6 Tips to Follow When Buying Laptop Keyboards

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6 Tips to Follow When Buying Laptop Keyboards

Buying a laptop keyboard is often the first step towards revolutionising the use of the computer, or it may be the answer to a lingering annoyance. In other words, people generally buy laptop keyboards for two reasons: to supplement an existing keyboard or replace it. A second keyboard provides versatility to laptop use, whereas replacing one removes the irritation of sticking keys and inefficient typing.

To efficiently shop for a laptop keyboard, there are a few tips to keep in mind. Beyond identifying why the purchase is necessary, it is important to shop around and choose an appropriate brand and model to satisfy one's needs. It is important to keep in mind the cost, comfort, style, and functionality of a laptop keyboard. There are many places from where laptop keyboards are available, such as computer stores, electronics stores, office supply stores, big box stores, and discount stores. Many people also find a great selection of reasonably priced options at online marketplaces such as eBay.

Tip 1. Identify the Needs

The first decision a buyer makes when choosing a laptop keyboard is whether it is a second keyboard or a replacement keyboard. The first choice is more expensive but it allows more versatility. The second choice is less expensive but requires more knowledge about the inner workings of the laptop or a trip to the computer repair shop.

Supplemental Laptop Keyboards

This is a good choice for someone who has a bit more money than technical ability. Buying a supplemental keypad and using Bluetooth allows maximum versatility without requiring the computer to be physically tampered with. Purchasing a second keyboard also allows users to customise the computer experience. They are no longer tied to the equipment since Bluetooth allows them to control the computer from a distance. This also enables the user to choose a keyboard that is a deluxe, ergonomic model for supreme comfort and reduced wrist and back pain.

Replacement Laptop Keyboard

If the current one has sticking or broken keys, simply installing a new or refurbished keypad into the computer is an option. For someone who has the technical ability, or a lack of funds, replacing the original keyboard with a second one is a fiscally responsible choice. For example, if one simply needs to replace an HP keyboard with another HP keyboard, then new, used, and refurbished alternatives are available to be installed by a handy individual for a low cost.

Tip 2. Investigate Supplemental Laptop Keyboard Options

Before purchasing a second keyboard for the laptop, it is a good idea to investigate the options in the market. The goal of owning a supplemental keyboard is to make the experience of using the computer more convenient, functional, and comfortable. Determine the primary function of the computer and, therefore, the keyboard. Ascertain whether an ergonomic keyboard is worth the investment or is unnecessary. Becoming familiar with the different brands of keyboards educates the buyer about what is available and which ones are compatible with the computer in question.

Functionality of the Laptop Keyboard

Different people use their computers for a variety of tasks. Some computers are for work purposes only; some are primarily for play. The list below provides a general idea about the common uses.

* Gamer

* Media User

* Data Entry

* Traveller

The proper keyboard is tailored towards the primary use of the computer. A gamer typically achieves a more enjoyable playing experience with the more expensive, aptly labelled gaming keyboards . Media users often enjoy the use of a wireless keyboard. This allows it to be used with the laptop as well as the television. People who enter data do a considerable amount of typing. They benefit from the comfort provided by ergonomic keyboards. Those who travel frequently appreciate lightweight, sometimes foldable keyboards, to use with their laptops as well as any other computers they use.

Comfort of the Laptop Keyboard

Another benefit of using a supplemental laptop keyboard is the comfort of choosing an ergonomic keyboard . These are specifically designed to minimise the strain on the wrists while being used. Some feature curved keys and others even separate for user customisation. These are typically more expensive than an average keyboard, but those who use them find that they reduce wrist pain and back pain caused by long-term computer use.

Supplemental Keyboard Options

When shopping for a second keyboard, consider buying one that is the same brand as the laptop it is being used with. Another option is to buy one that is compatible. The table below lists several popular brands and their main features.


Primary Characteristics and Functions

Microsoft ARC Keyboard

Gaming keyboard; premium connectivity; lightweight, portable, non-slip surface, attractive

Eclipse Litetouch Wireless

Technical keyboard; attractive, lightweight, versatile; no additional mouse required; low profile backlighting; 3-in-1 touch panel for personalised use

Kinesis Freestyle VIP

Ergonomic; features split keyboard with adjustable horizontal plane angle; mouse is replaced by "hot keys"

Logitech Cordless Desktop Wave

Ergonomic; features multimedia button; less expensive than many options

The table above supplies a brief list of supplemental keyboard options. They range in price and function, but provide an idea about what one can expect from keyboards. It is imperative that, before buying, a user identifies the primary needs and shops around.

Tip 3. Investigate Replacement Laptop Keyboards Options

Shopping for a replacement laptop keyboard is easy when the goal is merely to exchange the worn out keyboard with one that works. There are only a few options in such an instance. Matching the keypad with the same brand and model is as easy as comparing the model number on the back of the laptop to the replacement one. To maximise the choices, consider perusing the compatible pads as well.

Tip 4. Shop Around

To buy anything responsibly, it is a good idea to shop around at several retailers, and buying a laptop keyboard is no different. Start by asking around. Often, friends and family have experience that is helpful and can provide insight into a good option for the potential buyer. Asking salespeople and those with technical knowledge is also a good place to start.

Get Hands-On Experience

To obtain a better idea of the options available, one is well advised to review different brands and models by visiting many retailers that sell these products This allows the buyer to test-drive the different floor models, providing the hands-on experience that pictures do not. This process also provides the potential buyer with an idea about the prices for laptop keyboards. Once the buyer knows what style to look for, planning the budget is the next logical step.

Tip 5. Plan a Budget

The buyer needs to determine how much money to invest in the product. This is figured in part by how necessary the equipment is to the buyer. If one has carpal tunnel syndrome, an ergonomic keyboard is a welcome addition at any price. If the existing keyboard has a few cracked keys, and the buyer has the knowledge and skill to replace it, the part itself is a nominal cost.

Weigh Features Against Cost

Consider how much a new version of the sought keyboard is. Compare that to the amount of money available for the new acquisition. It is important to take into account the features that are the must-haves in the keyboard, as one does not need to pay for all the bells and whistles if they are not necessary. Based on one's budget, a new keyboard may be the answer, or perhaps looking into a used or refurbished option is the way to go.

Tip 6. Verify the Keyboard's Compatibility

It is important to verify the computer's compatibility with the keyboard before making the decision. Begin by trying to find the exact match for the model number. Once the laptop keyboard has been purchased, hook it up and try it out. If it is a replacement version, set it on top of the existing one to verify that it is the correct size before installing it.

How to Shop on eBay for Laptop Keyboards

When looking for laptop keyboards, consider shopping from the vast selection available on eBay. From ergonomic options to those intended for split screen use, eBay has options provided by vendors from around the world. To find a keyboard, merely type a few descriptive words or phrases into the search bar. For example, enter general phrases, such as " laptop keyboards", " ergonomic keyboard ", or " wireless keyboard ", to find the listings on the website. To perform a more narrowed search, type more specific terms, such as " HP laptop keyboards ", " used ergonomic keyboard ", or " Logitech gaming keyboard ".

To avoid frustration and disappointment, take your time choosing the keyboard. Look closely at the photographs on the listings and read the accompanying descriptions. Compare them by brand, style, condition, and price, among other considerations.

Choosing a reputable vendor with whom to do business on eBay is an important decision. Consider the sellers carefully, and look at their feedback and ratings from previous buyers. This gives you an idea regarding the business practises of the seller and adds to your comfort level with regards to making a purchase from the seller.


There are few aspects to consider when buying a laptop keyboard. First, it is important to identify whether the purchase is for supplemental purposes or for replacing an existing keyboard. The characteristics sought and the methods for doing so are a bit different in each case. A supplemental keyboard allows the user to type from a distance for increased versatility. A replacement keyboard fits into the laptop when the keys are stuck or broken, or if they cease to work properly.

The second aspect to consider is whether to buy a replacement keyboard that is identical to the one that the computer originally had or buy one that is compatible with it. With a supplemental keyboard, it is a good idea to pick one that is ergonomic to ensure that the equipment is comfortable for long-time use. Deciding whether to purchase a new, used, or refurbished keyboard is another aspect in the process. This is partly determined by the buyer's budget. Regardless of the purpose of the keyboard, whether it is a name brand, ergonomic, or refurbished, one can find the keyboard that meets the needs on a website such as eBay.

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