7 KEY Conversion Strategies for eBay Shop Success

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Your eBay marketing strategy is spot on and you have 1000's of visitors to your eBay shop on a monthly basis, but you simply aren't getting enough sales, your conversion rate basically sucks! Let's now look at 7 Key conversion strategies to get more sales in your eBay shop.

1. Targeted Traffic

Qualified and targeted visitors are vital for sales. If someone searches for a tennis computer game and then land on a site selling tennis equipment there won't be any sales as a result, so focus your content, keywords and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) efforts on the right terms and content so when visitors do land on your site they are targeted and are ready to buy what you are selling. Start by selecting the right eBay ID all the way through to your image and brand. Its so important to get the type of visitor you want to sell to.

2. On Page Content

Following on from number 1 when writing your product titles and descriptions strategically place keywords in your content to match eBay's Best Match search criteria rankings so they appear high in the eBay results and also Google's and the other search engine's results. This goes for all eBay optimisation such as in your buyer's guides and also for all your Search Engine Optimisation efforts off of eBay. Get targeted and qualified, ready to buy visitors and watch your sales conversions increase over night.

3. Price

Price is important, especially on eBay. However cheapest doesn't always equal the best and most successful seller, don't forget you have to make money from this process so think carefully before just guessing at a low price and gross profit margin. Run the numbers and ensure you're happy with the net profits once all your running costs have been factored in. How many eBay shop designs and product listings have you seen where the image is just poor and the product descriptions and images are of the lowest possible quality, and the price is even cheaper than you can buy it trade in bulk.

Don't worry about these guys as they simply don't have a clue how to market and run a successful business and as a result simply slap a cheap price on their products in the hope that someone will buy. And they do, they attract people of the same mindset. Let them sell to and deal with the type of buyer who doesn't care about product quality, about guarantees, about whether they are UK or grey imports or who doesn't care about Exceptional Pre-Sales and Post-Sale customer support.

Test different product and shipping prices ensuring you keep within your lowest acceptable profits margin. You'll be surprised how many people will pay above the average just to get the confidence, reassurance, trust and quality of good service they expect. Simply over deliver in the way you display your products and the pre-sales and after-sales support you give.

4. Accreditations, Guarantees and Trust

Buyers will typically spend their money with sellers that have as close to 100% feedback as this gives them the trust they need. Give every ounce of energy to become a power seller as soon as possible by meeting and exceeding eBay's criteria to gain this valued status. Offer product guarantees. 

Offer money back guarantees which ultimately take the risk out of the purchase. Many people think by offering a money back guarantee that they will get lots of returns. But ask yourself why would someone return your product if it's what you describe and they want it? A money back guarantee simply enables you to take the risk away from the purchase and ultimately sell more products. Display any accreditation logos and testimonials where possible in your eBay pages to help build trust. Offer a phone number as well as email contact and display this clearly on your eBay shop pages.

5. Shipping and Costs

Keep your shipping costs to a reasonable level but ensure that you factor in your packaging material costs, time to package the products and time running to the post office and even fuel costs, etc. You're a business and you have to make money from this value for value exchange with the customer. Test different shipping prices and also test free shipping as you may find you sell more products by increasing your products costs and offering free shipping. Every product and market has different customers so the results will differ per market.

6. Customer Support

To have a successful business it's imperative to over deliver when it comes to pre and post sale customer service. Respond to emails fast whether they are sales, support or technical. The quicker you reply to a sales enquiry the more chance you have of getting a sale so that is vital. Don't mess about with long boring replies, get to the specifics, give the answer the customer wants and get the email out. Give your phone number on your eBay shop as an alternative to email as some people prefer this method of contact, especially when the query is urgent.

7. Test, Test, Test

Consistently monitor your product listings and sales data in your Selling Manager Pro and Turbo Lister software. Subscribe to Terapeak so you can analyse your results and improve your selling strategy. At the time of writing I believe eBay have just started using a version of Terapeak replacing their market research tool. Ensure you take some time out to go through this data as its absolute key to finding the right strartegy for eBay success. 

In this data you can find out your visitors habits, when they buy, how much they spend, what your top selling products are by title, what the competition is, who sells the most products, what times people buy, average selling prices, etc, etc.

So test often and measure the results. If something isn't working, change it!

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