7 Ideas for a Long Weekend in Ireland

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7 Ideas for a Long Weekend in Ireland

People who are looking for a destination for a short trip or a long weekend discover that Ireland has a lot to offer. From historic sites, beautiful landscapes, athletic events, and nightlife, visitors are sure to find something to do in Ireland that matches their interests. Because there is so much to do, it can be hard to come up with ideas for what to do and what to visit in Ireland. Rather than trying see it all in a short amount of time, travellers should stick to activities and attractions that are close to major centres or visit just a few sites of important cultural and historical significance. These include visiting the capital city of Dublin, driving the scenic route on the Ring of Kerry, and no trip to Ireland is complete without taking the time to kiss the Blarney Stone.

Before heading over to Ireland, travellers need to take the time to review the best travel ideas for a long weekend and they should be sure that they have everything they need for the trip. Whether shopping for items to take on the trip to Ireland or long weekend travel packages , shoppers can find everything they need on eBay.

1. Tour Dublin

The capital of Ireland is Dublin. Taking a long weekend in Ireland does not give one much time to travel all over the country, so if time is short it is best to stay in Dublin and explore the city. With a mixture of history, landscapes, eateries, and nightlife, travellers can see it all without having to venture too far.

Guinness Storehouse

Travellers who are on their first trip to Dublin should stop in to see the Guinness Storehouse. This storehouse was built in 1902, but is now a tourist attraction that shows visitors how Guinness is made and showcases the company's long history. The tour ends at the GRAVITY Bar at the top of the building. The bar offers complimentary pints to visitors. Additionally, many visitors claim that the views of Dublin from the top of the Guinness Storehouse are amongst the best in the Irish capital.

Trinity College

Trinity College is one of the most prestigious universities in all of Ireland. The buildings date back to 1592 when the college was founded. Drama students give tours year round, offering a fun and dramatic experience rather than strictly fact-based historical tours. Travellers say that the best time of year to visit the college is in May right after the students have finished up their classes for the year. Visitors looking for an energetic and fun scene find that Trinity College comes to life once the students have finished their studies for the year.

2. Grab a Pint at The Stag's Head

Visitors to Ireland who want to visit authentic Irish pubs must do so in Ireland. Even in Ireland, traditional pubs are quickly disappearing. However, there are still quite a few pubs that have established themselves as landmarks in a particular area. The Stag's Head is one such pub and is located in Dublin. Many of the customers are students from the nearby Trinity College, but it is also a popular watering hole for tourists and locals alike. Visiting celebrities from all over the often stop in for a drink at The Stag's Head when they are in Dublin. The pub has a long drinking room decorated with polished mahogany, walnut, and ebony, along with dark oak whiskey casks lined up along the walls. When spending the weekend in Dublin, The Stag's Head is definitely a place to stop in for a drink.

3. Catch a Gaelic Football Game at Croke Park

Croke Park is the fourth largest stadium in Europe. Seating 80,000 sports fans, people can watch two popular Irish sports there: Gaelic football and hurling. Croke Park is one of the largest stadiums used for amateur rather than professional sports. Because amateur sports are played at Croke Park, as well as sports that are not well-known or popular outside of Ireland, this stadium is frequented by locals more than tourists. People who are on a long weekend and want to see a glimpse of real Irish life, should make an effort to catch a catch a hurling event or gaelic football game at Croke Park.

Skyline Walkway

For an amazing view of Dublin, there is a walkway located 44 metres above Croke Park and runs about half a kilometres around the stadium. Tour guides take visitors along the walkway and point out different buildings and central Dublin landmarks. Visitors should be sure to bring their cameras to capture a panoramic view of the entire city. Another section of the walkway is suspended over the pitch in Croke Park.

4. Visit the Historic Sites in Boyne Valley

Boyne Valley is a must-see destination for anyone on a long weekend visit to Ireland. The valley is home to some of the world's oldest archaeological sites and artefacts. Designated as a World Heritage Site, the monuments in Boyne Valley are among the most revered in Ireland. Many of these sites date back farther than England's Stonehenge and even Egypt's Great Pyramids. Whether looking for a guided tour or to wander the sites at your own pace, there is no shortage of history to explore in the area.


Newgrange is perhaps the most famous historic site in Ireland. The monuments date back more than 5,000 years. Travellers who are taking long weekends in December should check out the winter solstice event held every year on December 21. This is the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, and on this day, the ancient tomb at Newgrange is illuminated by a small opening that allows a beam of sunlight to pass through. This illumination only occurs on one day of the year, and people travel from all over the world to see it.

5. Drive the Ring of Kerry

Travellers who wish to see the beautiful scenery that Ireland has to offer should not miss the Ring of Kerry. This is a route that covers 179 kilometres, starting in Killarney, Ireland. People who drive this road see beautiful landscapes, cliffs, and bodies of water. The Ring of Kerry is perfect for a long weekend because travelling the route only requires a day. Many coaches drive people along the route so they do not have to drive themselves and so can just sit back and enjoy the sights. While the roads are marked, it is advisable that travellers have a GPS or map of the area handy in case they wander off of the route. Additionally, there are walking trails throughout that allow visitors to experience Ireland's beautiful landscapes by foot.

6. Kiss the Blarney Stone

No trip to Ireland is complete without a visit to Blarney Castle. As is the case with many other historical sites in Ireland, Blarney Castle has a long history and dates back to the 1400s. Much of the castle is in ruin, but most people just want to visit the top of the castle to see the Stone of Eloquence, better known as the Blarney Stone. The legend of the Blarney Stone states that people who hang upside down and kiss it receive the gift of eloquence. Visitors are lowered upside down as they hold on to iron rails to kiss the stone. After kissing the Blarney stone, one is said to be gifted with the right words to say in all situations. Before leaving Blarney Castle, visitors should be sure to walk the beautiful gardens surrounding the castle.

7. Step on the Stones at Giant's Causeway

People who are spending their long weekend in Northern Ireland should be sure to stop and see Giant's Causeway. This is a natural landform that is made up of more than 40,000 basalt columns. Legend has it that Fionn mac Cumhaill built this causeway to fight a giant in Scotland. Because the columns are a unique sight, it is hard to believe that they are not manmade. Instead, these columns were formed by a volcanic eruption that took place more than 60 million years ago. It is the most popular attraction in the area, and people travel from all over to step on the stones and look out over the water.

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Searching for Travel Items

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Ireland has many attractions in the offering for residents and visitors from all over the world. With beautiful landscapes that feature rolling green hills and beautiful bodies of water, as well as hundreds of historical monuments to view, people who are looking for a relaxing weekend to take in the sights are sure to find things to pique their interests on a short break to Ireland. Those who prefer a more active and energetic scene should stick to the large cities, like Dublin, where athletic events, pubs, and major historical sites are found throughout.

A long weekend gives visitors enough time to take in much of what Ireland has to offer, but not enough time to see it all. For this reason, travellers need to take the time to review the top destinations and events in Ireland and see which ones they want to include on their itineraries. When preparing for a long weekend in Ireland, it is important for travellers to have everything they need before leaving. This ensures that no time is wasted once they have arrived. To find a large selection of essential travel items at the best prices, shoppers can find what they need on eBay.

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