6 Tips on Washing Baby Clothes

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As a mom of two, I have washed piles and piles of baby clothes. New moms, don't panic, it's not as difficult as it may seem. There's just a few things that you need to keep in mind;

Tip - 1

Wash baby's clothes before delivery. Don't wash them all though, just the sizes up to 3 months. It's better to have the bigger sizes freshly washed later. Plus, you might decide to return or exchange other items later, so keep the tags on.

Tip - 2

Treat spills immediately, so they don't leave permanent stains. You can treat the spot, then toss the clothing item in the laundry basket for later wash.

Tip - 3

Read the washing instructions on the inner label. Washing clothes at the right temperature and drying at the right cycle can make baby's clothes look good for a longer time especially that they are washed a lot!

Tip - 4

Use detergents and fabric softeners that are specially made for babies clothes, they're fragrance free and dye free, as baby's skin can be very sensitive.

Tip - 5

If you decide to dry baby's clothes in the dryer, don't use dryer sheet. They are very harsh on baby's delicate skin.

Tip - 6

Always iron baby's clothes. Hot ironing can kill germs, thus helping you to control any infections.

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