7 Tips to Make Your Jeans Last Longer

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7 Tips to Make Your Jeans Last Longer

Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss invented jeans in 1873, by creating the first pair of blue jeans. Originally designed for cowboys and outdoor enthusiasts, blue jeans morphed into fashionable style during the 1950s, when teenagers began wearing jeans to make a subculture fashion statement. Contemporary jeans, mostly constructed from denim cloth, have become an indispensable component of a man’s wardrobe. The reason for the the popularity of jeans amongst men is that jeans come in myriad fits that include skinny, tapered, straight, flare, and boot cut. Many men love their jeans, however, most men do not know how to buy a pair of long-lasting jeans, much less possess the knowledge that ensures that their jeans have a long lifespan.

Men can find long-lasting jeans in shops that promote brand names, such as Levi Strauss and Wrangler. Most department stores and men’s clothing shops offer a wide variety of name brand jeans. Men can also shop for long-lasting jeans on the leading online auction site, eBay. Before shopping for jeans, men should learn about the types of denim washes, how to buy durable jeans, how to spot-clean jeans, wash jeans, prevent damage, maintain the fit of jeans, and purchase the right size.

Tip 1: Types of Denim Washes

When men think of long-lasting jeans, they think of jeans that withstand the rigours of daily use. Long-lasting jeans do not easily rip, tear, or become frayed. However, jeans often lose their staying power when their appearance begins to alter or fade. This is why men should become familiar with the different denim washes before they review other tips for making jeans last longer.

Washed Denim

Washed denim jeans represent the most popular type of jeans, accounting for over half of all sales of jeans. This is because washed denim is coloured with dark-shaded dyes that do not fade after repeated washes. After constructing the shape of a pair of jeans, manufacturers wash away any excess dye that does not blend into the denim.

Raw Denim

Manufacturers do not wash raw denim jeans after constructing the fabric. Unwashed denim tends to fade over time, giving the jeans a worn appearance. While some men prefer the worn style of jeans, faded denim creates a look of genuine distress that fashion-conscious men refuse to buy. Raw denim jeans are typically well-constructed and expertly designed. It is just their deteriorating appearance that prevents the jeans from having a long product life.

Acid Wash

Men need to pay attention to fashion trends if they consider buying a pair of acid wash jeans. This type of denim wash can be the apex of the fashion world one year, and then fall off the fashion cliff the following year. Nobody wants to wear a pair of jeans that others deem out of touch with fashion reality. As a result, acid jeans do not have a long product life, and men should avoid wearing them to ensure they buy jeans that last a long time.


On the other side of the fashion trend coin, stonewash jeans continually rank near the top of popular finishes for denim jeans. In fact, many fashion experts believe stonewash jeans should comprise an integral part of any man’s wardrobe. Manufacturers utilise stones or chemicals to present a classic, natural look that endures year after year.

Vintage Wash

The difference between raw denim and vintage wash jeans is that manufacturers produce vintage wash jeans to look distressed the minute they leave the production line. While raw denim jeans fade, and thus, project a worn out appearance, vintage jeans combine the look of worn jeans with the structure of a brand new pair of jeans. Men who know how to pair vintage jeans with shirts can expect a long-lasting pair of vintage wash jeans.

Tip 2: Buy Durable Jeans

Brand name jeans contain fabric combinations that produce longer-lasting jeans than the jeans constructed by off-brand jeans manufacturers. Men who buy brand name jeans can own a pair of jeans for over a decade, instead of owning a pair of jeans that fall apart after a few wash cycles. Selvedge denim is an old-school, impeccably stitched pair of jeans that rarely unravel. Check the inside of the bottom leg hem to verify the selvedge denim signature colourful stitch. Moreover, durable jeans are typically constructed with heavier, thicker fabric, which men can detect with a feel of the hand. Some manufacturers include jeans weight within the label. Jeans that weigh over 14 ounces, or 400 g, provide long-lasting durability.

Tip 3: Spot Clean

Washing machines contribute more to the demise of jeans than any other factor. This is why men should consider spot cleaning a pair of jeans, instead of lumping a pair of jeans with the rest of the laundry. Spot cleaning means targeting a soiled area and applying a cleansing agent to eradicate dirt, mud, or grease stains. One of the unspoken tricks to cleaning tough stains is to use a household glass cleaner. Spray the household cleaner on a tough stain, wait a few minutes, and then take a damp cloth to wipe the stain away. Rubbing alcohol works great on deep grass stains. A hand-wash soap can also refresh the scent of a pair of jeans.

Tip 4: Washing Jeans

Follow this general rule: only machine wash jeans every six months. This is an attainable goal if men spot wash their jeans and store their jeans in an area that receives adequate ventilation to prevent the jeans from going stale. Most jeans have been pre-shrunk, but they are still overly sensitive to shrinking, and even worse, the bleeding of colours. To avoid fading and bleeding colours, wash jeans in a cold water cycle and turn the jeans inside out. A neat trick is to add a tablespoon of clear vinegar for an extra layer of colour protection. Another trick that bypasses the washing machine is to immerse a pair of jeans in a bathtub full of room temperature water, and then add two tablespoons of liquid soap.

Tip 5: Prevent Thinning and Rips

It is not just the washing machine water and cleansing agent that causes harm to a pair of jeans. Men shorten the lifespan of their jeans by running the jeans through rugged wash cycles. Jeans should be washed on delicate cycles, and preferably washed with nothing else to prevent thinning and rips. Men should consider washing jeans without any cleaning agents at all. Even on a delicate cycle, the motion inside of a washing machine can extract soil and food stains. Once the tiniest holes become apparent, men must immediately act by patching the hole to prevent it from becoming larger. Patching small holes extends the lifespan of most jeans.

Tip 6: Maintain the Original Fit

While the washing machine receives most of the longevity intention, nothing destroys the integrity of a pair of jeans more than the dryer. One tumble dry cycle can irrevocably alter the fit of a pair of jeans. Men who tumble dry jeans must always do so on a low cycle. Men can also remove a pair of jeans that are still damp and hang dry them. Hang drying removes wrinkles and it helps to maintain the original fit of a pair of jeans. Hang jeans by the belt loop instead of folding them in half and stuffing them into a cramp dresser drawer.

Tip 7: Find the Right Fit

Nothing shortens the lifespan of a pair of jeans more than buying the wrong size. Men need to know how to measure for the right size of jeans, even if they defer to the expertise of a men’s clothing sales professional. Measure the waist by standing straight and allowing the stomach to retain its natural position. Add 2.5 cm to the waist measurement to err on the side of more, rather than less, weight room. Measure the hips to ensure the waist is not significantly larger than the hips. Waists that are much larger than the hips can cause loose-fitting jeans around the crotch and thigh areas. Measure the legs by securing the tip of the measuring tape to the natural crotch area and dropping the tape to the top of the shoes. Jeans should cover the top of shoes and never touch the ground. Always try on a pair of jeans to ensure jeans that last longer.

Buying Long-Lasting Jeans on eBay

Men can find near mint condition long-lasting jeans on eBay. Some sellers offer new jeans because they either bought the wrong size or changed their mind about the type or style of jeans they want to wear. eBay provides buyers with a search engine that they can use to navigate through search results. Type in specific keywords to reduce the number of search page results. For instance, typing "mint condition men’s jeans" or "Levi Strauss men’s jeans" returns fewer search results, and hence, reduces the amount of time you spend shopping for jeans online. Once you find a seller who meets your shopping criteria, click on the seller’s product page to review accepted payment terms, delivery terms, and return policy.

Consider buying long-lasting jeans from eBay’s Top-Rated Sellers. These sellers have demonstrated that they sell high-quality products and run fair auctions. eBay recognises the top-rated sellers by placing a ribbon icon next to their product photographs. You can also review customer feedback on seller product pages. Look for sellers who have received positive feedback for the past year and have received positive feedback for selling men’s clothing. Once you establish a business relationship with an eBay seller, you may be able to purchase products directly from the seller’s eBay store.


In just over 50 years, jeans have transformed from a subculture fashion statement to an integral part of a man’s wardrobe. Men can wear jeans with a suit coat in an upscale setting, as well as don a pair of jeans for an afternoon of yard work. While there is no doubting the importance that jeans have in men’s fashion, doubt does creep in when it comes to buying long-lasting jeans. Many men do not know what to look for in a pair of long-lasting jeans and once they buy jeans, they do not know how to take care of them.

The first tip to making your jeans last longer is to buy a pair of jeans that maintains a long-lasting appearance. Jeans can fade or bleed colours, which renders them to the clothing donation pile within a year of purchase. Men can also extend the life of their jeans by knowing how to wash and dry jeans. Too many men throw their jeans into the washing machine every time they need to wash a load of clothes. Jeans do not require much machine washing, and in fact, men are better off spot cleaning their jeans and avoiding the washing and dryer machines altogether.

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