6 simple steps to buying Dvd's, Cd's and Games

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Guide to buying Dvd's, Cd's and Games on E-bay

As we all like to grab a bargain E-bay seems to be the ideal place to buy a Dvd on the cheap. Yes everyone gets a rush knowing that they got their Dvd at an excellent price and leaving you money to purchase something else.

But don't let the addictiveness and thrill of E-bay blind you to the reality of purchasing these products.

Here is a real simple 6 step guide to purchasing Dvd's, games and CD's from E-bay.


#1 – Shop around online

Shop around and I'm not talking about on E-bay. Many people make the mistake of buying something from E-bay thinking it's a great deal when you can in fact buy it from online retailers for cheaper. The first step is to check online retailers such as Amazon and HMV before looking on E-bay, know how much it costs to buy the item brand new.

#2 – Shop around on E-bay

Don't buy the first item you see or rush to buy a 'buy it now' item. Anything you think has potential click on 'watch it'. This means anything you are interested in is stored and waiting, it also means that you can compare items instantly in your E-bay area.

#3 – Postage costs

Most people forget about the postage costs. It's not so bad now with the free postage on Dvd's but for anything else you need to take this into account. You might be buying an item for a great price but add on that forgotten postage and it may having been cheaper to buy from the high street.

#4 – Tally up and make a note

The most useful thing I ever do now is when I find an item I like and there is potential to purchase it I watch it in 'My E-bay' then add a small note. This note contains the following information, how much the product costs brand new from another online retailer, the postage cost of the item if it has it and the possible maximum bid for the item. At this point it is always useful to contact the seller, make sure that if this is a Dvd the item is a genuine item and not some ceap Asian copy.

#5 – Bid

When you have it there in black and white then allow yourself to bid, don't ever go above that maximum amount in the note area. Sometimes you will be tempted to do just that but that's why there is that note. Too many people in the last minutes of sale add another 50 pence/cent just to be highest bidder again and once you've done that 3 or 4 times you can suddenly be paying twice as much as you planned for an item not worth it.

#6 – Don't be afraid to miss out

If you think something is getting too expensive don't be afraid to let it go. E-bay is a magical place where, yep you guessed it, the item you want will reappear again, particularly with games, Dvd's and Cd's. There are many copies out there and you'll get the chance to bid again.


Happy Bidding and this guide can be used towards any type of item.
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