7 Types of Mercedes Models for Collectors

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7 Types of Mercedes Models for Collectors

Mercedes is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the world. The company, known as Mercedes-Benz since 1926, can trace its origins to Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft and the creation of the 1901 Mercedes as well as Karl Benz's 1886 Benz Patent Motorwagen. Headquartered in Germany, Mercedes-Benz is a multinational company that is known for manufacturing quality vehicles.

Throughout the company's decades of existence, it has produced multiple popular models of vehicles. Many have gone on to be highly sought-after collectibles, going for record-breaking prices regardless of whether they are new or sold at auctions. Many of these creations are more than just cars, but rather what dreams are made of. A symbol of status, elegance, and beauty, Mercedes in its many forms has managed to stand the test of time. Some of the more popular models that collectors lust after were created nearly a century ago. Limited edition modern models are also a hot commodity. Collectors and admirers dream of someday getting behind the wheel of these seven particularly fabulous rides. Although one can access vehicles of this lineage through conventional channels such as auction houses, one may be surprised to find some of them online at eBay.

1. Mercedes 300 SLR 1954

A speedy little race car, the Mercedes 300 SLR won the 1955 World Sportscar Championship season. Designed by famed Mercedes engineer, Rudolph Uhlenhaut, the Mercedes 300 SLR first became available as a production car in 1954. During the decade when this model of car was manufactured, only 3,258 cars were created.

At the time, this vehicle held many distinct qualities that set it apart from the crowd. One was the gullwing door design, a first. It was also the first production car to feature a fuel-injection system and had the top speed of any roadster at the time, with a capacity to hit speeds of 300 km/h. The car also had distinctive properties when it came to fuel: its fuel mixture of 65 percent low-lead gasoline and 35 percent benzene may well have raised eyebrows.

2. Mercedes 540K Special Roadster 1936

One of the more unique Mercedes vehicles ever to come about, the 540K Special Roadster from 1936 features a unique design and handsome body structure. Launched at the 1936 Paris Motor Show, the Mercedes 540K Special Roadster is a two-seater with a massive front end; this is the type of car that Mercedes collectors dream of owning. A rarity, a Mercedes 540K Special Roadster from 1936 has sold at auction for more than 10 million dollars. Its previous owner was baroness Gisela Von Krieger of Prussian royalty.

3. Mercedes 710 SSK Trossi Roadster 1930

The Mercedes 710 SSK Trossi Roadster 1930 remains one of the beloved sports cars in the world despite its age. The unique design of this two-seat roadster includes a teardrop profile, split windshield, and trailing edge hood. The largely exaggerated features make it a memorable Mercedes in the history of the company. The car itself weighs in at 1,814 kg. Despite its massive size, this piece of steel can really move. Top speeds for the Mercedes 710 SSK Trossi have been recorded at 193.1 km/h.

4. Mercedes CLK GTR 1997

The Mercedes CLK GTR was first designed as a race car, although it was later adapted to also serve as a sports car. Despite adaptations, only a limited number of road cars were designed from this prototype. A beast of a vehicle, this car was not designed for road use; it was first and foremost made for the track. In total, only 35 Mercedes CLK GTRs were ever produced, and production ceased just two brief years later. Its high price tag landed the Mercedes CLK GTR in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the most expensive production car of the time. However, the expense came with good reason. Out of 22 races, this car won 17 titles. It also had the capacity to go from 0 to 100km/h in 3.8 seconds and a top speed of 320 km/h. The record-breaking speeds, ingenious design, and amazing power of its engine helped catapult this car to the top of many Mercedes lovers' dream lists.

5. Mercedes 500K 1936

The Mercedes 500K is one of the two-door convertibles that helped make the brand famous. Featuring a supercharged engine and impressive steel design, the 2,700-kg vehicle was able to go up to 160 km per hour, an extremely impressive speed for its time. There was a special four-door version known as the Cabriolet, which gave way to future Mercedes sedans. The car has long been lusted after for its detailed design and rarity. In 2007, the car collection of Formula One star, Bernie Ecclestone, was auctioned off. His Mercedes 500K earned an impressive 700,000 pounds.

6. Mercedes 1979 Gelandewagen (G-Class)

The 1979 Gelandewagen created a new marketplace for Mercedes. As the company had been a developer of fine luxury vehicles and sporty race cars from the start, it was a shock for many enthusiasts when the company turned to a more utilitarian style of vehicle. The original 1979 G-Class was designed to serve as a German military vehicle, similar to the Jeep. However, when it came down to decision time, the German government selected a less expensive Volkswagen model for the task. This was a non-issue for the Mercedes-Benz company however, as the Gelandewagen became a huge hit both in the United Kingdom and the United States.

The combination of ultimate luxury and military-tough off-roading capabilities was hard to pass up. When it was first developed, this was one of the only vehicles to feature three locking differentials. The G-Wagen as it is often called, continues to be one of the most expensive and sought-after SUVs, with a multitude of socialite and celebrity followers. Owning an original 1979 version is a quality collector's dream come true.

7. Mercedes 1970 C111

The C111 hailed from an experimental line of cars. Its body form, appearing more like a spaceship than a car, was a huge testament to the experimental nature of the line. Some of the design features that set the Mercedes-Benz C111 apart from other cars at the time included a fibreglass frame, a mid-mounted engine, and air conditioning. The aerodynamic design of the C111 left it breaking multiple 1970s-era land speed records. In 1979, a C111 broke the speed record for a single lap while whipping around the track at 403.9 km/h. This unheard-of speed was not met by any rival vehicle for quite some time.

Finding Mercedes Models for Collectors on eBay

Finding a collectible Mercedes on eBay is often as simple as entering keywords related to the model you wish to find in the site's search engine. For example, you could start by simply typing "Mercedes". For a more specific search, try "Mercedes-Benz C-Class". Regardless of how the terms are used for your search, eBay offers a variety of refinements, making it easier than ever to find the vehicle you desire.

When purchasing an expensive item such as a Mercedes, it is critical you get to know the eBay seller. Just click on the seller's username to see the feedback profile. You can find the seller's contact information and reviews from previous clients.

You may be able to pay to have the vehicle shipped through a freight service. You could also look into picking up the car at the seller's location. Since this can affect the bottom line, it is important to find out the method by which you can get the Mercedes, before you make a commitment to purchase. The seller may provide options in the listing, but it is a good idea to contact the seller directly in order to iron out the finer details before a purchase.


The Mercedes-Benz brand of vehicle exudes high class and performance like no other. Whether one owns a brand new Mercedes S-Class or a Roadster from the 1930s carefully tucked away in a gallery, the ownership of such a vehicle is a matter of pride. Through the course of the 20th century, many models of Mercedes have graced the market.

The company has gone in every direction, from the sports car to the modest sedan, even including a Jeep-style vehicle at one time. Through all this, some models have stood out, resting on a pedestal of perfection. In some cases, it was a matter of design, price, or sheer rarity. For other models, it was something in the design that resonated deep within the heart of owners and admirers. Regardless, the Mercedes-Benz is known for its finely-crafted vehicles, many of which are amongst the most revered and wanted cars in the world.

eBay offers collectors of classic and special-model cars a forum for connecting, regardless of their position on the globe. Before making a purchase, however, it is essential that the potential buyer verifies the seller background and quality. After all a vehicle, especially a collectible, involves a large investment.

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