7 for all Mankind - real vs fake guide 2014

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I am writing this guide as, after 4 years specialising in these jeans I have come across pretty much every variation of label/style and type and have also seen my fair share of fakes!! But I have noticed that all of the guides I used when I was learning about the rules are now a bit out of date and a lot of the newer labels and rules are not mentioned.  Hence this up to date, easy-to-use guide.
First thing to say which I STILL see people getting wrong daily on e-bay - 7 for all mankind is NOT the same brand as SEVEN7, nor are they affiliated - they are two completely SEPARATE brands and the SEVEN7 brand is not the same quality as 7 for all mankind!!

The logo on the left is the brand we are talking about - the logo on the right is the CHEAPER Seven7 brand
External waistband & pocket tags 
The first visible sign to look for is on the outside of the jeans - pretty much all 7 fo r all Mankind jeans will carry the '7' tag on the waistband and the 'for all mankind' tag  on the back pocket (exceptions would be limited edition versions which may have a patch on the waistband but these are rare).  The tags are generally red in the more iconic styles.  But nowadays can also come in blue/black/brown/grey. In 99.9% of pairs the waistband tag sits perfectly between the waistband seams... however in a few of the European washes the 7 tag sits over the waistband line.  This only happens in a handful of colours but is consistent across the styles in these colours. This is shown in the second picture below

Older European pairs
There is another confusing strain of mankind jeans which DON'T bear the "7" anywhere on them - instead they have an inverted V "/\" known as the "pants logo"  This is due to legal issues some years ago when the seven7 brand and 7 for all mankind where in the process of a legal battle over rights in Europe.  During this time all mankind jeans made for the European were NOT allowed to carry the 7 on them, so the waistband tag, inside logo and all rivets instead carried the /\ pants logo. (These pairs also contain an 'E' for Europe in the style number - so if you are trying to decipher a pair using style number - just ignore this E! See picture here of the waistband tag.

Internal labels
There are now a variety of label colours and styles to be found inside Mankind jeans - th e most commonly found in 2nd hand jeans (being a little old er) is the most famous double gold label with small red size tag on top.
This looks like the one on the right: This is like a triple decker label with the red size tag on top, longer cream label with style & cut numbers in the middle, and underneath (just seen) is another 
gold label with the 7 for all mankind logo on.  On fake pairs the two gold labels are very often the WRONG WAY ROUND with the short label being on top.

In newer pairs of jeans then the most likely label to be found is the dark brown or black with white size tag.  On these the size tags can be on top or to the side. The style and cut numbers can either be found on the dark label or on a white label hidden underneath. All the labels below are REAL!

There are some unusual labels which are seen less frequently than those above, but still completely genuine.  One of these is the old style white paper tag.  This dates to before the gold fabric label was introduced. The tag in these is always PAPER not fabric. They still had the little red size label with the same font as the later size labels. This is shown on the left below.  
Next is the Euro tag as described above - with the pants /\ logo on the pocket lining and the E in the style number.
The other rarer label is the newer European-only large WHITE fabric tag as seen below right.  This is found in pairs made in Europe solely for the European S2D market (this means they would not go up for sale in the 7 for all mankind flagship stores but just in the cheaper online retailers.)  This is a large white label with the syle and size details printed on the underside.


                                           All the above labels are GENUINE 7 for All Mankind Jeans Labels!

Other things to look out for...

In all honesty the labels and tags will be pretty much all you need to spot a fake.. other things to look out for are unbranded zips, Mankind use YKK in all their jeans. The rivets on all older pairs have the 7 embossed on the back.. the denim is of a very good quality and the wash colour looks natural.
The most faked pairs that I see on ebay are the pink A pockets in NYD wash .. actually REAL pink A's are quite rare! see pics below of a White A pair vs a fake pink A  to see the difference between real versus fake pockets...(if they were real they would be the same except for the stitching colour on the A) note how the genuine pockets have very natural signs of aging and distress at the bottom v of the pocket, whereas the fakes look bright and ...well - yuk!!!
Note the difference in the shading on the seat of the jeans - the fakes on the left are trying to copy this pair on the right! Epic fail!

                         FAKE!!                                             REAL!!

Spot the difference in the branding tags - the fakes on the left look bright and wobbly! sewn on badly and the font is not correct!

              FAKE!!                             REAL!!

It is easy to see in a direct comparison how the fake labels are too orange. Also the smaller mankind tag is ON TOP of the larger style number tag - nearly always a dead giveaway!

    FAKE!!                                               REAL!!

Style numbers/cut numbers
All 7 for all mankind jeans carry a style number - there are fairly comprehensive lists of the older ones of these to be found on sites such as authenticforum.com.  The style number will tell you the Style and colour of the jeans.  Each pair also has a cut number... this varies from pair to pair and is indicative of the batch in which they were created.  In the past when these jeans were massively faked, the counterfeiters used the same cut numbers repeatedly... so if you really can't tell if a pair is real or fake using the pointers above, you can go to the authentic forum style list, on which they will tell you the most common fake cut numbers.

The End!

hopefully this guide has helped you to determine whether a pair is real or fake. Please do not hesitate to ask me if you have any questions!  I am writing another guide describing some of the styles of Mankind jeans - so check that out too! :)

Thanks for reading!

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