6 Tips on Buying a Kia Rio

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6 Tips on Buying a Kia Rio

Kia produces the Rio for the subcompact automobile niche. The company has released three generations of the Rio, with the first generation unveiled late in 2000. Rios come equipped with line-four gasoline engines, front-wheel drives, and the choice of two body styles. The South Korean automaker has tinkered with the Rio's design and build to answer complaints that persisted with first generation models. Kia created the proprietary "Tiger Nose" grill for the 2012 model to enhance the car's appearance and improve wind resistance. The Kia Rio represents the company's least expensive automobile in a crowded subcompact market.

Consumers have several options for purchasing Kia Rios. They can visit a Kia dealer and negotiate over a used or new Rio. The Internet provides a vast resource for researching Rio features and specifications. The best online portal for Rio shopping is eBay, where buyers can find a diverse selection of sellers who offer every generation model ever produced by Kia. Before going online to eBay, consumers should first learn, and then implement, six important tips that should make their Kia Rio shopping experiences more enjoyable.

1. Body Style

Kia offers consumers two choices when it comes to the Rio's body styles. The decision on the type of body style to choose depends on the primary purpose for driving the vehicle. Consumers who choose the Rio sedan body style tend to place appearance above other purchasing factors. However, consumers who require more passenger room and extra space to store items, such as full grocery bags, should consider the hatchback body style. With the hatchback body style, Rio owners have convenient access to the back of the vehicle and more window space to view trailing traffic. Both body styles incorporate identical mechanical and interior accessories.

2. Avoid the First Generation

Kia introduced the first generation Rio for the 2001 model year in late 2000. The sedan was the only body style offered until the hatchback made its debut a little more than a year later. Both body styles represented the least expensive models in their respective classes, but limited features and uncomfortable driving experiences overshadowed the benefit of affordability. A vast majority of reviews posted by first generation Kia Rio owners and car magazine editors lambasted the Rio for its noisy engine, difficult to manage steering column, and poor shock resistance. The first generation Rio also compiled myriad complaints for its shoddy build, especially towards the rear of the car. Some reviews suggest consumers consider first generation models from 2003 to 2005, but there is not convincing evidence that the later first generation models perform any better than the models introduced in 2001 and 2002.

3. Think New

The upside to the early Rio problems is that Kia took the feedback and implemented design and construction changes that have made the Rio a much more appealing, cheaper automobile option. The current Kia Rio offers three trim options and a standard six-speed manual transmission. Standard features include air conditioning, tilt steering wheel, satellite radio, and USB-iPod interface. Reviews of the Rio models introduced after 2001 applaud the alloy wheels, fine-tuned suspension, power-folding mirrors, and the voice activated interface for the car's electronic components. Yet, the prevalent opinion of the contemporary Kia Rio is that the company has made the car stand out on its unique style and design. The new Rio continues the trend of providing above average acceleration and outstanding fuel economy during an era of high-energy prices. The third generation Kia Rio represents a substantial improvement over the first and second generations.

4. Shop Online

Many car buyers loathe the drudgery of haggling with automobile sales representatives and jumping through hoops to obtain financing. While shopping for a car in person allows car buyers to glean expertise from trained professionals, car buyers who are armed with thoroughly researched information can conveniently shop for a Kia Rio over the Internet. They just need to follow a few steps for shopping online for a new or used Rio.

Decide on Features

Write down the Kia Rio features and rank each feature in terms of importance. Cross off the features that have no utility or appeal. The more features chosen, the more expensive the Rio costs. Consider the purpose for using the Rio; the factors that are most important, such as fuel efficiency, safety, and reliability; and the budget set for purchasing the car.

Resale Value

The Internet provides Kia Rio shoppers with plenty of information that pertains to a model's resale value. Because of poor consumer response, first generation Rios depreciated quickly, and hence, the cars currently possess minimal resale value. The first generation Rios make outstanding first cars for teenagers who are just learning to drive. Research resale values by connecting to reputable third-party automobile review sites, such as Consumer Reports and Edmunds. eBay also devotes a section of its automobile sales shop to informing consumers about resale values.

Analyse Reviews

Take the time to analyse multiple site databases for consumer and expert reviews and ratings. Start with Kia's site, and then examine the reviews posted on third-party sites. The goal is to find consistency between Kia's site and third-party sites for each model. Kia Rio reviews can also help consumers decide upon which features are indispensable and which features simply add to the price tag.

Utilise the Online Sales Representative

While many car dealerships recognise the downside of in-your-face selling, quite a few dealers employ over the top sales tactics. Online shopping eliminates the hard sell and in its place is a virtual sales representative who provides a valuable resource for helping buyers decide on a Rio model. The sales rep typically pops up in a separate window. Buyers should also access the "frequently asked questions" link to learn more about the Rio.

5. Find a Pre-Financing Option

Despite the Kia Rio's low sticker price, most consumers must still find a way to finance their Rio purchases, especially for current models . Do not try to obtain financing from a Kia dealer, since dealer interest rates almost always exceed the rate on loans obtained from banks and credit unions. Most consumers have not established any type of business relationship with a Kia dealer, but they most likely have established one with their primary banking source. Consumers can also receive a loan quote from a bank or credit union and use the quote as leverage during negotiations with a dealer.

6. Test Drive the Rio

Consumers should always test drive a car before making a purchasing decision, but test driving a used or new Kia Rio is even more important. The Rio's comfort level does not appeal to many people, especially those who have long legs and feel cramped inside the smallish interior. Test drive the Rio on city streets to measure handling and brakes. Then, take the Rio out for a spin on the open road to gauge control access and acceleration. The car should sound smooth and quiet as it idles. Resolve any issues with the Rio's performance before deciding to sign on the dotted line. After a Rio test drive, take the car to a mechanic to check for any imperfections that go unnoticed by the untrained eye.

Buying a Kia Rio on eBay

How would you like to walk through a Kia showroom from the comfort of your home? All you have to do is go online to eBay and review the sellers who offer both new and used Rios. Start your shopping experience by utilising eBay's search engine. The key is to input specific keywords that dramatically reduce the number of returned search results. You can be so specific as to search for Rios that operate on petrol or diesel fuel. You can also limit your Kia Rio search to sellers who only live in the United Kingdom. After you reduce the number of seller candidates, the next step on eBay is to scrutinise each seller until you find one that matches your shopping criteria.

Each Kia Rio seller that you consider must have an enlarged photograph of the Rio for sale on his or her product page. The photograph allows you to find any imperfections on the car's exterior, which is the first clue to the Rio's condition. Next, review each seller's accepted payment methods and delivery terms. Some eBay sellers only accept a limited selection of credit cards, which can be the factor that eliminates Rio sellers from your list. Finally, look over the customer feedback that eBay places on seller product pages. Any Rio seller you consider should have received positive reviews for selling automobiles or automobile accessories.


Tighter budgets combined with escalating prices have forced consumers to search for cheaper automobile options. Positioned as the least expensive car in the subcompact niche, the Kia Rio provides the type of affordability desired by many consumers. After stumbling out of the gate with a poor performing first generation of Rios, the South Korean carmaker righted the ship by producing better second and third generation models. Contemporary Kia Rios possess many of the coveted features of their more expensive counterparts, which makes the car one of the more popular vehicles on the market.

Shopping for a Kia Rio requires consumers to follow some tips unique to the Rio and some tips that apply to most automobile purchases. Consumers should choose the hatchback body style to have more room for passengers and for storage. They should shun the first generation Rios, not because they are simply used vehicles, but because the first generation has several performance issues. Consumers should think new, as in the latest Rio model. Shopping online provides buyers with a convenient way to find Rios that match their criteria. Reduce interest rates by securing pre-financing for a Rio and above all, test drive the Rio to ensure the car handles well and provides comfort.

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