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7 Tips on Buying a Used Mercedes ML 320

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7 Tips on Buying a Used Mercedes ML 320
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7 Tips on Buying a Used Mercedes ML 320

The Mercedes Benz ML 320 is one model of the Mercedes Benz M Class and can be purchased used as a mid-size SUV or a mid-size crossover SUV, depending on the year of production. Buyers can look for a specific year, make, or search for the newest or most powerful option available. It is also much cheaper to purchase a Mercedes used rather than new as prices can be as much as half or less for cars that are only a year or more old.

Buyers also have to decide where they would like to purchase the car. Used cars are available from some used car lots where they are likely to be more expensive. Online stores like eBay usually have a wider selection of vehicles as well as better pricing due to more competition and the fact that most sellers are selling directly to the buyer rather than to a retailer. The following tips can be used to find and purchase a used Mercedes ML 320 as affordably as possible.

Tip 1: Set a Budget for the Mercedes ML 320

The first and probably most important thing for most buyers is to set a budget. This applies to any age of vehicle as it allows the buyer to calculate what they can afford and then shop accordingly. The budget should be different depending on whether the vehicle seller allows monthly payments or requires that the Mercedes be paid off very quickly. If purchasing on eBay, this should be listed in the description, but anywhere else it is probably a good idea to ask. Part of a budget should include any repairs that might have to be made on the vehicle as well as any pick-up or delivery costs. Monthly payment budgets can afford to be much higher although it is important that the monthly payments not exceed a monthly limitation that still allows the buyer to live comfortably.

Tip 2: Decide on a Production Year

The production year can be very important as well. The Mercedes ML 320 has been manufactured since 1997. An older car might not have the more modern electronics such as a CD player or MP3 player hook-ups. Check the car to see exactly which features it has before settling on a year. Many people choose an older Mercedes because the older the vehicle, the cheaper the purchase price, unless the car is in extremely good condition or is a special edition.

Tip 3: Check the Fuel Mileage

Fuel mileage is extremely important to most people, especially for anyone who plans to drive a great deal. While it is not always possible to find the fuel mileage for the car if looking at it in person, it is possible to check online. Most online listings feature the fuel mileage in either miles per gallon or kilometres per litre. Importantly, each different model of the ML 320 features a slightly different fuel mileage rating due to the vehicle being produced with different technology. Therefore, it is important to check for each year of vehicle before considering it as a purchase option.

Tip 4: Check the Vehicle's Mileage

The mileage on the used Mercedes ML 320 should also be considered. Typically, the manufacturer's warranty from Mercedes only covers up to 1,600,000 kilometres, which is actually a great deal of mileage. Most people do not purchase a car with more than 320,000 kilometres on the odometer, although this can vary depending on the buyer. Usually, it is a good idea to check to see if the factory warranty is still on the vehicle and if not, check to see how much it costs to ensure a vehicle with more than 1,600,000 kilometres on the odometer. As a rule, the higher the mileage, the more expensive the insurance because most vehicles do not run much longer than 300,000 to 500,000 kilometres, depending on the filters, fuel, and oil used in the car by previous owners.

Tip 5: Consider Vehicle History

The history of the vehicle affects future repair costs as well as insurance costs. For example, it may be expensive to insure a Mercedes that has been in a wreck. It may also be good to check if the vehicle requires any repairs as this does affect overall budget. Another consideration is how many owners the vehicle has had, as a great deal of owners might mean a problem with the vehicle. This information might be impossible to find, however, so it is not hugely important. Most sellers do list vehicle history, at least partial, and sometimes even a full history check on the Mercedes so that buyers can see everything before purchase.

Tip 6: Choose a Fuel Type

The Mercedes ML 320 is available with a petrol or a diesel engine and, for the most part, deciding between the fuel types is a purely personal decision. Many people prefer petrol engines as petrol is more readily available in most areas. However, diesel might also be cheaper than petrol, which is definitely a good argument for it if it is readily available. Some also argue that diesel is more eco-friendly than petrol, although this is not necessarily true. However, Mercedes is actually very well known for having eco-friendly diesel vehicles with some popular magazines even touting the 2012 Mercedes GL350 Bluetec 4Matic as one of the most efficient diesel vehicles out there.




Fuel efficiency

Varies, tends to be higher

Varies, tends to be lower

Fuel price

Varies but usually higher

Varies but usually lower

Overall fuel costs

Usually lower over ten years

Usually higher over ten years


Not always available everywhere

Always available

As a general rule, petrol tends to be cheaper and more readily available than diesel. However, if diesel is easy to purchase in the area, and the vehicle offers a higher fuel mileage, it might be possible to save thousands over the course of a few years in fuel costs alone. The diesel version of the ML 320 typically gets 7 to 10 kilometres per litre, which is significantly better than the 7 to 8 kilometres per litre average found for the petrol version of the Mercedes ML 320. This means that the diesel might require fewer top-ups and therefore be more affordable over a longer period of time. However, each diesel tank is more expensive than a single tank of gasoline.

Tip 7: Try to Find a Local Seller

Finally, it is always a good idea to look for a local seller to purchase a used Mercedes ML 320 from. While it is highly possible to make a purchase from across the country, especially if buying from an online site, it might not be cost or time effective to have to pick it up or have it transported from so far away. Most buyers should try to find a seller who is located within a one- to three-hour driving radius in order to ensure that actually picking up and driving the Mercedes home does not become a hassle or an all-day affair.

If purchasing the Mercedes online, simply check the location of the vehicle before purchasing. If on a budget, try calculating the costs of either picking up the vehicle or having it delivered from its present location before making a purchase. This is important because vehicle delivery is very expensive, which can take away from the goal of getting a good deal on a second hand vehicle. Usually, as long as the buyer pays attention to delivery or pick-up costs, it is relatively easy to make the purchase from anywhere.

Buying a Used Mercedes ML 320 on eBay

Anyone who plans to purchase a used Mercedes ML 320 should also consider looking on eBay for a vehicle. Advantages of eBay include that multiple sellers from around the country list their vehicles, and quite frequently, at competitive prices. Because buyers can also shop around and compare multiple cars right from home, it is also a great way to save time and fuel costs on looking for the vehicle. Buyers can also easily compare multiple options to quickly see the most affordable or best value option.

Shopping on eBay is very easy as long as the buyer remembers to read the listing description and then look at any photos given. Buyers can also ask any questions they have of the seller before purchase, including details such as why the car is being sold, expected payment date, or delivery options if available. From there, buyers can choose to compare other vehicles or make the purchase through eBay.


There are many things to consider before buying a car but the main things for a used Mercedes ML 320 include its condition, the mileage on the vehicle, fuel type, fuel efficiency, age, emissions rating, vehicle history, vehicle location, and of course, the buyer's budget. Each of these factors can be combined to set a price and car expectancy before purchase, which makes it easy to find the right vehicle. Mercedes makes both petrol and diesel ML 320 vehicles, so choosing a fuel type is also a great idea.

Buyers can usually choose to purchase from a used car lot or salesman, from individuals, or from online stores like eBay where the vehicle is more likely to be more affordable. The age of the SUV is very important as well as older vehicles tend to have lower fuel efficiency and those that are fifteen years or older might not hold up to modern emissions standards. Finally, buyers should remember to compare prices and features in multiple vehicles and then make their purchase.

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