7 Considerations When Purchasing a Skoda for Your Teen

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7 Considerations When Purchasing a Skoda for Your Teen

The Czech-based Skoda Auto company is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world, and its history dates back to the 1890s. First a bicycle company, then a motorcycle company, and finally a car company, the Skoda automobile has certainly been around for a long time. The company's reputation did suffer somewhat due to the politics of the Cold War that prevented Western technology from reaching Eastern Europe. However, upon the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Volkswagen invested in Skoda and eventually became the owners of the company.

Under Volkswagen's influence, the company underwent a sharp turnaround to produce good quality cars that anyone would be proud to own. Stylishly designed and surprisingly affordable, Skoda automobiles are a good choice for teens as a first car. However, when it comes to buying a Skoda either from a dealership or at online website like eBay, parents and teens alike need to examine the vehicle's design, safety, and other features.

Consideration 1: Passenger Safety

When it comes to teenagers buying cars, safety is the main concern for many parents. After all, teenagers do not have a lot of driving experience under their belt, and a high percentage of accidents are typically the fault of inexperienced drivers behind the wheel. Therefore, many parents opt to spend more money on a car that was safer than try to budget for a car that was unsafe.

The good news is that since it has been under the direction of Volkswagen, Skoda cars earn high safety ratings. When tested by the Euro NCAP, several Skoda models that are ideal for teens such as the Citigo, Fabia, and Roomster consistently earn high safety ratings. In fact, the 2006 Roomster earned a rating of five stars for adult passenger safety.

Consideration 2: Pedestrian Safety

While perhaps not as important for as many parents as passenger safety is, pedestrian safety is another important concern for many people. No one wants to be in an accident involving a pedestrian, especially a teenager who is just learning how to drive. Pedestrian safety ratings reflect how the design of the car either adds or subtracts damage to pedestrians. It is a difficult safety standing for any car manufacturer to reach, and Skoda has only mediocre results in this category. Many of the Skoda models are equally poor when it comes to pedestrian safety, and some, such as the Skoda Yeti, are rated at only 46 per cent.

Consideration 3: Car Design

Safety may be the most important factor to parents, but every teen wants a car that looks good as well. While some teens may have unrealistic expectations, such as wanting a sports car that comes with an enormous amount of horsepower, there are plenty of Skoda options out there that both parents and teens can agree upon.









RS, Scout, Greenline, Monte Carlo


Small Car

Scout, Greenline




These are the four types of vehicles likely to appeal to teens based on their overall design. Skoda offers more models, but these larger family-style estate vehicles are often larger than needed for teenage drivers.

Consideration 4: Hatchback Models

Teens lead busy lives. Whether it is football practise after school, or spending a weekend with friends, they typically have a lot of stuff to carry. Parents often think that teens need smaller cars, and while this is true of the passenger cabin, teens often need large boot areas. The bigger the boot, the more stuff can be stored in the rear.

Skoda makes several different hatchback models. The Fabia Hatchback is available in the eco-friendly Fabia Greenline II and the sporty Fabia Monte Carlo. The speedy Fabia vRS also comes as a five-door hatchback. Teens who play sports can surely appreciate the extra boot space provided by the Roomster. With its adjustable rear seats, the boot space becomes as large or small as the driver desires.

Consideration 5: Fuel Efficiency

When it comes to buying a new car, parents also have to consider more than just the initial purchase price. Owning a vehicle is costly when one includes the price of gasoline. Teenagers who have to pay for their own gasoline may need a vehicle that can go many miles without needing to be refuelled.

Overall, almost all Skoda vehicles earn excellent fuel economy ratings. Skoda cars are small and lightweight, and they come with small engines so they do not burn a lot of extra fuel. Even the speedy Fabia vRS can get up to 53 mpg. However, when it comes to owning a car that excels in high fuel economy, few vehicles can beat the Fabia Greenline II. This remarkable model gets 94 mpg, and it emits just 89g of carbon dioxide per kilometre. Not only does it get great gas mileage, it also helps save the planet, and this is a strong selling point among many teenagers.

Consideration 6: Price

It is never a good idea to spend too much money on a teenager's first car. The vehicle should be safe, of course, but it is also going to take a beating over its lifetime as the teenager evolves from a beginning driver into an advanced one. Knowing this, parents often try to select a budget car for their teenager, which is an area where the range of Skoda vehicles excels.

The least expensive Skoda model is the Citigo. It gets high gas mileage at 78 mpg, but the downside is that this is a very small car designed mainly for urban travel. Those who live outside of a city may want to go for something larger. At double the price, parents can select from the Fabia and Roomster line of vehicles that include more power and more room overall. The Skoda Yet is the most expensive vehicle sold by the company, but in exchange for the high price consumers get a moderately sized four-wheel drive vehicle.

Consideration 7: Used Cars

The alternative to buying a new car is to pick an older used one. Many teens get their first car as a hand-me-down from an older sibling or even a parent. If this is not practical, then one option for parents is to explore used Skoda listings. The good news when shopping for a car is that used Skodas sell for even less than new models. This means that if a buyer can find a good deal, he or she can end up saving a significant amount of money.

There are several features to watch out for when buying used cars. First, the buyer needs to make sure the car is in good condition. This means that the frame, chassis, and tyres are all serviceable and show little signs of wear and tear. High mileage is another concern on Skoda vehicles, especially for a teenager that is likely to apply a lot of pressure to an already overworked engine. Vehicles with high mileage are sold at lower prices, but then usually require major repair work within the next year. It is best to buy a used car whose mileage does not exceed 100k.

Finally, the car's warranty is another consideration. New cars come with a factory warranty, but this is not true of many used vehicles. Keep this in mind when buying an almost-new car, as it may be worth the extra money to pay for a new vehicle and receive a factory warranty.

How to Buy Skoda Vehicles on eBay

Consumers can find plenty of Skoda vehicles that make good choices for teenagers for sale on eBay. This gigantic website features both new and used car listings housed all in the same place. Sellers are competitive with one another and frequently list Skodas at below market value in order to secure a sale. This in turn passes the savings along to the buyer of the vehicle in question.

Start out by typing ' Skoda cars' into the search engine. This returns all models of Skoda vehicles that are currently for sale, usually in overwhelming numbers. While it is sometimes useful to browse this list just to see what types of vehicles are available, if you already know what model you want then search for it directly. Typing in ' Skoda Fabia' for example, only returns results for the Fabia model, but these results are spread across different years. If you are looking for a specific year, such as a 2010 model then you must be more specific and type ' 2010 Skoda Fabia ' into the search engine. There are many options you can use to narrow your results and create an effective search strategy by using eBay.


Once much maligned, the Skoda automotive company is seeing a comeback in recent years. After it was purchased by Volkswagen, this Eastern European country underwent an overhaul that redesigned its production line. The end result was a line of cars that are both affordable and safe. When it comes to buying a car for teenagers, both of those factors are a primary concern. Parents are attracted to the Skoda brand for the price and safety reviews, while teens prefer the brand's new design style.

Both parents and teens can agree that fuel efficiency is important in whatever vehicle is finally selected. The best strategy for buying a Skoda for a teenager on eBay or from a dealer is to compare differ models and listen to feedback. The ideal car is not something that only the parent wants, or only the teen desires. Instead, it is a car that both groups can agree on as the best one available.

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