8 Considerations When Purchasing a Volkswagen for Your Teen

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8 Considerations When Purchasing a Volkswagen for Your Teen

Purchasing a new car for your teen can be a scary prospect for many parents. After all, a teen learning to drive, and then having the responsibility of his or her own car is sure to provoke a good deal of anxiety. Additionally, there are so many types of cars to consider when shopping, it can be overwhelming. For those parents who decide that a Volkswagen may be the best option for their teen, there are still myriad aspects to consider including safety features, fuel efficiency, and even entertainment features. It is up to the individual parent and teen to decide which features are most important, as well as which ones fit within their personal budget. Volkswagens with many of these different features are widely available from dealerships, private owners, and online from eBay. By evaluating these important factors before shopping for a Volkswagen for your teen, you can be sure that the shopping experience ends with the safest and most affordable vehicle possible.

1. Safety Record

When selecting any car for a teen, including a Volkswagen, the safety record of that car should be of the utmost importance. While no teen is guaranteed to be involved in an accident, if it should ever happen, it is much better to know that the car they are driving is a safe one.


In Europe, the European New Car Assessment Programme, Euro NCAP for short, makes safety recommendations available for all new cars manufactured since 1997. It is easy to find the Euro NCAP safety recommendations for any Volkswagen model by searching online. These assessments give an overall safety rating out of five stars, as well as ratings for child protection, adult protection, and pedestrian protection. When evaluating any Volkswagen model that is being considered for a teen, using these ratings can be a good first step towards choosing the safest car.

2. Reliability

While it is certainly not ideal for anyone's car to break down frequently, it can be even more dangerous for a teen who is unfamiliar with vehicle maintenance or repair. This is why reliability should also be a key factor when evaluating different Volkswagens for your teen. Certain models may be generally more reliable. Indeed, the same model from different years may have different reliability patterns. It is a good idea to do a bit of research into other people's experiences with a certain Volkswagen in order to get a good gauge on its reliability. If purchasing a used Volkswagen, it may even be possible to talk to the car's previous owner about how often the car needed to be repaired over the course of his or her ownership.

3. Budget

Any big purchase, including a Volkswagen, should have a budget well established before shopping in earnest begins. When shopping for a Volkswagen for your teen, establishing a budget can also be a good time to teach a lesson about value and savings. Make your teen a part of the purchasing process by having him or her help you make out a budget, and then compare the features of different Volkswagens that are within that range. For instance, a 2000 Golf may be much more affordable than a 2010 Passat , but is likely to need to be replaced sooner. Work with your teen to prioritise different Volkswagen features so as to be able to find one within the established budget.

New Volkswagen vs. Used Volkswagen

One of the best ways to make the most out of whatever budget is chosen is to purchase a used Volkswagen as opposed to a new Volkswagen . While both certainly have their benefits, in general, used cars are a much better value. This is because brand new cars lose a great deal of their value as soon as they are purchased. Even a car that is only one to two years old can be much more affordable than a brand new model, so be sure to consider both options for your teen.

4. Navigation Options

Even a teen who is very familiar with their surroundings but is not used to driving could have a very difficult time getting around on their own. For this reason, many parents may want to consider the navigation options available in some Volkswagen models. Newer models may have built-in GPS navigational systems that can help teens get from place to place more easily. Keep in mind that if that type of system is not built into the Volkswagen that is ultimately chosen, it is always possible to purchase a GPS system separately.

5. Seating Capacity

Some parents prefer that their teens not drive their friends around, due to potential distractions. However, other parents welcome their teens as new family drivers who can run errands and drive their siblings. Depending on which scenario is true for any family, it is important to consider the seating capacity of a Volkswagen before proceeding with a purchase. There are a variety of Volkswagen models, each with their own degree of spaciousness to meet virtually any need.

Popular Volkswagen Models

As with most car makes, there are a number of different Volkswagen models, both new and classic. The following table outlines some of the most popular ones as well as their seating capacity.






City car

2 or 4



Large family car

2 or 4



Small family car


2 or 4


Small family car

2, 4, or 5


Clearly, most Volkswagen models are designed for transporting more people than the driver alone. However, depending on how frequently your teen needs to carry passengers, one of the smaller Volkswagen models may be appropriate.

6. Storage Capacity

In addition to seating capacity, there is also the matter of which type of storage is available in the Volkswagen. For teens who may need to transport bicycles, recreational equipment, or other large items, a large truck may be necessary. Be sure to consider which bulky items need to fit comfortably in the car, as well as the measurements of those items, to be sure that they fit within the intended vehicle. In the event that large items are frequently transported, one of the many Volkswagen hatchback models may be a great idea, as they allow for easy loading and unloading of large items where a regular boot may not.

7. Fuel Efficiency

Most people who are purchasing a car take into account the fuel efficiency of a car. This point may be even more important to those shopping for a Volkswagen for their teen. Not only do parents not want to be stuck with high petrol bills, but if teens are expected to pay for their own fuel, an inefficient car can be all but useless. Be sure to check any mileage information that is available before purchasing a Volkswagen. Also, keep in mind that regular maintenance is key to making sure that the car stays as efficient as possible.

8. Stereo Options

While certainly not as important as safety ratings and fuel efficiency, having a functioning stereo system can be very important for any teenager getting a new car. At minimum, the car stereo should be able to connect to an iPod or other MP3 player so that your teen can listen to their music. Some newer Volkswagens may even have a charging dock for such devices, but an auxiliary-in cable is also sufficient. Other aftermarket stereo options, such as a subwoofer or improved speaker system, can be considered once the car has been purchased.

How to Buy a Volkswagen for Your Teen on eBay

Whether you have determined an exact year and model of Volkswagen to buy for your teen or whether you simply want to see what is available, searching and shopping on eBay is a great way to go. In order to find the Volkswagens you are looking for, enter some search terms into the search box, which can be found on any page of the site. You can then use eBay filters to narrow down the results by make, model, year, and other descriptors.

Shipping Options

It should go without saying that shipping a car over a long distance can be a costly endeavour. In this case, eBay's geography filters can be extremely helpful. By entering your location, you can find listings that are located in the same general area as you and arrange a pick up. This can save you the cost of shipping the car, which can ultimately make a big difference in the car's overall price.


Volkswagens are generally considered to be very reliable and safe cars. For this reason, they can be a great choice for your teen's first vehicle. However, it is important to take into consideration some important factors before going through with the purchase. For instance, Volkswagens have been around for decades, meaning that there are many different makes and models from which to choose, some of which may be more appropriate for your teen than others. Be sure to thoroughly evaluate any Volkswagen before purchasing it for your teen. Take into account the vehicle's safety record as well as any features that may be important to you and your teen, like navigation capabilities and seating capacity. By having a good idea of exactly which specifications are important in a car, shopping for a Volkswagen for your teen can be a worthwhile, and ultimately, rewarding experience that can result in more freedom for both your teen and yourself.

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