are a variety of light bulbs available that buyers can choose based on the model of their vehicle as well as their budget, since some types of light bulbs are more costly than others. Keeping the bulbs in a vehicle lit properly is a big factor when it comes to safe driving, so it is important for consumers to have the necessary bulbs on hand when the existing ones burn out.

Tip 1: Determine Which Bulbs Are Needed

The first step to procuring the right light bulbs for a Nissan is to figure out which types of bulbs are needed. If the dome light inside the vehicle is burned out, the consumer needs to remove the bulb and figure out how many light bulbs are needed to light it up again. If the consumer is replacing a headlight, the may as well purchase an extra one, because if one is burned out, the other is probably not too far behind.

It is always wise to have a backup light bulb if needed, especially for hard-to-find bulbs. When buyers are purchasing light bulbs for their Nissan, it is a good idea to do a thorough check to make sure that they are purchasing all the right bulbs before buying. More than one may be needed. Indicator lights and assemblies may also be necessary purchases.

Tip 2: Purchase the Right Bulbs

When buyers are replacing an existing light bulb for a Nissan that is burned out, the model number of the light bulb is generally on the bulb itself. There are various brands for bulbs, too, such asBosch,,Lucas,, and Osram.. Buyers need to ensure they are buying the right bulb for their particular model of Nissan, and for the location of the light, such as the rear or front of the vehicle, because these bulbs may differ slightly. Light bulbs may also vary in wattage.

The easiest way to replace the exact bulb is to shop with the existing bulb in hand, in order to determine that the model number, brand, and wattage of the bulb are duplicated, for the best results. Fog lights are different from regular headlights, so buyers need to pay attention to exactly what type of light bulb they are replacing.

Tip 3: Select the Bulb Type

Buyers may become frustrated when they see all the different types of light bulbs available for their Nissan. There are LED, halogen, xenon, and standard types of bulbs. The difference can cause the price of the light bulbs to vary slightly.


Halogen lights are the default style of light bulb that many consumers purchase, and they are the most commonly used type for vehicles. Halogen light bulbs last a long time compared to other types of light bulbs, and provide strong, pure light. The only issue with halogen bulbs is that they become very hot.


Xenon bulbs are of a higher power and intensity than halogen light bulbs, and they are also a bit more energy efficient. They have a long lifespan, and may in some cases, outlast their halogen counterparts. However, xenon lights may induce a possible glare in some situations, which may not work for night-time drivers. They are also more costly than halogen lights.


LED light bulbs are also energy efficient, and the main choice of manufacturers of hybrid and electric vehicles. They are smaller, but because of their efficiency, they are also costly. LED light bulbs are generally seen on more expensive cars, such as luxury automobiles. It is up to the buyers which type of light bulb is chosen, but replacing the existing light with a perfect match to what came with the Nissan is a good solution for buyers who are not sure about the various types of light bulbs.

Tip 4: Match the Bulbs to the Exterior Parts

It is best to buy bulbs that correspond to the outer assemblies and that fit properly. If consumers are repairing an older vehicle, they may need to replace the bulbs as well as the assemblies. Assemblies for the headlights and the rear lights can be purchased for the Nissan that the consumers need them for, and these are typically easy to install and replace. When purchasers are buying bulbs, they need to double-check that the model number is correct so that the bulb fits inside the assembly, whether it is an inside dome light or an external headlight or rear light.

Tip 5: Buy the Correct Bulbs for the Nissan Model and Year

The most important rule of thumb when purchasing light bulbs for a Nissan is to purchase the right bulbs for the exact model of car that the bulbs are needed for. Knowing the model number of the light bulb is a good identifier, but it is best to ensure that the light bulb works with the make, model, and design of the car. Purchasers should look at listings that specify that the light bulb does fit Nissan vehicles before purchasing.

Tip 6: Purchase Tools to Replace the Bulbs

While many light bulbs are simply easy to pull out and plug in, buyers need to make sure they do not need any extra equipment to install bulbs, such as a conversion kit that includes ballasts, a harness, brackets, or additional tools that may be needed to replace a front, rear, or brake bulb. A screwdriver may come in handy for removing the outside lens housing. A conversion kit can be purchased if buyers want to convert from one type of light bulb to another, such as halogen to LED or vice versa. These are sold by light bulb model as well.

How to Buy Bulbs for a Nissan on eBay

Buying light bulbs for a Nissan does not have to be frustrating, and replacing a burned out headlight, brake light, or inside dome light can be done in less than 10 minutes with the right equipment. Browse on eBay for a great deal on all types of light bulbs for a Nissan, including assemblies and conversion kits.

All you have to do is simply navigate to car parts on eBay and select the option forexternal lights,, head to bulbs and LEDs,, and find exactly what you are looking for. Once you have figured out what type of light bulbs you need for your Nissan, simply match the model number to your existing bulb, or key in " Nissan light bulbs&" or "2009 Nissan headlamp bulb" for more specific search results.

Find interior dome lights by looking for interior lighting, and get all the parts you need to light up your Nissan. It is best to purchase lighting from a seller who has excellent feedback, and if you need to ask questions about the bulbs before your buy them, go to the seller's page and click " Ask a Question&" to communicate with the seller before you buy. It helps the seller if you go back and leave positive feedback for him or her after you have received your light bulbs and are satisfied with the transaction.


Replacing light bulbs in a Nissan is a part of car maintenance that cannot be ignored. Not having the proper lights on brakes, headlights, or rear lights as well as turn indicator signals can cause an accident, compromise the safety of the driver as well as other drivers, or rack up tickets due to burned out bulbs being in violation of the law. It is best to keep up to date with all of the light bulbs in the vehicle before any consequences should arise from burned out bulbs.

Checking the light bulbs in a Nissan should be part of taking care of the car. Buying replacement bulbs is not overly costly, and most new types of light bulbs are made to last a long time between replacements. Installing a light bulb is simple, and consumers do not need to be professional mechanics to switch out a new bulb for an old, burned out one.

Light bulbs are made in a variety of ways, including bulbs with newer halogen or xenon technology, which promise energy efficiency as well as long lasting, pure light that keeps drivers safe while driving at night. Purchasers can pick the lighting style they prefer for their Nissan based on their budget and driving experiences, as well as individual needs.

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