7 KEY Product Listing Strategies for eBay Shop Success

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You have an eBay shop and you want more sales. Here are 7 top tips for listing products on eBay with an eBay shop.

1. Buy It Now

Fixed price Buy it now listings allow your visitor to view your products and buy it in the moment like a typical shop or ecommerce store. As many purchases are made impulsively and are based on emotion by offering your customer the option to Take Action Now, your purchases and gross profit margins will increase. Auction listings on the other hand may work better for items whereby you're happy to risk accepting a lower price value. Sure, the customer may get emotionally excited about your auction listing and impulsively bid a higher amount than your Buy it Now price but on the whole they will use logic throughout the bidding duration and do research to decide on a maximum price to bid, typically lower than you Buy It Now price.

Buy It Now listings allow you to take the customer and walk them through your sales process from start to finish in as little time as possible.     

2. Duration & Ending Times

The duration times at which you list your items are key especially with the new prices effective from September 25th 2008. There are 2 main price groups, 3, 5, 7, 10 days and 30 days and Good Til Cancelled (GTC). GTC listings renew automatically every 30 days all other durations expire after the time length and you have to relist. The listing fee is the same for both price groups but the final value fee percentage is different based on your Buy It Now final value price.

Running GTC listings ensures longevity of these product listings in the non eBay search engines like Google and overtime your product will be in the top 10 results in Google for your given keyword. Traffic will then enter your eBay shop from the Google results. Don't underestimate this search engine traffic.

Start and end times are vital to ensure you maximise sales when people search using the end time search criteria. To fully maximise this option look at the Terapeak data as it will tell you the exact times when people buy based on previous eBay results data. 

3. Relisting within 7 days

Part of eBay's new ranking algorithm is your previous selling history per product listing, so the more you sell the higher that individual product listing will be in eBay's results. However your recently ended/sold product must be relisted within 7 days to ensure your sales history is maintained with this product. A word of warning, do not change the title, description, price, etc, basically don't amend it or you will lose your selling history attached to this product. If you use Turbo Lister, Listing Activity > Ended Listings > right click 'Relist' to ensure you maintain this sales history. 

4. Titles, Descriptions & Images

Product Titles and Descriptions are vital for getting good listings in the eBay search results Google and other search engines too off of eBay. eBay pages get indexed very fast in Google especially. Your product titles have to rank high in the results and also get the click from the visitor so must be appealing. Use your top keywords in your product title and throughout your description just like you would on an off eBay shop for optimum Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Likewise your description must have good keyword density (using your top keywords throughout your description) for the search engines but also must be appealing to your visitor. Does it answer their questions and provide the information they need to make the decision to buy your product there and then. Best advice is to become your customer when you write your descriptions and answer all questions you need answering.

Images are also key as they give a strong visual impact from the thumbnail through to the main product images and good images can boost your sales ratio. If your product image is poor then the customers perception of your product is the same.    

5. Video

Using video in your descriptions to detail your products will give your customer the ability to see your product in use and can boost your sales exponentially. Here you can detail key specifics of your product that your description may not do as well. Also using videos when hosted on YouTube can get you tons of extra traffic from the search engines alone, Google in particular. Google loves video and because you assign a title, description and tags (keywords) to your video when uploading it, this information will get you good listings, if done correctly. So if you strategically use your keywords and key phrases in these attributes and match these with your visitors search then your videos will have a great chance of appearing top 10 in Google and other search and video engines.  

6. Efficiency and Speed

Try listing your products using Turbo Lister and synchronise this with your eBay account to get key data on your best selling products, etc. Turbo Lister allows you to upload individual or multiple items and you can Schedule your listings to upload at certain times and multiple listings can be spaced apart. Selling Manager Pro is also highly recommended not only for its price benefits when using Turbo Lister but also because it provides you with superb sales data to improve your strategies.

7. Data and Results

Periodically go through your data on offer in Selling Manager Pro, Turbo Lister and Terapeak and see where you can improve all aspects of your business. Are you listing at the right times, is your listing duration too short or too long, are you getting good traffic from your product titles and other SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) efforts, is your feedback growing, are you fast approaching power seller status. And the all important question are you making money?

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