7 Short Break Ideas for Multiple Couples

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7 Short Break Ideas for Multiple Couples

Many times, a holiday or short break involves a single couple or family. However, many couples enjoy taking short breaks with other couples that they know. More people means more fun, excitement, and laughter. However, it can sometimes be difficult to find a location or activity that pleases everyone in the group. If travellers are trying to plan a short break for multiple couples, they first need a list of ideas, including available lodgings and activities. Then they can get together as a group and decide on the right location.

Travellers can find short break information and pricing online at many websites, including eBay. Some eBay sellers offer short break packages within the United Kingdom and across the Channel. Travellers need to investigate each potential getaway to find out what dining, activities, and accommodations are available. If couples plan to bring pets along, they also need to know about pet regulations and pet fees.

Short Break Idea #1: The Hotel Thoumieux, Paris, France

Paris is a short aeroplane ride away for a short break. For visitors on a budget, the Hotel Thoumieux offers luxurious rooms at excellent prices. The hotel is near the Eiffel Tower, providing visitors the opportunity to stroll to this famous landmark. Hotel Thoumieux features decor from the world-famous designer India Mahdavi, whose vivid colour palette and angular lighting designs make the hotel a fascinating setting for a short break. The hotel chef, Jean-François Piège, is known for his delicious creations. Each room also features a soft drink mini bar, an in-room iPad for guests, complimentary toiletries, and an espresso maker for that much-needed shot of morning caffeine. Multiple couples travelling together should reserve their lodgings far in advance, since the hotel only has 15 rooms available.

Short Break Idea #2: The Palazzo Margherita, Basilicata, Italy

If couples have enough time for longer flights, they may want to splurge on a short break to the brand-new Palazzo Margherita in Basilicata, Italy. The Palazzo Margherita is only 82 km away from the airport. Opened in 2012, the hotel belongs to film director Francis Ford Coppola. Each of the nine rooms boasts the design aesthetic of Jacques Grange, a famous Parisian designer. Guests can drive just 15 minutes to the scenic coastline.

Short Break Idea #3: The Lake District, North West England

For couples who enjoy fishing, boating,cycling, hiking, walking, and water skiing, the Lake District could be ideal. The Lake District features many cosy cottages, comfortable cabins, and luxurious lodges. Some of the lodges have three or four bedrooms, an additional bonus for couples travelling together. If the group includes individuals who enjoy fishing and others who prefer shopping, choose a lodge or cabin near a well-stocked lake, within easy walking or driving distance from a town. Groups of couples can split up during the day and rejoin each other in the late afternoon or evening for dinner and drinks at a local pub. Watching a movie, swimming, or playing games as a group is an excellent way to relax after a long day of fishing, canoeing, or shopping. No matter which lodgings guests choose for a short break, the Lake District offers unparalleled scenic beauty.

The Lake District National Park is one of England's popular tourist destinations. The chart below lists key facts about this area.

Item of Interest


Date established


Highest mountain

Scafell Pike, 978 metres

Deepest lake

Wastwater, 74 metres

Largest lake

Windermere, 1,459 hectares

Resident population

over 42,200 people


over 15.8 million people each year

Couples who are interested in literary figures and writers may find the Lake District particularly enchanting. During the 1800s, a group of writers known as the Lake Poets became influential in the Romantic movement. Among the famous are Robert Southey, William Wordsworth, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Short Break Idea #4: Three Choirs Vineyards, Gloucestershire, England

If multiple couples going on a short break together share a love of wine, they could arrange a visit to the Three Choirs Vineyards in Gloucestershire. Elegant rooms, fine dining, and excellent wine create an atmosphere of relaxation and luxury. The vineyards are located within an hour's driving distance of shopping and activities in towns like Birmingham and Bristol. In the evening, guests can return to the quiet, beautiful countryside, laced with grapevines and dotted with shimmering willows, oaks, and other trees.

Short Break Idea #5: The Wentworth Hotel, Aldeburgh, England

If couples are aching for a seaside getaway, they should try the Wentworth Hotel at Aldeburgh. This is a lovely coastal town, and the views from Wentworth Hotel allow guests to enjoy the scenic beauty of the beach and the ocean. Rooms feature soft earth tones and restful blues, helping guests relax and unwind. The hotel also has two lounges, two gardens, and a bar. If some individuals in the group are not mobile enough to walk through town or stroll the beach, they can still have a pleasant experience resting in the gardens or on the terrace, partaking in morning coffee or a cream tea. Guests can also enjoy boating, shopping, walking, and swimming. At certain times of the year, travellers can participate in the local music or poetry festivals. Sunshine, flowers, and the soothing sound of the ocean make Wentworth Hotel a prime destination for a short break.

Short Break Idea #6: The Fronlas Boutique Hotel, Llandeilo, Wales

The town of Llandeilo in Wales is home to this quirky, beautiful little hotel. Each of the four rooms is designed in a different style and colour palette. Room Un has a stone en-suite bath, a flamboyant wallpaper mural, and a super-king bed, allowing any couple as much sleeping space as their hearts desire. Room Dau is outfitted in black, purple, and pink. Like Room Un, it features a stunning view of the Tywi Valley. Room Pedwar transports guests to a natural environment with its mural of trees, calming colours, and slate shower area. Room Hanner is the smallest room that Fronlas offers, new in 2013. It includes pristine, luxurious design and neutral tones. Warmth, glamour, and an emphasis on organic materials and elements make this hotel special.

Llandeilo offers a unique blend of the modern and the ancient. It is a colourful little town overlooking the Tywi river. Examples of Georgian and Edwardian architecture and the nearby Dinefwr Park and Castle give guests with a taste for history plenty to see and do. The shops, though few, are fascinating, including toy shops, a chocolatier, a kitchen shop, a home goods shop, and several fashion boutiques. Visitors should also enjoy strolling through the scenic countryside.

Short Break Idea #7: A Scottish Cruise

If no one in the group is prone to seasickness, a cruise could be an excellent way to spend the short break. Travellers can cruise the coast of Scotland, stopping at the Isle of Skye and the Mull of Kintyre, among other destinations. The onboard chef prepares delicious food, freshly made everyday with local produce. If guests cruise with the Majestic Line Cruises, parties are limited to 11 guests or five couples.

Buying Short Break Packages and Supplies on eBay

Some eBay sellers offer short break packages. You can also purchase other supplies for your holiday, such as fishing rods, sunscreen, luggage, and other items. Simply enter your search term into the search bar on eBay's home page and then click "Search". Within seconds, a list of search results should appear. eBay supplies convenient search filters that can narrow search results according to your preferences. If you do not see the right item at a price that works for you, then save your search so that eBay can notify you when new listings for that item appear. Some sellers may offer incentives such as free shipping or return policies. They may bundle one item with some smaller additional items or combine products together for a package deal. You should also check eBay Shops, another section of eBay's website, for additional products that you may need during your break.

Some sellers on eBay have high feedback scores from their previous customers. These sellers are known to provide quality products and professional service. They are designated by the Top-rated seller seal on each of their listings.


Over the weeks, stress from work and family responsibilities can accumulate, weighing down couples and making them long for a break. While some couples may prefer to take their holidays alone together, others enjoy having a group of friends around them for a short break. A relaxing stay in the Lake District, a trip to London, or a jaunt across the Channel to France are all excellent short break ideas for multiple couples.

As the group plans for the trip, they should take into account the budget needs of each couple. Considering the likes, dislikes, abilities, and special needs of group members is also a good idea to make the trip comfortable for everyone. If travellers want to save money, they can do so by bringing some of their own snacks, drinks, games, movies, and sports equipment. Using a website such as eBay for travel arrangements or to purchase travel supplies can yield rewards in terms of good deals. With the right idea and a detailed plan in place, two or more couples can enjoy a delightful short break together.

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