7 Tips for Planning a Short Trip to Rome

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7 Tips for Planning a Short Trip to Rome

Rome is the capital and most populous city in Italy. It is also one of the oldest cities in Europe, and as a result boasts a number of exquisite buildings dating back to the Renaissance and Baroque eras. Rome is home to many popular museums and monuments, including the Vatican Museums and the Colosseum. It is also home to the 1960 summer Olympics. Because of Rome's many archaeological, artistic, and cultural treasures, the city is a popular tourist destination.

The cuisine and magnificent panoramic views also make Rome a great place to spend a holiday. Rome is unique in that hosts the only sovereign state, completely within its city limits, which is the Vatican City. Because of the many attractions, ease of access, and treasures found within the "Eternal City", Rome is a great place to take a short trip. When planning a short trip to Rome, travellers should gather information and materials at travel agencies or online. Luckily, there are seven tips that help travellers plan the perfect short trip to Rome.

Tip 1: Go in the Spring or Fall Seasons

The best time to take a short trip to Rome is during the months that fall either before or after summer. Since the trip is short, planning for this time period maximises the amount of attractions that are open and allows for the best price on hotels. At all costs, travellers should avoid taking a short trip to Rome in the month of August. August is one of the busiest tourist seasons in Rome. Because of this, hotels are pricey and typical tourist attractions are crowded. August is also when Romans celebrate Ferragosto. Ferragosto is a leisure holiday when a large number of Romans take their holidays. As a result, a great deal of family-owned restaurants and business are closed. To best maximise time on a short break, travellers should aim to plan their short trip to Rome in the spring or fall seasons.

Tip 2: Choose Air Transportation

Although one can technically take the train from the UK to Rome's Termini Station, the journey is a long one, and takes up almost an entire day going to and from. When planning a short trip to Rome, purchasing an affordable flight is generally the best option. The main airport in Rome is the Leonardo Da Vinci International Airport, which serves more than 60 airlines. It is also easy to access the centre of Rome through public transportation. To make the trip as comfortable and stress-free as possible, travellers should consider purchasing comfort items such as neck pillows and headphones.

Tip 3: Bring an E.U. Citizen Identification Card

Travellers should not forget their E.U. citizen ID card when travelling to Rome. Although forgetting this card would not prevent a traveller from enjoying all of the sights and attractions that Rome offers, Europeans get discounts at a whole host of Rome's most visited sites, including the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and the Borghese Gallery. Additionally, travellers that are University students are able to receive discounts by using their student IDs to landmarks such as at the Vatican. To ensure safekeeping of these important possessions, travellers should use a secure pocketbook, purse, or wallet to hold these items.

Tip 4: Find Lodging Accommodations Within the Piazza Navona

In order to make the most of a short trip to Rome, travellers must aim to place themselves at the heart of the city. Piazza Navona is the city square of Rome. Therefore, finding a hotel or hostel within the Piazza Navona ensures that travellers can walk to and from their points of interest. This maximises time and cuts down on transportation costs during a short trip to Rome. Further, the Piazza Navona embodies the Baroque architecture that makes Rome such a sought after tourist destination. As always, when planning a short trip, travellers should secure the proper travel toiletries in case the lodging selected does not provide a traveller's preferred items.

Tip 5: Create an Itinerary of Places to Go

Because time is limited during a short trip to Rome, travellers should draft and maintain a strict itinerary of places to go. The old adage "Rome was not built in a day" is true. Even on a long trip to Rome, there are so many things to do and see in Rome that it is often overwhelming. By drafting a well-thought out itinerary, travellers ensure they do not waste a moment of their short trip. The following is a list of just a few places that must make the short-trip itinerary.

Name of Sight

Type of Sight


Vatican Museums

Art Museum

Part of the Vatican City

Famous art pieces on the ceilings, floor, and wall

Ends with the Sistine Chapel, which holds the famous painted ceiling by Michelangelo

The Colosseum


One of Rome's most recognised symbols and greatest works of architecture

Ancient arena once used for gladiatorial contests and public spectacles

Roman Forum


Centre of ancient Roman life

Houses the ruins of ancient governmental and commercial buildings

St. Peter's Basilica


Late Renaissance church located in Vatican City

One of the most renowned works of Renaissance architecture and one of the largest churches in the world

Trevi Fountain


One of the largest and most famous fountains in the world

Tourists throw coins into the fountain to guarantee a return to Rome



One of the best-preserved ancient Roman buildings

Currently serves use as a Roman Catholic Church

World's largest unreinforced concrete dome

Borghese Gallery

Art Gallery

One of the most famous art galleries in Italy

Filled with pieces by famous artists such as, Raphael, Rubens, Titian, Caravaggio, Bernini

Palatine Hill


Centremost of the Seven Hills of Rome and one of the most ancient parts of the city

Home to the famous legendary twins Remus and Romulus

Offers amazing panoramic views of Rome

There are numerous other places to visit in the "Eternal City". This list should help novice travellers taking a short trip to Rome get started. Travellers can also find literatures on these places and more to read beforehand.

Tip 6: Do Your Restaurant Research

Besides the picturesque architecture and attractions, Rome is also famous for its cuisine. However, travellers should put the time into researching their restaurant choices so as not to fall in tourist traps. Travellers should attempt to read local reviews and newspapers to get a feel for the best and most authentic Roman restaurants that are worth both the time and money. Travellers also have the option of purchasing a guidebook. However, travellers should ensure that the guidebook that is current, as restaurant scenes change quickly. Travellers planning a short trip to Rome should set aside at least two to three hours of their day for dining.

Tip 7: Know When Popular Attractions are Open

When planning a short trip to Rome, time is of the essence. As a result, travellers should pay special attention to when the sites they plan on visiting are open. This might influence what days of the week the short trip occurs. For example, a lot of popular tourist attractions, such as the Vatican Museums, are closed on Sunday. Further, some places require reservations in advance, such as the Borghese Gallery and popular fine restaurants. Travellers should do the appropriate research into the closing dates and proper accommodations for their travels ahead of time.

How to Buy Items for Planning a Short Trip to Rome on eBay

Planning a short trip to Rome requires skill and finesse. With all of the attractions and sights that Rome has to offer, it is close to impossible to see everything in a long period, no less a short period of time. However, eBay has items that can help you plan the best short trip to Rome possible. For example, if you want to research ahead of time what types of attractions you are interested in adding your itinerary list or what restaurants are both authentic and affordable, eBay has a host of current guidebooks available for purchase. Simply navigate to the eBay website portal and type 'Rome guidebook' into the search engine. After you click the search button, a list of items matching this description are populated for you. Regardless of what you are looking for to plan your short trip to Rome, eBay has you covered.

Whether you are purchasing a guidebook or a top-of-the-line pair of noise-reduction headphones, eBay helps ensure that you are purchasing your desired products from reliable and reputable sellers. eBay provides a forum where buyers can leave feedback about individual sellers. Potential buyers, like you, can then read these reviews and find out more about the seller you are looking to purchase from. This is just one way eBay makes purchasing items to plan a short trip to Rome easy and accessible.


Rome is a popular tourist destination for travellers from all over the world. With ancient architecture, magnificent views, and famous cuisine, it also makes it a good place for a short trip. Whether interested in ancient history, art, or anything in between, Rome has places to see and things to do for all types of travellers.

Although the possibilities are endless, travellers looking to make the best use of their time while on a short trip to Rome should take a few tips into consideration. Some of these tips involve how and when a traveller is going to take their short trip to Rome. Other smart planning tips require a traveller to make a strict schedule of what sights to see and what restaurants to eat at. No matter what a traveller's ultimate goals are in planning a short trip to Rome, taking into a consideration any or all of these tips help ensure a great getaway.

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