7 TouchScreen BLUETOOTH

Like if this guide is helpful

I have had 3 now got the latest replacement today and it was faulty .

The unit over all is a good unit but on all 3 unit's that I have had the screen is what let's it down .

This one the volume keeps turnning up on it's own the one before the screen kept turnning off and the first one kept muteing it's self .

If you are going to buy one buy from UK dealer I did and he was and is very good at sending replacment's e mail me for his AD

 He has replaced them with out any problems can not fault his service 6 star. But it is getting to the point where I am beginning to wonder if I want one of these units?

Shame as I have older 2 din one that works fine with no problems at all they both sound good once you take time to learn how to set them up . A good tip is to upgrade your speakers before you start as these unit's have a lot more power than standard unit's put in car's from new.

The TV is a bit of a let down on both unit's can never get all channels

 Both unit's I have are 7 inch screens one is single din the other 2 din .

Well sorry to say SYNTERTECH said they would send replacment then it was lost in post??? and then no reply's to e mails would not recomend to buy one of these unit's from them

 The book that comes with them is very basic and hard to follow but then it is from China lol.

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