7 Features to Look For When Buying a Used Volkswagen Golf

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7 Features to Look For When Buying a Used Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf has been winning awards ever since it first came out. Considering the excellent build and reliability of these vehicles, they still represent great value in the used car market. The options today include the Mark III (1992-1998), the Mark IV (1997-2003), the Mark V (2003-2008), and the Mark VI (2008-2013). Each of these generations came out with several trim levels and major differences between the levels. This means shoppers need to make a list of necessary features before shopping for a used Golf . Even features like air conditioning may not be present in all models, especially in the third generation of the Golf model.

Features to think about include those made for safety, comfort, and convenience. Seven such features include: immobilisers, remote locking, cruise control, Automatic Distance Control, adaptive chassis control, automatic rain sensors, and VW's Park Assist. Buying a used Golf with these features is easier than ever by learning to shop on eBay.

Feature 1: Immobilisers

The immobiliser was a security feature that Volkswagen introduced to the Golf in 1994. The Mark IIIs made before this time do not have immobilisers, which means that anyone with an exact copy of the key can start the engine. Vehicles with immobilisers, however, use keys with special transponder chips inside that communicate with the engine. The engine only starts if the transponder sends the correct code. This is really a basic security feature today, but some older used Golf models may not have it.

Of course, the newer Golfs have even more advanced safety features, like Anti-Theft Alarm systems, that detect motion inside the car when it is parked. This makes it impossible for thieves to enter through a window, or even just snatch objects from inside the car.

Feature 2: Remote Locking

Remote locking was a feature that came out with the Mark IV, but only in the special trim levels and not in the standard Golf. In the Mark V, remote locking became standard. Also called 'central locking', this feature consists of a button on the key fob that allowed the user to lock or unlock the car from a distance. Note that this feature is different from the automatic locking that many cars have when travelling above a certain speed. This was an additional and optional feature that only some models have.

Feature 3: Climatronic

The VW electronic climate controls adjust the temperature inside the car based on the outside temperature. Volkswagen introduced this feature in the early 1990s but not all Golf models included it in production. The climate control is completely automatic and computerised. It introduces cool air if the outside temperature is too hot, and even takes into account the position of the sun. Likewise, it heats the car if the temperature drops too low. More advanced climate control systems may have dual zones for the driver and the passenger to control the temperature separately. Auto recirculation is also available in some Climatronic systems, and starts circulating the air if the amount of particulate matter in the air is high.

Feature 4: Automatic Distance Control with Front Assist

Automatic Distance Control is an advanced form of cruise control. Cruise control is a feature which only became available starting with the Mark V Match model of the Golf. The Advanced Distance Control became available with the Mark VI . Basically, ADC allows the driver to set the distance at which he or she wants to remain behind the vehicle in front, and the range of speeds within which the vehicle can adjust its speed automatically.

The vehicle maintains a set distance from the traffic in front by braking or accelerating as necessary. It uses a radar sensor to detect traffic in front of the car and significantly reduces the risk of front-end collisions. Front Assist is a related technology that primes the brakes when it seems that a collision is likely, using the same radar sensor.

Feature 5: Adaptive Chassis Control

Adaptive Chassis Control came out with the sixth generation Golf, in 2008. This system automatically regulates the suspension system of the car depending on the driving conditions. It can also be manually changed between three modes to change how the vehicle handles.

The three modes are Normal, Sport, and Comfort. The Sport setting makes the ride more firm, and allows for better responsiveness in regards to the steering. The Comfort setting gives a softer ride. Each shock absorber is connected individually to a control device which determines the best setting for each wheel. These devices are made to react within milliseconds to bumps, curves, and other road conditions.

Feature 6: Auto Rain Sensors

From the Mark IV Match onward, VW Golfs have had automatic lights and wipers. These automatic wipers use rain sensors that turn on the wipers. The rain sensors can also determine how much rain is falling and adjust the speed of the windscreen wipers accordingly. This feature is not only convenient but also contributes to safety, since the driver can focus his or her attention on just the road.

The sensitivity of the system can also be set so that the wipers start working with just a few drops of rain or only when the rainfall gets heavier. When the car is in reverse, the rear wipers automatically turn on to wipe away rain. The design of the system is based on just a few cleverly placed lights and sensors that detect rain based on how much light passes through the windscreen. This design ensures that dirt, and defects in the windscreen due to age, do not affect the sensor's ability to work.

Feature 7: Park Assist

Park Assist is a technology that came out with the Mark VI Golf . It helps the driver find a suitable parking spot and manoeuver correctly to get in and out with ease. This is a huge help, especially with parallel parking in the city. The system needs just 80 cm of space, in addition to the length of the vehicle to be able to park the car. The driver uses the sensor to measure the distance as the vehicle is passing the prospective spot. The display then shows the vehicle's projected path to get into the space if it has been deemed big enough.

All the driver has to do is work the pedals and the steering wheel turns on its own to get the car into the space. The same system can also get the vehicle out of a tight space with just 25 cm behind and in front of the vehicle. The system can be deactivated at any time simply by overriding the steering manually or by breaking all the way to a standstill.

How to Buy a Used Volkswagen Golf on eBay

Using eBay to shop for a used Volkswagen Golf is a great idea because of the easy search functions and secure feedback system. By using eBay, you can easily find just VW Golfs with the features you want at a price you can afford. To find a used Golf on eBay, simply go to any eBay page and search for ' Volkswagen Golf'' by typing that term into any keyword search bar on eBay. You can then choose from the subcategories and other search refinement options to limit the search to used vehicles.

Choose a Reputable Seller

Never is it more important to buy from a reputable seller than when buying a used vehicle. eBay makes it simple to find a reputable seller, whether it is a used car dealer or a private owner, because all of a seller's feedback reports from past transactions is made public information. Just click on the seller's name or feedback score to learn more about the seller. You should also check on the warranty offered with the vehicle, especially if it is a certified pre-owned vehicle. Also, while eBay is the best possible way to find out about used cars for sale in the area, there is no substitute for a test drive and a check-up with a mechanic before you seal the deal.


A Volkswagen Golf is one of the best used vehicles in its class. With third, fourth, fifth, and sixth generation vehicles widely available in the used car market, one should know about the features available at every level. The sixth generation, not surprisingly, has the most technology. This includes Park Assist, VW's smart parking mode, and Adaptive Chassis Control, which changes how the car handles under different conditions. If these are not absolutely necessary, the fifth generation offers some useful features like automatic rain sensors and a special form of cruise control called Automatic Distance Control.

Especially useful for new or young drivers, ADC can also reduce fatigue on long drives and provide a higher level of safety on the road by automatically monitoring and adjusting the vehicle's distance from traffic in front. If these features are still out of a buyer's range of needs or wants, there are still features like immobilisers, remote locking, and the VW Climatronic system that can be of great value to those looking for Mark IIIs and Mark IVs. By knowing when each of these features became standard, as well as why they are useful, buyers can make wiser decisions when shopping for used cars. Used cars are easily found on eBay, the world's favourite online marketplace.

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