7 Ways to Maintain Your Camper Van

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7 Ways to Maintain Your Camper Van

A camper van is the ideal blend of transportation and accommodation, enabling travellers to get from point A to point B, giving them a place to stay when they arrive. The combination of driving a camper van and staying inside of it, however, can place a good deal of stress on the vehicle. One should therefore be familiar with the ways to maintain a camper van in order to keep it performing as it should.

One can maintain a camper van for driving as well as living in it. Understanding these ways to maintain a camper van ensures that it runs for many years and comfortably accommodates the passengers along the way. Although it is relatively easy to find camper vans and accessories for maintaining them through conventional retailers, one can buy many of the items from an online source such as eBay.. Learning how to use the site helps you find everything you need to keep a camper van comfortable and running well, and you can also save money in the process.

Maintain Your Camper Van for Driving

Many people do not want to address any chores while on holiday, but there are a few quick, easy steps that one can take to maintain a camper van on journeys. These steps include maintaining the camper van's engine, chassis, tyres, and exterior.

1. Engine Maintenance

Taking care of the engine tops the list of ways to maintain a camper van while on the road. If the engine does not work, one obviously cannot go anywhere. Proper engine maintenance starts with keeping the motor oil topped up, so one should travel with a few litres of it on hand. The farther one plans to travel with a camper van, the more motor oil one needs to take along. One may also want to consider carrying an extra motor filter.. A clogged filter can negatively affect engine performance, and changing the filter is a quick, inexpensive solution. You should also keep an eye on your engine's drive belts to make sure they are not worn.

2. Chassis Maintenance

A camper van's chassis has to bear quite a load, and regular check-ups and maintenance can keep it up to task. Rust proofing prevents rust from building up on the brakes and suspension. Rust build-up can cause these components to fail, causing hazardous situations on the road.

You also may want to regularly inspect the points where the body of your camper van bolts to the chassis. Bolt failure can decrease the overall stability of a camper van, resulting in poor handling.

3. Tyre Maintenance

Many camper van owners overlook tyre maintenance, but this is a mistake. Tyres should maintain the right amount of air pressure to ensure proper performance. Too little or too much air can each cause a tyre to fail. Too little air can put too much pressure on the tyre sidewalls. This causes heat to build up, which can then cause the tyre to blow out. Too much air can also cause the tyre to blow out when it hits a bump on the road. The recommended pressure should be listed on a camper van's tyres. It is important to keep the pressure within this range, using a tyre gauge to regularly check the pressure, and to always carry a spare tyre.. One should check air pressure and inflate the tyres when they are cold. Active tyres build up less dense warm air inside that gives an inaccurate pressure reading.

4. Exterior Maintenance

Although a clean camper van does not necessarily perform better than a dirty one, it is still advisable to keep the exterior of a camper van clean while on the road. Driving a camper van builds up dirt and grime on it, and it gets more difficult to clean a camper van as it gets dirtier. Dirt and grime can also wear away a camper van's paint over time, so it is important to keep the paint clean. Periodic washing and seasonal application of a sealant such as automotive wax keep a camper van's paint clean and protect it from damage.

Maintain Your Camper Van for Living

Camper vans achieve maximum efficiency for travelling because they are both a means of transportation and accommodation. One must therefore maintain a camper van for living so that it can comfortably accommodate its occupants. Electrical, refrigerator, and water-supply maintenance are all necessary to keep a camper van inhabitable.

5. Electrical Maintenance

A plentiful supply of electricity is critical to using a camper van while it is static. Many camper vans have cooking facilities, internal lights, and a television that all run off of electricity. Those who use their camper vans in the winter likely employ a portable electric heater for warmth. If a camper van contains any of these components, its electrical system needs to function properly. Driving recharges the battery, but static camper vans should plug into a 240-volt electrical outlet so that the electrical devices do not drain the battery. A solar panel is an environmentally-friendly energy source to keep a battery charged in the absence of an electrical outlet. You may also consider using a generator for electrical power, but you have to either hook it up to your alternator to charge while driving or carry a supply of petrol for it.

6. Refrigerator Maintenance

A camper van's refrigerator is stocked with food so that its occupants can eat while travelling and visiting remote places. Keeping a camper van's refrigerator running while moving from place to place and while it is static requires balancing its energy sources. Many camper van refrigerators enable switching between power sources, so one can use the 12-volt charger connected to the alternator while driving, the 240-volt outlet at caravan park if it is available, and gas if there is no electricity available. The refrigerator can quickly drain a camper van's battery if the battery feeds it while the van is static.

When you store your camper van, you should wipe the inside of it to remove moisture. It is also recommended to leave the door slightly open. Closing the door can result in mildew forming from residual moisture. Mildew can spread over time, leaving you with some dirty work to perform before taking the camper van on the road again.

7. Water Supply Maintenance

One needs access to water even when staying in a camper van. It is therefore critical to maintain the camper van's water supply. Water can go stale, even if it sits in a sealed container. One should therefore be sure to drain the camper van's water supply after returning home from travelling. The fresh water supply is replenished the next time one sets off in the van.

If water goes stale while inside of the container, it can be difficult to remove the stale smell and taste even if the container is filled with fresh water. In this case, one can clean the containers by mixing a solution of four grams of bleach for each litre of water until there is enough to fill the water tank. Then turn on the water pump and open the faucets inside the van until one can smell the bleach solution coming through. Close the faucets and turn off the pump, and let the system sit for 12 hours. Next, turn the pump back on and open the faucets to drain the bleach solution. Finally, run fresh water through the system until the smell of bleach is gone. Your water supply should now be clean.

How to Use eBay to Maintain Your Camper Van

You can buy the items you need to maintain your camper van from local and online shops that sell motorhome accessories as well as at regular car parts stores. eBay is another possible source where you can find everything you need to maintain your camper van. The site is easy to search, and you can make your purchases from local sellers to reduce shipping costs.

You can search for maintenance items for a camper van from any eBay page with the search bar. Enter an applicable term, such as "spare tyre&", and then choose the category related to vehicle parts and accessories if the item applies to vehicles in general. You can then choose the subcategory related to camper vans if the item is specific to this kind of vehicle.

Buying camper van maintenance items from local sellers can save you money on shipping costs. eBay enables you to specify the distance from your postcode within which sellers should be located. It then filters out sellers that do not meet your specifications. This leaves you with a list of sellers in your locale from whom it should be inexpensive to get your items shipped.


Since one is likely to spend a good deal of time driving a camper van and living in it, extra time should be taken to maintain the van. Engine, chassis, tyre, and exterior maintenance are the four aspects of maintaining a camper van for driving. Electrical, refrigerator, and water supply maintenance are the three aspects of maintaining a camper van so that living in it does not pose problems.

Camper van maintenance is relatively simple, but it requires due diligence. The maintenance steps that one can take are easy, and the items needed for maintenance are inexpensive. One can find the many accessories and supplies needed to maintain a camper van on eBay. Learning how to search the site helps shoppers find the maintenance items they need, and finding local sellers helps them save money on these items. By learning about how to keep a camper van maintained and how to buy the maintenance items through eBay, camper van owners can look forward to comfortable drives and stays during their holidays for years to come.

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